June is the perfect month for a trip abroad. Are you finding what is the best place to visit in June? It is one of the most sought-after months in terms of traveling and for this reason, a lot of travel packages are available in most parts of the world. The warm summer weather, some unique wildlife, and a variety of summer-themed festivals are held in some of the most beautiful places all over the world.

Tips for traveling abroad in June

June is undoubtedly a month that reflects the initiation of the summer period. That makes it the perfect month for a long journey. However, in order to enjoy your holidays as much as you can, it is important to have some things in mind concerning this particular month. To start with, due to the increased tourist movement during this month, it is preferable that you schedule your trip quite earlier, preferably during the winter period. It is also, a good idea to avoid destinations that are full of tourists. After all, there are so many beautiful places around the world you can discover.

Why spend your time sandwiching yourself between hundreds of other people?

Another thing you should have in mind is to bring all the necessary equipment along during your summer period vacation. Your sunglasses, sunscreen, and hat, along with a lot of available water are required to avoid unnecessary accidents that will spoil your relaxing vacation. June can be quite tricky as a month, as well. Winter is taking its grip on Australasia and the monsoons have started to bounce around Southern Asia. Therefore, if you wish to be able to admire some long-overdue sunshine, you really need to pick your destination carefully.

Here are the top 10 places you can visit in June:

10. French Polynesia

French Polynesia is a living paradise. The endless sandy beaches surrounded by turquoise lagoons and sky-piercing peaks create a fascinating scenery that will make even the most demanding traveler feel blessed.

The multiple small islands of French Polynesia are surrounded by fringing reef and its crystal clear waters are the natural habitat for different types of living organisms, including dolphins, sharks, rays, and turtles. Diving, swimming, and snorkeling are all included in that unique experience and if the weather permits it, you can try some surfing, as well.


It is spectacular, the days are sunny but not too hot and the sky is bright blue. Although this place may seem too expensive for the average traveler, the truth is that nowadays, there are some family-run pensions where you can stay without spending a small fortune.

9. Borneo


Have you ever dreamt of admiring the incredible creatures called orangutans from really close? If you are a fan of nature and wish to spend some relaxed time exploring the beautiful rainforests and fruit trees at their best, then paying a visit to Borneo during the next June is the perfect opportunity. Apart from its unique wildlife, Borneo is itself an amazing place to spend some quiet days. Popular for its spicy street food varieties and picturesque in its small traditional houses, walking along the roads surrounding this place is a great experience. If you are adventurous enough, you could also, climb Mount Kinabalu; it is the highest mountain in East Asia and the view from above is magnificent.

8. Budapest

The capital of Hungary is the perfect June destination for the lovers of art and culture. Apart from the very classic things you will do during your visit to Hungary, like visiting the ruin bars, the thermal Szechenyi Baths, and going on a cruise down the Danube, there are so many other available choices in June.

The Budapest Beer Festival is the perfect opportunity for the lovers of beer to taste some of the more recognizable types of local beers and the Danube Folk Carnival is there to keep you entertained with a series of different events and shows, including folk performances, dance workshops, and craft markets.

If you pay a visit to Budapest in June, do not forget to take advantage of June’s Night of Museums Festivals, where you can have free entry to the city’s most famous museums for one night.

7. The Azores

Among the most beautiful places in the world, the Azores in Portugal come to their full beauty during the summer period. If you visit the place in June, you will be able to admire the unique big hydrangea blooms that decorate the island in a mix of purple, pink and blue colors. But that is not all Azores has to offer.

Volcanic mountain peaks, bubbling hot springs, traditional fishing villages, and some incredible dining experience make the Azores the perfect holiday destination for every type of tourist. The crystal clear waters surrounding the Azores are perfect for water activities, like scuba diving and whale watching is a must-do activity when you visit the island.

6. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia

It is the world’s largest coral system and it is actually the only living organism that has been spotted from space. Visiting this spot in June is great because flight and accommodation prices are much lower and there’s little rainfall.

you can easily take part in various activities: sailing, skydiving, swimming, and snorkeling. Apart from its water wildlife that’s quite impressive, this place is also, home to land creatures, including some friendly koala. The coastal village of Airlie Beach is also, a place you should spend a day when you visit Australia because it is full of alfresco dining restaurants and waterfront parks.

5. Mackinac Island, Michigan

For the more romantic among you, wishing to feel like they are traveling back in time, we have the perfect destination: the Mackinac Island in Michigan. Victorian-era architecture, traditional cottages, and horse-drawn carriages make this island a paradise.

June’s mild weather: ideal and the season opens with the fantastic Lilac Festival. During those festivities, a lot of events are held and the focus is on the celebration of those fragrant flowers. Monuments, historic trails, and a series of hotels, restaurants, pool bars, and fitness centers give the island a modern air, as well.

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4. Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento’s location, excellent summer weather a variety of things to do make it a sought-after and highly- rated destination. Visiting this place in June is perfect because the busiest tourist period is still a few weeks away. The high cliffs of Sorrento offer visitors an exhilarating view of the city, as well as of the bay of Naples.

Villa Communale Park is a large public park for the ideal spot if you wish to admire a summer sunset. The art of marquetry has a long history in Sorrento and a visit to the Museo Muta will reveal some antique collections of this type of art. Apart from the city itself, also the best home base for exploring the archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

3. Lexington, Kentucky

The ”Horse Capital of the World” is a great option for an alternative type of vacation that will let you try some new things. More than 400 horse farms are part of this city and bourbon is produced in large quantities. After all, the city is responsible for producing 95% of the world’s total bourbon supply.

It has some of the most popular and thoroughbred champions and during the Parade of Breeds Show, and you will be able to watch from very close some impressive horse breeds in the world. The Lexington Distillery District is nowadays the hottest spot in the city and you can enjoy some craft beer and tasty traditional food after your daily exploration of the city.

2. Nusa Dua, Bali

Nusa Dua is a popular tourist destination and a great cultural center. Water sports are a must-try experience and include jet-skiing, diving, boating, surfing and of course parasailing.

For the weather:  among the driest and coolest months in Bali and that gives visitors the opportunity to explore the place without getting overly too hot.

For perfect spot:

  • The Bali Collection Center is a great shopping experience.
  • The Museum Pacifika is home to some impressive Indonesian, Polynesian, and Tahitian art.

1. Amelia Island, Florida

Amelia Island is another great destination for those wishing to combine relaxation and exploration. The natural beauty of this island, it’s plenty of wildlife. Boat tours around the island enable tourists to have a look at some beautiful dolphins, sea otters, alligators, and manatees. Galleries, museums, boutiques and traditional buildings with unique architecture are part of this island, as well.


June is a great month for some vacation abroad. Scheduling your next vacation for this time of the year requires some careful arrangements to avoid unnecessary expenses. Most importantly, you do not need to pack yourself in an overcrowded destination. There are so many other beautiful places for you to choose from!

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