10 Best Korean Movies Should watch in 2020

In the modern world, people just need to sit down and relax. What is a better way to relax than to watch a good movie? Watching movies is satisfying but watching Korean Movies is thrilling.

Below is the list of the top 10 Korean Movies you need to watch in 2020:

10. PARASITE (Gisaeng Chung)

Initial release: June 5, 2019

Korean movie starring: Kang-ho Song, Sun-Kyun Lee, and Yeo-Jeong Yo.

Film synopsis: This movie is a black comedy about social status, aspiration, patriarchalism, and materialism. It is a satire about economic imbalance shown through the symbiotic relationship between two families. A poor South Korean family, the Kims, and a wealthy family called Parks. When children from the Kim family infiltrate the Park family household, the power balance changes in interesting and unexpected ways. the parasite may be the best film Bong has ever made, it begins as a social-realist drama about a poor family struggling to find work in the modern days.

Running Time: Through its two hours and 11 minutes till the end, it will go through black comedy, social satire, and suspense.

Reviews: It has a rating of 8.6 on IMDb and was even nominated for 6 Oscars.

9. HOPE (So-won)

Initial release: October 2, 2013.

Korean movie starring: Kyung-gu Sol, Ji-won Uhm.

Film synopsis: The little girl in the movie is played brilliantly by the then 7-year old Lee Re. It is about a terrible event (the rape of an 8-year-old girl by a drunkard) that breaks a family. It begins by slowly showing at first the parents (the father in particular case) who seem somehow too busy to take care of his daughter, then the tragedy happens it is made aware that the girl will have consequences for the rest of her life. Then there is the trial, and the need for money and the humiliation of being at the center of attention. The parents respond very differently to this trauma and it’s really interesting to see these different ways to deal with everything. The second half of the movie was about the father trying to get close to his daughter.

Running Time: Through its 2 hours and 2 minutes till the end.

Reviews: It is rated 8.3 on IMDb.


MIRACLE IN CELL NO. 7 is a comedy-drama film

Initial release:  January 23, 2013

Korean movie starring: Seung-Ryong Ryu and So Won Kal.

Film synopsis: The movie shows a connection between a mentally ill father and his lovingly adorable daughter. This film is about a father who is unfairly accused of murder, he is mistreated by police and prison authorities, also he is bullied in jail. But he gradually changes the mind of people around him and hates turns into care. He builds friendships with certain criminals in his cell, who in return help him see his dear daughter again by smuggling her into the prison. The miracle of the title is the series of meetings the father has with the daughter while he is in prison for a few months. Years later, that girl grows into a woman persistent to release her dad with their help.

Running Time: Through its 2 hours till the end.

Reviews: It has 8.2 ratings on IMDb and has won many awards.

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THE HANDMAIDEN is a South Korea erotic psychological thriller film

Initial release: August 25, 2016

Korean movie starring: Ha Jung-woo plays “Count”, a handsome criminal and fake nobleman who learns Sook-hee, played by Kim Tae-Ri, to pickpocket.

Film synopsis: She has to insinuate herself as a handmaiden in the household of a hideous rich man and book-dealer. This loathsome old man forces his heiress niece, Hideko, played by Kim Min-hee, to read pornography out loud to his dinner-jacketed guests to persuade them to buy his forbidden rare volumes. Sook-hee’s job is to persuade Hideko to accept the Count’s secret marriage proposal and escape when the time is right. The handmaiden’s chaperone presence is vital for this plan. The fake Count explains that once he has emptied his new bride’s bank account, he plans to have Hideko banged up in a lunatic asylum, and Sook-hee can have some of her jewels. But Hideko and Sook-hee find themselves explosively attracted to each other.

Running Time: Through its 2 hours and 48 minutes till the end.

Reviews: The Handmaiden has an 8.2-star rating on IMDb.

6. CASTAWAY ON THE MOON ( Kimssi Pyoryugi)

CASTAWAY ON THE MOON is a Korean romantic film comedy.

Initial release: May 14, 2009

The main actors: Jae-Yeong Jeong and Ryeowon Jung.

Film synopsis: Mr. Kim is in his 30s and after failing to kill himself by jumping off a bridge, the man finds himself on a deserted island but not far from the city. He attempts to escape, but soon he realizes he cannot and he accepts his destiny and challenges of living on the island. On the other hand, a shy young woman, who takes close-up shots of the moon and has not left her apartment in years, spies on him on the island and starts thinking of him as her alien. Switching between the extremes of Ms. Kim’s ridiculously small apartment and Mr. Kim’s island sanctuary, it has clever and entertaining situations that create an irresistible force drawing these two characters together. Physical humor, camerawork, and short fantasy sequences build comedic moments for the surprisingly emotional conclusion.

Running Time: Through its 1 hour and 56 minutes until the end.

Reviews: This movie is rated 8.1 on IMDb.

5. SILENCED (Do-ga-ni)

SILENCED is a movie based on real events published on September 22, 2011

Starring main characters: Yoo Gong and Yu-mi Jung.

Film synopsis: Gang In-ho is working to earn money for his daughter’s surgery, is appointed to a school for hearing-impaired children. But what he discovers there is a horrible truth: those children are being physically and sexually abused by their teachers. When he decides to have a fight for the children’s rights and reveal the crimes that are being committed in that school, man teams up with Seo Yu-jin, the human rights activist. But quickly they understand that teachers, the school’s principal, the police, prosecutors and churches in the community are trying to hide the truth.

Running Time: Through its 2hours and  5 minutes until the end.

Reviews: Silenced has 8.1 ratings.


Initial release: August 14, 2003
Main characters: Yeong-Su Oh, Ki-Duk Kim, and Young-min Kim.
Film synopsis: A story about a Buddhist master who is patiently raising a young man to grow up with compassion and wisdom, through experience and many exercises. Once his student finds his sexual lust he seems lost to the satisfying life he had before. He follows his first love, but the student soon fails to adapt to the modern world. He gets in problems and jail for a crime of passion so he returns to his master searching for spiritual redemption and balancing with karma, with a great price of physical catharsis. The movie’s themes about the mutability of life and the desire for peace have universal implications.
Running Time: 1hour 45minutes
Reviews: This movie has an 8 – star rating and has won many prizes.

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3. MOTHER (Madeo)

Initial release: May 16, 2009

Starring: Hye-Ja Kim as Mother

Film synopsis: an unnamed widow who is extremely protective of her son and attempts to free him from a false murder charge. Her twenty-eight-year-old who has an intellectual disability, Do-Joon (Won Bin) is charged for brutally murdering a girl. It is his mother’s call whether to prove him innocent or to leave him imprisoned. A satire as a well as a murder mystery, the film depicts contemporary Koreans as corrupted and alienated. In the face of such social decay, holding the family together is important. Mother received widespread acclaim from critics, who praised the director and Kim Hye-JA’s performance.

Running Time: 2hours 9mintues
Reviews: It has 7.8 ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb.

2. POETRY (Shi)

Initial release: May 13, 2010

Starring: Jeong-hee Yoon stars in the main role along with Da-wit Lee.

Film synopsis: A remarkable Korean meditation on the nature of life, death, and memories. The movie shows an old suburban woman. She begins to have an interest in poetry while she is fighting with Alzheimer’s disease and her grandson who is irresponsible. Out of fear or confusion, she keeps the diagnosis to herself and almost from herself.  The movie reveals such delicacy, subtlety, and tact while approached the most disturbing topics. The film is an exploration of complex human conditions that people can often find boring. It presents life realistically but also paves the way for finding positive little things within the worst conditions.

Running Time: 2hours 19minutes

Reviews: Poetry has a 7.8 rating and many awards.


is a South Korean biography drama film made on January 27, 2005

Starring: Seung-woo Cho and Mi-sook Kim.

Film synopsis: It is based on the true story of an autistic marathon runner named Bae Hyeong-jin. The movie follows an autistic young man who has a strong affection towards nature and animals seem to feel free and can open up a bit towards other people only when running. His mother is caring and she never quits or abandons him. Even though both of them suffer from family and financial problems, they succeed tor reach a former marathon champion who is now lethargic old man, to train him for an upcoming marathon. A trainer is not motivated, but after spending some time with the boy and he realizes his potential and then the two of them become friends.

Running Time: 1h 57minutes

Reviews: It has a 7.7-star rating on IMDb.


Korean movies are very interesting and thoughtful. There are many different genres here but all these movies are excellent. Plots, cast and ratings are incredible. This list of 10 best Korean movies is necessary to watch in 2020.

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