It is every foodie’s little happiness to devour varieties of yummy food without spending a big amount of money. Street food has always been popular in any area around the world, not only for its cheaper price but also for its unforgettable taste. Cambodia is revered to have a wide range of street food that varies from snack to food and dessert. Let’s take a look at some popular street foods in Cambodia.

List of 10 Best Street Foods in Cambodia in 2020:

10. Bread Stuffed with Meatballs

Cambodian and meatballs have a very special relationship. Meatballs are often served in many different ways. However, eating meatballs with bread is a great way to cease your hunger, and it can either be eaten as a snack or as a replacement of a meal. The recipe is quite simple, but to get the right taste is not easy. The bread must be cut lengthways but not all the way through so that it could be opened up. Spread sweet butter and stuff slide cucumber, fried meatball, and papaya pickles inside the bread before pouring the fermented soybean sauce and chili sauce on top. The key ingredients that give a special taste to this dish are papaya pickles and fermented soybean sauce, so it is important to go to the stalls that know how to make them deliciously.

Price Range: $1.5 – $3 per loaf

9. Num Roti

Num Roti is influenced by foreign recipes; however, it has become a quite popular snack in Cambodia. Cambodian-styled Roti mostly served with special tropical fruit including sliced banana, corn, jackfruit, and so on, to differentiate the taste from other Roti. You can find this Roti from food carts along the local street, Pub Street, night markets, and many other places.

Price Range: $0.25 – $1 per roll

8. Beef Skewers with Papaya Pickles

This street food dish is normally displayed in either small stalls or mobile food carts. The mouth-watering smell of the beef would lull the passed-by passengers into a deep trance. They are not just any beef skewers, but they are Cambodian-styled beef skewers that have been seasoned with special ingredients following Khmer traditional recipe. The skewers must be eaten along with papaya pickles and optional chili sauce for extra spice. The aroma of the freshly cooked meat, the tenderness of slightly salty beef with the fresh juicy spicy sour papaya pickles would bring a heavenly experience to any food lovers.

Price Range: $0.25 – $0.50 per skewer

7. Steamed Snail with Chili Sauce

Another very popular dish among the locals is streamed snail. The dish is cooked from the local freshwater snail, local herbs with fresh coconut juice, and often served with sweet-sour chili sauce. Imagine the juicy tenderness of snail meat with a rich mixed taste of salty-sweet sour and very spicy chili sauce, it would make the food lovers enjoy every bite and lick their fingers clean. It is a perfect dish to eat while drinking beer for friends and family hangout.

Price Range: $1.5 – $3 per dish

6. Grilled Bananas with Coconut Milk Sauce

Source: Koh Santepheap

Bananas is a frequently used ingredient in Cambodian traditional cuisine, especially in desserts. Grilled bananas are a very quick, simple yet yummy dish. What brings out the extra delicious taste of grilled bananas is the sauce. It is made of a cooked mixture of whole coconut milk, sugar, condensed milk, green spring onions, and a little corn scratch to give a thicker texture to the sauce. The right way to eat this dish is you may either dip the banana slice into the sauce well before plopping into your mouth or pour a generous amount of sauce onto the dish all at once.

Price Range: $0.25 – $0.75 per skewer (4-5bananas)

5. Grilled Organic Chicken

Source: Koh Santepheap

Siem Reap city of Cambodia is known to sell the best grilled organic chicken. If you have been to the temple areas, you would see many stalls that grill chickens arranged in order to serve customers. The chicken is normally served with rice and many types of sauce such as ground green tamarind, chili sauce, raw prohok, and salt pepper and lime dipping sauce. The food are normally wrapped with lotus leaves, which bring a unique aroma to the food as well. Some stalls even serve the customers with another side dish cooked from chicken’s organs which can either be fried chicken’s organs with morning glory or with sliced ginger.

Price Range: $15 – 20$ per chicken

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4. Balut

Balut is known to be the most popular evening snack. This snack refers to a boiled fertilized duck egg which is incubated for a period of 2 and 3 weeks. The locals normally eat balut by cracking the top of the eggshell, slurp the juice and eat directly from it. To give balut a more interesting taste is to add on salt pepper lime sauce with chili garlic pickles and to eat alongside herbs.
Price Range: $0.30 – $0.50 per egg

3. Cambodian’s Local Desserts

Many night snack stalls often serve both balut and night desserts together because after eating a rich salty and spicy taste of balut, the customers may need to refresh their taste buds with the cold and sweet taste of desserts. There are many choices to choose from, ranging from fresh fruit desserts to cooked desserts. These desserts are served with shaved ice, coconut milk, and condensed milk on top.

Price Range: $0.75 – $1.5 per bowl

2. Fried Insects

It might sound creepy to eat insects as a snack; however, it is pretty common for the locals. Spiders, crickets, silkworms, scorpions are the most popular insects for this type of snack. The insects have to be fried and seasoned with salt, sugar, chili and some local herbs to add on more aroma to the dish. Many people including foreigners fall in love with the crispy rich taste and the delicious smell of the fried insects.

Price Range: $0.5 – $1.5 per can

1. Num Banh Chok

If you are looking for the most popular Cambodian traditional food, you must come across Num Banh Chok. Num Banh Chok refers to a dish made from ground fermented rice which is extruded to long white threads that look rather like white noodles. There are many ways to eat Num Banh Chok; however, it is most common to be served with two types of soup. Somlor Kari is Cambodian-styled chicken curry soup with rich salty, spicy, and slightly sour taste.

Another soup to be served with Num Banh Chok is Somlor Proper, which is a traditional cuisine with special Khmer recipes and ingredients. The main ingredients of the soup are a mashed mixture of fish, garlic, and many local herbs and spices and coconut milk. Num Banh Chok must be served along with fresh vegetables such as sliced cucumbers, banana blossom, chopped long green beans, water Lily stems, chili, and many other local green leaves vegetables.

Price Range: $1.25 – $2.5$ per bowl

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