Are you looking for a once in a lifetime experience that you will never forget? The world has a lot to offer, and everyone carries a bucket list of tourist places. Once you visit some of them, all of them seem to appear the same. You get easily bored with seeing the same type of places. But if you have got an adventurous spirit and you are ready to add a little zing to your life, you have come to the right place. We are going to showcase the world’s ten best adventure holiday ideas which will keep your adrenaline levels on a high. We have a variety of places from Iceland to Sicily. The adventurous place that we have shortlisted may look out of this world. If you are ready to explore them, have a look, and you will be surprised at the sheer variety of adventure that mother nature has to offer. We have got beaches, Skiing, marathons, natural phenomenons, trekking, endangered species and a lot of fun. At below in this article, we will tell you about Best Adventure Holidays  Great way to explore the world‎.

list of 10 Best Adventure Holidays:

10. Northern Lights (Iceland)

Northern lights or Aurora borealis of Iceland is a breath-taking natural phenomenon in the night skies of Iceland during certain times of the year. The best time to observe these mesmerising lights is from September to October and March to April.

Northern lights happen when solar particles enter the earth’s magnetic field and get ionised. These lights appear as dancing lights varying in colours from mostly green to occasionally pink, blue or other colours. It is a magical display of colours naturally in the high skies which appears to be supernatural. These magical moments will last in your memories forever.

On clear winter nights here, you can experience these lights dancing in the sky. Each display in multiple colours is unique in itself. Although this phenomenon is unpredictable, you must give your best try. If you are lucky to see this, it will be a cherry on the top of your winter trip. There is a lot of rain, snow and cloud during these months and the possibility of seeing the lights is quite limited. But you must show patience because you will understand this once you watch them.

9. Mondulkiri Place (Cambodia)

There is so much to explore in Mondulkiri place in Cambodia. Every year, thousands of tourists all over the world visit this place to experience the scenic beauty of waterfalls surrounded by beautiful forests. You can see small cliffs and idyllic tracks while approaching the waterfalls. You can take a trekking tour, camp near the waterfalls or swim in the pool right under the waterfall. Popular among them are Sen Monorum, Lak Pok Bras, Bou Sra, Chrey-Yous and Taing Laing waterfalls. You can also explore the large pine tree planted before 1970. There is Phnom Prich bird century in the Eastern Plains famous for rain forest and beautiful rivers.

8. Swimming with Dolphins in Azores (Portugal, Lisbon)

This place is a natural habitat of wild dolphins in a stunning atmosphere. You can visit them in the least intrusive way by short trips in group boats accompanied by expert guides. Dolphin watching is the safest way to swim along with these huge creatures in a scenic setting.

The Azores is a cluster of islands in the North Atlantic sea. It boasts of active volcanoes, crater lakes, and beaches crafted with lava. They are your best chance to be with nature. Its shores are edged with cliffs and rocky terrain and not meant for beach lovers. But the shores of Azores offer unmatched scenic beauty. This group of islands is like an oasis in the desert.

You can watch whales, especially blue whales during a certain period of the year. These islands catch the rain to provide nutrient-rich water to provide feeding ground to marine life and birds. So far it has been a little unknown holiday destination, but with active interest of wildlife watchers, this place has emerged as one of the best adventure tourist spots in the world.

Some of the islands showcase both the whales and dolphins in their natural habitat to tourist from all over the world. You can also enjoy canyoning, rock climbing, and cliff diving. You may like to avoid the rainy season from November to March to make the most of the activities.

7. Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu (Peru)

You may find this place on the travel bucket list of most adventure tourists. The trekking on this route is an adventure itself and a feast to your eyes. Machu Pichu is an ancient city in the Andes mountains of Peru. It takes about four days to trek the altitudes of 4200 metres. You can enjoy paddleboarding and zip lining along the way on an organised tour along the Inca trail.

In this particular track, you get to experience the magnificent mountains with exotic vegetation and extraordinary ecological variety. Incas had constructed this trail about 500 years ago. It is one of the most talked-about trails in South America.

6. Inside the Thrihnukagigur Volcano (Iceland)

You can visit this volcano dormant for the last 4000 years. Yes, you got it right. You need to descend below the earth’s surface in a lift 120m below the ground. Operators have started commercial tours in this volcano with effect from 2012. The special lift takes you down to a colourful cavern which is drained out by the magma of the volcano. Tour operators announce this unique experience every year.

It is one of its kind experiences. It is a 45-minute hike across the lava field before you arrive at the base camp near the volcano. You should keep the visit to Iceland at the top of your list of amazing adventures in this world. After relaxing at the base camp, when you descend into the volcano, you get a strange feeling of exploring a new world which seems to be exhilarating and unique.

5. Beaches of Cambodia

Cambodia has got some of the world’s untouched beaches. Koh Trong has white sandy beaches with endangered dolphins of freshwaters. You can see this island by horse and cart or a bike. Koh Rong beach appears to be similar to the beaches of Thailand. Long beach or Sok San beach is a spectacular place. You can visit the coral reefs nearby. They are perfect for snorkelling or diving. Dense rain forests surround this whole area. It is about a 40 minutes boat ride from the mainland. You may never want to leave these beaches. Enjoy the beauty of these pristine beaches of Cambodia.

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4. The Great wall marathon (China)

The great wall of china marathon is one of the most challenging marathons in the world. Instead of walking along the great wall of china, you could test yourself by running the great wall marathon. You need to take 5164 steps and passes through the neighbouring villages across this arduous course. There is a world record of only 4 hours and 54 minutes, but you can take your time and enjoy the run at your own pace. The organisers conduct this annual marathon on the third Saturday of May.

3. The three peaks challenge (UK- Scotland, England, Wales)

You can challenge yourself to climb the three highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales. The challenge is to climb them one after the other. It may be possible to scale all these peaks within 24 hours; you may take your time and stop in each country to make it an adventure holiday by breaking this journey of 462 miles in three parts. To enjoy this, you need not go outside of the United Kingdom.

2. Swim with endangered species of Australia (Western Australia)

Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia has more than 500 species of fish. It is also a home for some endangered species like hawksbill and loggerhead turtles. During November to April, you can spot them on the beaches and islands close to Ningaloo. You will get to see the beautiful reef and humpback whales during a snorkelling trip.

1. Skiing on Mount Etna volcano (Sicily)

If you happen to see this place in summers, you may not appreciate it fully. But when the temperature falls during winters, the impossible seems to appear possible. You can ski on the largest active volcano of Europe. During winter, this skiing destination offers incredible views of Adriatic and Mediterranean seas in clear weather. It has got two small ski resorts on the north and south parts of Mount Etna in Sicily. An opportunity oy view the sea at the time of Skiing on a volcano is going to be a unique experience.

Final Take away

We have shown you the way to explore the world with the best adventure tourism destinations. You need to take the first step and experience every adventure of mother nature. People who visit such marvellous places are not able to forget their life experiences. An adventure can change your attitude towards life and nature. Let us take the first step in this exciting world of adventure tourism.

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