Best Places to Visit in April in 2020

April is the perfect month to travel ! There are many places you can visit once a year for those people who need to take a break from the usual. The reason why because the northern countries shake off the cold winter that lashes for so many months and finally rest from the hot summer days and feel the freshness that they have wanted so much for the most desperate months due to the high temperatures.

What makes it more perfect is that the Easter holidays come together so that this week and with a few extra days you can get to know different cultures, historical areas, good restaurants, and excellent entertainment that will undoubtedly remain in your memories.

Below we will tell you more detail about 10 best places to visit in April:

European continent

Seville, Spain

this place becomes the main place to visit during spring, especially in April which you can enjoy the Seville fair in April and the celebrations declared of international tourist interest, which are the celebration of Valladolid, Malaga, and Cuenca.

Seville maintains its charm because the city is full of life with the decorations that adorn each corner for the colors and smells of the thousands of orange groves and in which participating in the processions that the Sevillians carry out will make you walk the streets, Seville, under a pleasant temperature and in which the sun’s rays illuminate and highlight the historical places and buildings such as the Plaza de España, the Giralda, the golden tower, and the waters of the Guadalquivir.

Byron Bay, Australia

This is the ideal place that presents two fantastic stages, the first stage is the Byron Bay festival that takes place on April 18 to 22 in which hundreds of national and international artists entertain the family with its great successes and where you can camp and enjoy the beautiful landscapes that this place offers. The other stage is the boomerang festival in which indigenous people take the leading role to celebrate through dance, music, movies, and other activities that will make you see this beautiful place differently. It is usually visited by those people in whom their lifestyle is much more relaxed, making it the ideal destination for people who just want to surf, meditate and connect with the beautiful natural landscape of Byron Bay.

Tuscany, Italy

this site is ideal for those artists who want to show through their art the spectacular views of Tuscany, in which the beautiful olive, vine, and cypress trees take this site and allow you to contemplate the beautiful Italian region, which the perfect place to visit and enjoy the most colorful sunsets in the Orcia Valley declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Asian continent


this Asian paradise becomes the tourist destination for those who want to take risks and go further from home, where knowing their culture is talking to their people and touring the serene and natural landscapes of Laos. This is one of the most accessible places in April for both air tickets and accommodation, and in which the time must be long enough to get to know the temples of Luang Prabang, sail in Vang Vieng and enjoy the 4,000 islands. The dry season offers the enjoyment of natural and historical
wonders without fear that the rains will ruin the tours.


Aside from exotic Japanese food, April is the perfect month to enjoy the hanami show. Hanami means seeing and observing flowers, since in April it offers that the millions of cherry trees turn pink and white and the meaning for the Japanese is of renewal, this spectacular view extends throughout Japan and the Cherry blossoms are usually keep for a week and are enjoy by its inhabitants and tourists.

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African continent

South Africa

It offers in the list of places to know the Drakensberg mountains, Kruger national park, the South African coast, table mountain.  The history of Apartheid and probably the thought of many people is the irresistible heat that it can do in this site, but incredibly the month of April will force you to carry clothing that keeps you warm because the temperature drops a little so that you can enjoy this beautiful place.


this site is ideal if you want to save money on the trip, the month of April is the right one for you to make the trip of your dreams to the African continent and in which the temperature will not be suffocating, if what you want is take a dip the beaches of Agadir or Essaouira are the perfect choice to give you that dip that you have long desired and expected.

American continent


If what you want is to party, surround yourself with cheerful colors that make the trip the best of all. Colombia is the ideal destination for the American continent because the warmth of the people will fill your expectations making you feel at home. Its rich gastronomy will make you want to extend the trip for much longer to devote more attention to the delicious dishes that Colombians make with great love and excellent seasoning.

New Orleans, United States of America

This wonderful site is on the list of travelers. Moreover, the best thing in April is the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Since the festival focuses on promoting the North American style through music, workshops, and its Cajun gastronomy, in which colors, jazz, and gospel take hold in the streets of New Orleans.

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

This is the largest salt desert in the world with 12,000 km2 of distance. And the mild temperatures of April allow you to appreciate the beautiful natural landscape, as well as the observation of the yellow petals that bloom on cacti when they mature. An unforgettable experience and a landscape that allows you to connect with the incredible processes that nature is capable of carrying out.


Many countries visited forms of memories and experiences that you will want to tell friends and family. Each culture is different so being respectful is the value that you must take to each of the trips. It will depend on the attitude and desire with which you want to be and enjoy new landscapes that will remain in your memory for a long time.

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