When you are planning to spend your wonderful holidays in a city, you mostly only look at famous tourist attractions or sightseeing places. You might want to see many places as you can. However, to jump from one place to another without stopping to get a break only tires you out and reduces your capability of enjoying your time. Here are the top 11 coffee shops in Cambodia that are worth visiting to catch your breath before resuming your journey.

List of  11 Most Fascinating Coffee Shops in Cambodia:

11. The Missing Socks Laundry café

The title may have mentioned only 10 places, but we decided to add an extra coffee shop due to its unique concept. The Missing Socks Laundry Café probably is the only Coffee and Laundry shop you could find in Cambodia. The place is located in Siem Reap city which is the heart of tourist attractions in Cambodia.

Due to this reason, most customers in the shop are foreigners and tourists. Just imagine being on a vacation and visiting one temple to another, laundry might be the last thing you would want to do on your own. The Missing Socks offers a laundry washed and dried service in less than an hour, and you may enjoy chilling with a cup of coffee and food from the menu. The cost is pretty reasonable base on the convenience and speed of the service.
Food: According to the price on the menu provided
Wash: 3$ per wash (up to 8kg in 30mins)
Dry: 1$ for every 10 mins
Includes: Detergent and softener
Address: Svaydangkum Village 55 Steung Thmei Siem Reap, 17252

10. Story Coffee Roasters BTK

Story Coffee Roasters has recently joined the local coffee brands in Cambodia; however, it has an impressive growth of loyal customers. They are known for their beautiful taste of coffee, and unique comfy environment. The café is very focused and serious about getting the right taste of the coffee.

The ingredients, process, and timing are very important to them. They are not only selling coffees, but they also have many delicious snacks and food on the menu as well. It is a great spot to meet up with your friends or teamwork just to chill or to get some work done.
Address: # 6 Abdul Carime St. (21), Phnom Penh 12301

9. Pen Café

Coffee and books are meant to be bound to one another. Pen Café is a coffee shop that belongs to one of the popular Cambodian songs and books writer, Mr. Mong Manith. At such a young age, he has written many heartfelt songs and amazing books.

More importantly, he has been inspired by the younger generation to start looking outside the box and see the world from a new perspective through his works and social media. His books can be found in many bookstores across the country, especially SlanhSeavPhov book shop (meaning love books) which is located on the second floor of Pen Café. Hence, you may find your favorite book to read while drinking your lovely cup of coffee. And who knows? Maybe you might find someone who loves reading books and shares your interests there as well.
Address: 430 Phnom Penh, 12311

8. Temple Coffee and Bakery

If you have been to Siem Reap city, you must have heard about Pub Street. Temple Club is one of the most famous places there, and it was at first only a night drinking club in Pub Street. However, soon after it has been in the spotlight, it expands its potential in the coffee and bakery sector as well.

Temple Coffee and Bakery has gained its popularity very fast among the teenagers with the existing reputation from Temple club. The coffee shop also has a beautiful sky lounge which gives a more chilling and entertaining vibe to young adults. In the day time, you can chill in the coffee shop by simply drinking your coffee and having a chitchat with friends. But when the sun goes down, you may want to move to the sky lounge upstairs to enjoy live music and drinking cocktails.
Address: Street 25 Archbishop Mondulkov, 17253

7. Tube Coffee

Tube café is known to be one of the most successful local brand founded by young Cambodian entrepreneurs. With a humble start as a small coffee stall along the street, Tube Coffee has now become a famous brand with many franchisees in Phnom Penh city of Cambodia.

They offer their own unique recipe for brewing coffee which makes the coffee from Tube very famous among the young generation. To combine with the affordable price and comfortable environment, Tube has become the place for friend hangout, group study, team working, and so on.
Address: Str. Russian Federation, 12301

6. Noir Coffee

Noir Café is known to be one of the most popular local brand founded in the ancient Siem Reap city of Cambodia. From a small café with only six staff, Noir has developed itself to be a local-international brand with many branches. The shops serve only high-quality coffee from locally roasted coffee beans.

The food and pastries are cooked and baked fresh every day to serve all the coffee and food lovers. The interior itself is unique with a mixture of modern and cultural styles. The theme of the coffee shop is black and white decorated with rustic vibe furnishings.
Address: 125 St 287, Phnom Penh

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5. Brown Roastery Pastuer

Brown is one of the biggest coffee brands in Cambodia. The price of coffee from Brown is comparable to famous international brands such as Starbucks or Amazon coffee. Brown started off with a very humble beginning but now rises up rather impressively with 22 branches in two big cities of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, and Siem Reap. With the unique taste of the coffee and food, cozy and classy surroundings, and excellent friendly services, Brown has been gaining popularity and loyal customers more and more.
Address: No. 17 Rue Pasteur No. 51, Phnom Penh

4. CHHMA Cafe

Dear fellow cat lovers welcome to our territory. Chama Catfe is the first-ever cat café to open in Cambodia. The place has a unique comfy vibe that gives the customers a warm and cozy feeling like being at home. There are various types of cats from different locations around the globe. They are healthy and very well taken care of as well. If you are looking for a cute place for your cute date, this little cute Catfe is highly recommended. You would have a sweet and beautiful time with adorable cats and tasty coffee, what could go wrong?
Address: # 33, Street 178 Sangkat Chey Chum Neas Phnom Penh, 12206

3. Pages-SiemReap Rooms and Café

If you’re looking for a cliché novel-like silent coffee shop to chill and read a good book, Pages Café must be your to-go place. The coffee shop itself is a building that left from the French colony which gives a unique feeling of going back to the old days. The soft music, the authentic surroundings and the smell of newly brewed coffee would give you a perfect place to spend a good slow and relaxing spare time. There are also many foods and drinks on the menu both western-style and local-styled to choose from.
Address: Street 24, Wat Bo Rd, 17254

2. Culture Café

Culture Café or Café Vapakthor Siem Reap is a famous cultural coffee shop in a cultural and historical province, Siem Reap. The café offers a traditional vibe that takes you back to the ancient Angkor era. There are many Khmer traditional dishes and Khmer-styled coffee. More importantly, they also have Cambodian traditional instruments and old-days daily tools on display as well. You may get to see and learn a little more about Cambodian culture while drinking your coffee. Another special thing about this café is that they also offer rental Khmer traditional clothes for the customer to try on and take pictures as the memories.
Address: River Road Traing village Sangkat Slorgrarm, Krong Siem Reap

1. LED ZEP Cafe

Have you ever imagined being on the mountain, sitting on a swinging hammock, holding a cup of coffee, and enjoying the beauty of the greenery? If you have, then LED ZEP is highly recommended. The café is the only eatery located in Kep National Park. For those who are newbies to Cambodian holiday destinations, Kep is a relaxing coastal province in the southern part of Cambodia. Back to LED ZEP Café’s daily menu, you can find many cold and hot drinks, just whatever you are up to. There are also snacks and food such as various types of sandwiches, crepes, and many other dishes. The café is also very thoughtful of the customers since they provide free updated maps of the national park which list down all the worth-seeing places of the mountain.
Address: Krong Kaeb

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