Best Place to Travel in 2020 by months

Have you made plans for your next holidays? Are you dreaming of a holiday that will become the brightest memory of a lifetime? There are some places on earth where you can see amazing natural phenomenon only during a certain period of time. If you dream of a perfect trip with the best combination of attractions, weather, cuisine, value for money, here’s the list of the best place to travel in 2020 by months.

Best place to travel in January – Ischgl, ski resort in Austria

Top Tourist Attractions: Ischgl is one of the best ski resorts with various slopes. This year there’s an opportunity to see the giant snow sculptures within the festival the Shapes in White.

Weather: Thanks to the special climatic conditions the season lasts almost till May. There’s a lot of snow and enough sun during the season.

Places To Stay At: There are a lot of family-type hotels with saunas. One can stay also in the nearest villages where the price of accommodation is a little lower.

Places To Eat: Spending winter holidays in Ischgl is a chance to try Austrian (Viennese) cuisine. There a lot of restaurants offering Rindsuppe (beef soup), Tafelspitz, beef boiled in broth (soup), and other traditional dishes.

How to reach: The nearest international airports are in Munich and Innsbruck. The ski resort is 3-4 hours from the airport by train.

Average Price: $80-200 per person per night during the high season

Best place to travel in February – Lake Baikal

Top Tourist Attractions: Baikal is beautiful in every season but in February people come there for the winter fairy tale, magical landscapes, and fanciful natural ice forms. The ice season on Lake Baikal begins around February 15 and lasts until the beginning of April. At this time, the lake is bound by strong transparent ice and it is possible to walk on its surface, travel by jeep, skate or cross-country ski or try dog- sledding.

Weather: The weather at this time is quite warm and sunny. There’s a lot of suns here in spring and summer, even if the surrounding areas are overcast. Clouds heading towards the lake over the mountain tops of the ridges, roll down, and disperse.

Places To Stay At: Walking on the transparent ice of Lake Baikal along the rocky shores of Olkhon island, you can see and capture with your camera the extraordinary beauty of the splash formations, numerous grottos, blue hummocks.

Places To Eat: At this time, winter ice fishing is common on Lake Baikal. The Baikal region is famous for Buryat and Siberian cuisine. Here you can try different types of fish – smoked, dried, salted, and even raw. Hot smoked omul is considered to be the best choice. Buryat poses – large dumplings with a whole steamed, and Buchler-lamb soup are also popular dishes od local cuisine.

How to reach: The starting point of your trip depends on the place that you have chosen for your holidays. There are three starting points for your journey – from Irkutsk, from Ulan-Ude, and from Severobaikalsk. You can get to these cities by plane or train.

Average Price: $10-30 per person per night

Best place to travel in March – Hanami

(festival of cherry trees blooming) in Japan

Top Tourist Attractions: The best way to spend the time at the end of March is to walk under the cherry blossoms in Kyoto, Japan. By the way, this city is considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

Weather: The daytime temperature in March in Tokyo is 12 degrees, but it can reach 22 degrees (the maximum recorded temperature), and at night it can drop to -3 degrees (the minimum recorded temperature).

Places To Stay At: The most popular cities to stay at during Hanami are Tokyo and Kyoto. Some people also choose to enjoy the transient beauty of flowers in the area of Fuji Five Lakes.

Places To Eat: Japan is a country of bright national traditions, and the cuisine is also very peculiar. If you come to this country, you must get acquainted with the national cuisine. The typical dishes of Tokyo are Monja-yaki, Fukagawa-mesh and Numerous. Restaurants in the capital are at every turn.

How to reach: There’s an international airport in Tokyo and you can reach Kyoto by fast train.

Average Price: $30-50 per person per night

Best place to travel in April – Blue lagoon, Iceland

Top Tourist Attractions: Iceland is beautiful all year round. In April you still have a chance to see the Northern lights. And at the same time, everything becomes greener and there are not so many tourists during this period, the prices for the plane tickets are not so high. The best time to visit Blue lagoon is in the evening to enjoy the midnight sun in summer or the Northern Lights in winter. The average temperature of the water is 39 degrees all year round.

Weather: The temperature during the day in April is +4 C, at night +1 C. The rains are still heavy, 159 mm (9 rainy days).

How to reach: The resort Blue lagoon is located between the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, and Keflavik international airport. The distance between Reykjavik and the Blue lagoon is 47 kilometers, while Keflavik is only 23 kilometers away. You can get there by a rented car, taxi or a Shuttle (Reykjavik Excursions).

Average Price: $40-70 per person per night

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Best place to travel in May –

Dubrovnik and Plitvice Lakes National Park

Top Tourist Attractions: Dubrovnik is a brilliant treasure of the Dalmatian coast. Surrounded by fortress walls, the ancient city on the Adriatic coast is filled with ancient history. Plitvice Lakes National Park is an amazing place, perfect for nature lovers.

Weather: The swimsuit season in Dubrovnik begins in the first days of May when the weather is very warm. At midday, the sun is very hot. This is the perfect time for sunbathing: the tan goes smoothly, and there is no risk of burns.

Places To Eat: Croatia is the best place to try truffle dishes.

How to reach: There’s an international airport in Dubrovnik. The distance between Dubrovnik and the
Plitvice Lakes National Park is rather long – around 400 km. You can get there in a rented car. Average Price: $20-50 per person per night

Best place to travel in June – Provence in France

Top Tourist Attractions: Lavender fields begin to bloom in the South of France, in the province of Provence, in mid-summer. Events are held in different cities and villages. There are a lot of exhibitions, fairs and even the Museum of Lavender.

Weather: It’s really warm and sunny in this period in the south of France.
Places To Stay At: Lavender fields of Provence are concentrated in the province of Lebron. The blooming
the plateau extends from the North of Aix-en-Provence to the Eastern tip of Avignon.

Places To Eat: There are a lot of authentic restaurants in every town of Provence. Among the products that are produced on this land are olives, garlic, figs, melons, and herbs, as well as juicy lamb and fish from the Mediterranean sea.

How to reach: It’s better to start the trip to Provence from Marseille. It’s easy to get there by plane. Average Price: $50-70 per person per night

Best place to travel in July – Kotor in Montenegro

Top Tourist Attractions: Montenegro, the hidden treasure of the Adriatic, is becoming an increasingly popular Mediterranean destination and is no longer considered as Croatia’s poor neighbor. Montenegro is becoming a luxury destination nowadays. 5-star Aman Sveti Stefan, the most fashionable hotel in Montenegro, raised the bar for the quality of service in the country.

Weather: The average daily temperature in July is 29.8C, the sea temperature is 26.5C.

Places To Eat: Montenegrin cuisine consists of meat, fish, and cheese dishes. Traditional Montenegrin dishes are prshut (dried meat), goat cheese, bronze, veshalitsa (hot chops with spices), flat large cutlets “pleskavitsy”, cevapcici (sausage made of chopped meat), pork skewers “razhnici “or meat on the bone” cutlets”, sausages for beer.

How to reach: There are regular buses from Budva to Kotor from the city bus station. Average Price: $30-50 per person per night

Best place to travel in August – Mykonos

Top Tourist Attractions: Mykonos is a resort that has become a legend. This is an ideal place for everyone who wants to relax and get a lot of pleasant emotions. This is a real Greek Olympus for luxury lovers.

Weather: July, August, and September are the best months to relax in Mykonos. The weather is warm, the temperature is from +25.6 to +30.2 degrees at this time of year, there is almost no rain, no more than 1 day per month.

Places To Eat: Mykonos has the most delicious cuisine, both traditional Greek, Italian, Turkish, and Chinese. Everyone must try local delicacies: dried pork in Mycenaean style, which is prepared according to an old recipe.

How to reach: The are no direct international flights. There are direct flights from Santorini, Crete (Heraklion), Rhodes.
Average Price: $80-150 per person per night

Best place to travel in September – Cappadocia in Turkey

Top Tourist Attractions: The most popular attractions are The Ihlara valley, Lake Nar, the underground city of Derinkuyu, Selime monastery, and two viewpoints, near Goreme and near Uchhisar (with a view of the Pigeon valley).

Weather: September is the best time to visit Turkey, it’s already not so hot but you still can swim and sunbathe.

Places To Stay At Cave hotels are the most popular in Cappadocia. The hotel itself is one of the attractions of the region. The word “Cave” in the name of a hotel indicates that it is located directly in the rock and has cave rooms.

Places To Eat: The cuisine of Cappadocia includes mostly meat dishes that are cooked over a slow fire or on coals for 5-6 hours. In September, there are a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. The Turkish people make delicious salads, maze, and juice, especially popular is pomegranate and orange.

How to reach: The nearest airports are in Ankara and Antalya. It takes 4-6 hours by bus or shuttle to get to Cappadocia.

Average Price: $30-50 per person per night

Best place to travel in October – Atacama desert in Chile

Top Tourist Attractions: A stunning attraction of the Atacama desert is the so-called “desert bloom”, which occurs when air masses from the Pacific ocean bring the moisture here. Usually “blooming” occurs in September-October. When the desert blooms, this fantastic view impresses with a riot of colors, variety, and uniqueness of plants, about 200 species of which are not found anywhere else in the world.

How to reach: The easiest way to get to San Pedro is from the city of Calama in northern Chile, with a stop in Santiago.

Average Price: $20-30 per person per night

Best place to travel in November – Iguazu Falls

Top Tourist Attractions: A complex of 275 waterfalls on the Iguazu River, located on the border of Brazil (state of Parana) and Argentina (province of Misiones) is one of the most beautiful natural parks.

Weather: It’s always warm, the temperature is above 30 degrees. But in November it’s still not so hot as in winter.

Places To Stay At: On the Brazilian side, there are a couple of stunning panoramic views. On the Argentinean, there are three tracks, several panoramic views, and much more stunning views. If you only have one day in Iguazu, it is definitely worth spending it in Argentine Park.

How to reach: The route to the falls is basically a trip or flight to Foz do Iguazu on the Brazilian side or to Puerto Iguazu on the Argentine side.

Average Price: Price: $10-30 per person per night

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Best place to travel in December – Sampi (Lapland)

Top Tourist Attractions: Sampi, or Lapland in Finland, is the place where you can admire the Northern lights, an incredibly impressive show organized by Nature itself. Besides the Northern lights, people come here to enjoy traditional for this region winter entertainment: snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling or dog sledding.

Places To Stay At: The most comfortable way to see the Northern lights is to stay in a specially designed glass igloo or luxury hotel room with a glass wall.

Weather: Depending on the region, winter in Finland lasts from four to six months (November – April). The air temperature varies from zero to minus thirty-five degrees. Nevertheless, the right choice of clothing allows you to enjoy the Finnish winter. Besides the temperature doesn’t feel so low, because the air is very dry and fresh.

Places To Eat: The local restaurants offer traditional dishes. The most popular are venison soup, roast partridge, whitefish fried on a skewer, venison stew, Lapland cheese. Venison is considered a dietary product containing substances that are very important for human health.

How to reach: Lapland, with an area of 400 thousand, is located in the very north of Scandinavia, and in addition to Finland, it is partially located in Sweden, Norway, and Russia. International airports are located in Rovaniemi, Ivalo, and Kittila, but the majority of tourists arrive there via Rovaniemi.

Average Price: $70-200 per person per night

There are some more options for every month of the year but each of these places is definitely worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. That’s a great opportunity to see a real miracle on earth and have a perfect pastime.

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