There are times when our body asks for a break from the boring routine and we want to know new places to relax. But also before deciding that we want to travel to a specific place, we have to see the perfect season to travel, we will talk about the best places to visit in May, a great date. May is a month full of good possible destinations because the temperature is pleasant ceasing to be the rainy season.

The best places always wait for May, a season full of tourists:


You can discover the lost city, the popular Petra, swim in the Red Sea or the Dead Sea, and tour the desert. It is one of the most demanded destinations in the last years, becoming even overwhelming on some dates? May gives you the advantage of avoiding the stifling summer heat and the chance to discover the Treasure of Petra without being surrounded by people.


A very striking place to admit it is a city recognized as being the most entertaining and beautiful in Europe, this makes it an attractive center for tourists, and really is a destination with much tourism. Due to its great beauty, it is a destination with a lot of tourists, if you visit it in May you can find many fewer visitors. In this way, they can enjoy its historical center, which has been declared a World Heritage Site, to the full.


An increasingly popular destination, with a certain spell that engages. Here you can try its exquisite and peculiar gastronomy (it attracts everyone who goes). With different customs and full of traditions, which make it a special place. Imagine walking through the immensity of the desert, meeting its inhabitants, and their local crafts, a perfect place for the month of May.

Athens, Greece

Visit the Greek capital, especially the Acropolis in Athens. In this season, thanks to the mild temperatures you can walk around it at any time, which is undoubtedly appreciated because in this destination you will want to be back and forth discovering its beautiful corners.

Greece is a country admired by millions of people around the world, for its great influence on the cultural, architectural, and philosophical development of the West, its favored location and its ancient mythology is a beacon for tourists from all over the world. This season (spring) has the advantage that the traveler will be able to discover the flora in its greatest splendor and the impressive colors that accompany sunsets and sunrises in Greece.

Once there, it is inevitable to visit the Parthenon or the National Archaeological Museum. The city has cafes, restaurants, and a variety of tourist places, where they have qualified and experienced staff to serve the tourist.

The beaches and the spas do not rest in summer and springtime and the nightlife is very lively thanks to the existence of discos, bars, clubs, dance halls, and even casinos. Evenings by the sea steal the preference of countless tourists, especially those who prefer Greece for their honeymoon. This and many other things make Greece the perfect place for tourists.

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New York

Visiting the Big Apple at this time of year is amazing, Central Park is a must, as it becomes a place with flower-filled trails and a unique atmosphere. In New York due to the great traffic of tourism that does not stop during the year is not considered the existence of high season and low season. There will always be many tourists so that should not be a point to consider when choosing the best time to travel to New York.

In the summer there is a lot of tourist flow but many New Yorkers take advantage of travel, so the population of New York is diminishing sensibly and it can give the sensation of being more empty but the number of tourists is the same. Without a doubt spring along with the end of summer and beginning of autumn is an ideal time to visit New York since the climate is very pleasant, taking into account that the temperatures present great oscillations

between the maximum temperature during the day and the minimum during the night. The average temperature in spring ranges from 10-15 degrees. In summer the average temperature is over 25 degrees (although it drops considerably at night to around 17 degrees).


May is the ideal month to visit some areas of Norway. Landscapes that seem to be taken from a movie set, virgin places, sharp mountains, and amazing viewpoints surrounded by nature is what awaits us in this magical place.

You may also interested in visiting some beaches during the May season

May is usually a perfect date to do beach tourism and get to know some of the most fascinating beaches around the world. It is a perfect time for beaches because of its temperature, being hot in many places, ideal to visit the sea and dive into the beautiful sea.

Algarve, Portugal

This destination is one of the most demanded to spend a few days of relaxation on the beach. Places like Cabo de San Vicente, Faro, or its wildest and most unspoiled beaches make it a unique destination. For example this month the temperature accompanies getting into the water, avoids the many tourists who visit it a year. The average temperature is 27ºC, with a water temperature of 21ºC and about 5 hours of sunshine a day.


A perfect place that waits to discover its most beautiful beaches. In summer they are full of tourists, but this time is to enjoy its most charming corners without so many people around.

The average temperature of this month is 23ºC with a probability of rain of 4 days, a water temperature of 19ºC, and about 7 hours of sunshine a day.

Costa Rica

Popular for its beautiful natural landscapes, but also for its warm beaches. These, are wild, with warm waters and several kilometers of sand.

The average temperature is 21ºC, the rainfall is 7 days of rain, with an average of 6 hours of sunshine a day and a water temperature of 19ºC.  Its beaches natural landscapes with crystalline waters and white sand

Los Roques Archipelago, Venezuela

Without a doubt this country deserves a place on the list, it has some wonderful tourist places worthy of a tour of these and without any regrets. It represents one of the main tourist attractions of the country that has an approximate surface of 221,120 hectares between maritime and terrestrial spaces. In addition, the archipelago has the largest coral reef in The Caribbean. Undoubtedly a great place to visit on vacation with beautiful views, and hundreds of activities and more for the great cuisine of this country. You can not miss it! Its temperature does not vary much in these sections of the country since it is located with the coasts of The Caribbean Sea.


Indonesia is an ideal destination to go on a trip since it has some characteristics that make it a very special place. This place has numerous islands ideal for relaxing on some of them. It is well known for its impressive forests as well as the countless beaches that are in the archipelago that makes up Indonesia and within this country. There is a tourist destination par excellence which we could call the jewel in the crown is Bali. One of the most welcoming areas for tourism offering an ideal mix of beach relaxation and temples with much interest. The average temperature is 25ºC, 7 days with the probability of rain, an average water temperature of 19ºC, and 7 hours of the day in the sun.

As for the climate, the best time to go to Bali as in all Indonesia the ideal moment is the dry season between May and October. In the dry season, it usually is quite humid and the rains can happen but without the violence in which they take place in the months from November to April.

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