An entirely new world of exciting adventures awaits you this November. Skiing, white-capped mountains, howling wolves at close quarters in the night, and sizzling coffee by the bonfire on a beach. November certainly has lots to offer to those who love the outdoors. However, before you go traipsing off to one of the destinations that we highly recommend, keep some tips in mind.

To start, let yourself know what kind of temperature you will be braving during your trip. It is no fun doing any of the thrilling November things if you are constantly shivering. So, cover yourself up. You can be fashionable while wearing enough layers too. Do not ignore footwear either! Frostbites are a menace and perhaps among the most common blunders that hamper an otherwise great winter vacation.

List of 10 best places to visit in November 2020:

1. Krabi

If you love to holiday on a quiet island, Krabi ought to be in your bucket list.’ One of the most popular tourist places in Thailand, Krabi is known for its beaches and pleasant weather. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy a peaceful refuge on its beautiful beaches. It is among the best places to visit in November as, during this time, the temperature is around 30. And the atmosphere is indescribable with a not- a-busy beach sitting in the middle of a dramatic landscape.

Thinking what else you can do in Krabi? Just hire a boat and explore this enchanting island on water. The place is even perfect for kayaking and swimming. Another must-visit attraction is the Wat Tham Sua, the tiger cave temple adorning spectacular octagonal pagoda. It boasts thousands of steps that lead you to an amazing spectacle.

Moo Ping and Khao Niao a traditional street food combination of Krabi are a must-have. You get to indulge in grilled pork on skewers combined with glutinous rice.

2. Ushuaia

For souls craving for a peaceful getaway in the mountains, we have Ushuaia in Argentina. Situated on the southernmost tip of South America, it introduces itself to the visitors as the end of the world’s tourist destination. Your trip to Ushuaia gives you the lifetime experience of capturing the beauty of Antarctica by boarding a ferry. This is one of the best places to visit in November as the climate is gentle on your senses with temperatures fluctuating around 12.

Adding to your excitement is far-reaching treks and camping in the laid-back Andes mountains. Even the sailing to the end of the world begins from here with a ferry ride across the Beagle Channel. Another must-do activity is hiking in the Tierra del Feugo National Park, nestled in the heart of the quiet natural refuge.

Fresh fish and seafood are the staples of Ushuaia. So you ought to try some natural king crab, sea bass and cholgas.

3. Goa

Crazy party-goers cum beach lovers, this is the final destination’ of the world for you to immerse yourself in ultimate madness. If you are thinking of celebrating the new year on a crowd-filled beach, nothing could be better than Goa, a coastal state in Western India.

This is not the only reason why it tops the best places to visit in November as, during this period, the average temperature here ranges from 22 to 33-degree Celsius. Even more, this month in Goa witnesses the biggest music festival, the Sunburn Festival. So you have the chance to lose yourself to rocking hippie beats and trance music.

Also as you are in the kingdom of beaches, don’t forget to explore the Queen of Beaches, the Calangute beach. Goan fish curry loaded with plenty of spices and coconut is classic hog heaven. Traditionally, its relished with rice and raw mango to give it a tangy flavor.

4. Dubai

If your travel fascination is a modern city, then we recommend the ultra-futuristic city of Dubai. Here, you can safely explore the entire city at any time of the day. November is the best month to visit this desert kingdom as the temperature is most pleasant during this time – between 16 to 26-degree Celsius.

There are dozens of tourist hotspots in Dubai, but the first one you ought to conquer is the desert safari. Enjoy the breath-taking dune bashing, dune driving, and camel rides. End the day with a barbeque dinner under a starry sky. Next, head to Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper of the world, and then to the largest water park in the world.

Dubai is also known as the shopper’s paradise, so don’t forget to visit its traditional markets called Souq’ as well as the high-tech malls. The tourist attractions don’t end here, and thus, this desert city is an all-in-one package for a family getaway.

If your taste buds are craving for some liquid wonder, go for Al Harees.’ This local porridge-pot-like culinary is a several hours effort of bringing lamb, chicken, and veal together with spices like cinnamon and pepper.

5. Iceland

If you love snow, Iceland is rather the best place on earth to visit in November that offers temperatures around 3 for the right amount of chill. And, of course, this is the place on our planet where you can spot the magical view of northern lights. This mystical yet colorful phenomenon can be caught dancing on a cold, clear night. But this is not the only reason to visit Iceland.

The November period in this place brings visitors all sorts of fun-filled and thrilling activities. Take a tour of the icy plains on an Icelandic horse, go skating on frozen ponds or get a bit more of excitement with buggy rides. This time of the year, you also ought to stop by the November markets to sip on a warm cup of mulled wine or hot chocolate while enjoying the November carols. Last but not least, the festive season decorations in Iceland are the most beautiful.

We suggest Kjötsupa, the traditional lamb meat soup garnished with Icelandic herbs and vegetables. It’ll not just feed your inner foodie but also refresh you in the cold month.

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6. Hallstatt

Technically a village, Hallstatt in Austria, seems to be the picture-perfect setting from the fairy tales. With temperatures ranging from 1-8, this place stays covered with a thick blanket of snow, unfolding its photogenic beauty.

Your visit to this wonderland would perhaps become the most memorable experience of a lifetime. 12th- century churches, candlelit restaurants, frozen lakes, and snow-draped old wooden houses will satiate your soul like never before. For all sorts of snowy adventures, go skiing, snowshoe hiking, or take a horse-drawn carriage ride. Thus, you know why it is one of the best places to visit in November.

As Austrian cuisine is all about meat, Chicken Schnitzel for a crispy, juicy indulgence. Or order Duck Confit to get some more warmth and comfort.

7. The Canary Islands

Are you planning to escape the chilling winter in your city? Then set off for an incredible trip to the Canary Islands. Famously known as the Canarian hotspot, the Spanish archipelago has the world’s best climate to enjoy in November.

Situated off the costs of north-western Africa, this time on these islands just enchants visitors into forgetting that winter is already around the corner. The cool breeze, clear skies, and the golden sand will just make you sit on the beach for long hours. Avid surfers get to conquer the crystal-clear waters while the waves are ready to challenge.

It is not just a perfect escapade for beach lovers but also astronomy enthusiasts. Astronomical observatory on the active volcano Mt. Teide is a huge attraction of the Teide National Park. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Corralejo National Park, which is home to the largest dunes in the world.

Satisfy your hunger pangs with escaldón de gofio. The burned mix of maize and wheat with fish broth will give you a toasted treat you’ll never regret.

8. Cusco

Cusco is an ancient city snuggled in the Peruvian Andes. The place is world-famous for its archaeological remains from the Inca Empire that ruled here. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is also popular for the astonishing Spanish colonial architecture. A walk through the streets of this place fills visitors with unusual fascination. This is one of the best places to visit in November, especially if you love rains.

The climate stays gentle, with temperatures reaching as high as 21. Half of the month receives rainfall that intensifies the charm of this historic city. Perhaps, if you wish to gratify your inner philanthropist, you can visit the “chocolatadas”. This event is an integral element in Cusco. Organizations or groups of people gather here to cheer to those less fortunate.

Cuy (guinea pig) is an all-time favorite of Cusco, served with potatoes and stuffed peppers. Go for either Cuy al Horno’ (baked cuy) or Cuy Chactado’ (fried cuy). But for the ultimate indulgence, eat it with your hands, just as locals.

9. Serengeti

As November steps in, Africa prepares itself to welcome the cool, dark days of winter with open arms. With day temperatures around 26C and nights around 15C, Serengeti is one of the best places to explore. Your visit to this place in November will bring you to witness the green blossoms in the warm environment with occasional rains. Thousands of migratory birds flock to Serengeti to fill the air with their soulful voice and colors.

African predators like the big cats are easily spotted as you explore the place on a safari. Dramatic game drives are found at full rage with wildebeest herds offering ample targets. Although Serengeti sees a busy time this month, you get all the opportunities to feed your inner wildlife enthusiast.

Raise your energy levels by hogging on Nyama Choma which is perfectly named open-air Carnivore. It serves barbequed meat of ostrich, camel, or crocodile with Ugali a maize flour porridge.

10. The Caribbean

The Caribbean is just the place you would wish to go on a cruise holiday. The winter month, including November, see some of the largest cruise ships in the world heading for an incredible retreat. Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas and Norwegian Encore top this list. On the best Caribbean itineraries, you can hit the beaches, stop to shop, and relish shore-side barbeque lunches.

Temperatures averaging around 25 sounds to be perfect. Smaller ships sail from Miami, San Juan, New York, and continue journeys for 21 to 24 nights. Halting at remote islands and traversing through extraordinary beaches at Antigua, Falmouth, and Barbuda are just a few to name.

The smoky treat of Jamaican Jerk Chicken’ is not a thing to miss. A flavorful recipe cooked with orange juice, dark soy sauce, and brown sugar is worth enjoying several times.

As we have uncovered the best places to visit in November, pick the one that attracts you from the different corners of the globe!

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