15 Best Travel Agencies in Vietnam

Vietnam has become an increasingly attractive tourist destination in the eyes of tourists because of its unique cultural, people, and culinary beauty. The number of foreign tourists coming to Vietnam is increasing dramatically. Therefore, there are many travel agencies that are established to provide services for foreign tourists. However because there are so many travel agencies, visitors feel quite confused and unable to make up their minds. In order to have the best travel and experience in Vietnam. Choosing a travel agency plays an important role in guiding and assisting you at any time to help you find your own travel agency. Here we would like to introduce the 15 best travel agencies in Vietnam based on annual reports from travel companies (total revenue, number of guests. each year of reception, achievements, awards) as well as customer feedback, and expert reviews.

15. Indochina Cycling Tour

Indochina cycling tour provides a unique travel experience for tourists. Foreign tourists have the opportunity to admire the beauty of Vietnam while riding bicycles. This form of tourism also creates favorable conditions for visitors to gain the best veracious in Vietnam. In addition, the tour guides of the Indochina Cycling Tour are all friendly, experienced, enthusiastic, and dedicated, which will surely bring an unforgettable experience for visitors.

Indochina Cycling Tour not only provides domestic bicycle tours in Vietnam but also combines tours to explore neighboring countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar, expanding the experience of foreign visitors.

Website: https://www.indochinabiketours.com/

14. Mekong Trails

Mekong Trails is led by a passionate and enthusiastic team in the tourism industry. With this passion, they impart their enthusiasm and inspiration to foreign visitors, create unique travel experiences that make foreign tourists love this country more.

Mekong Trails offers a variety of tours throughout the land of Vietnam; From Hanoi, Sapa, to Ho Chi Minh City, Southern Water. The time of the tour is also diverse to suit all the different needs of travelers. In addition, Mekong Trails also provides a bicycle tour service for travelers looking for a special experience.

Website: www.mekongtrails.com

13. Viet Ventures

Viet Journey Travel Co., Ltd, also known as Viet Ventures, has been operating in the field of tourism over 17 years of experience serving French and European travelers.

Because of that experience, the company is able to provide top quality services and meet the diverse needs of foreign visitors.

Website: www.dulichhanhtrinhviet.com

12. Indochina Voyages

With the aim of providing top-quality professional service, Indochina Voyages will surely satisfy every foreign tourist. The staff at the company, especially the guides, are well-trained to bring the top quality of service.

Hotels and restaurants in the tour offered by the company are carefully selected, based on strict standards to bring the best experience for visitors.


11. Adventure Indochina

Adventure Indochina is a professional travel company providing domestic and foreign services. The company provides tours in Vietnam as well as neighboring countries such as Cambodia, Laos. The dynamic and enthusiastic staff are professionally trained to bring the top quality service for you.

With competitive advantage as a long-term relationship between service providers around the country, Adventure Indochina confidently can bring top quality service at affordable prices.


10. Vitours

With 60 years of experience in the travel industry, Vitours is the leading reputation in providing flight tickets, MICE, Free & Easy Tour, and VISA services.

Vitours is an official ticket agent of international airlines: Korean Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Philippines Airlines, Qantas Airways, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, Air Asia, and Vietnamese airlines, such as Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific, VietJet Air.

Website: http://vitours.com.vn/eng/

9. Viet Unique Tours

Established in 2014, formerly known as Kien Viet Travel Co., Ltd. (Viet Unique tours) is one of the leading tour organizing companies in Hanoi (especially in Hanoi Old Quarter).

Viet Unique is constantly improving the quality of services, developing a variety of tourism products as well as promoting advertising – marketing – communicating to customers.

With the slogan “We are unique, you are one”, Viet Unique is committed to bringing visitors new and completely different experiences with traditional tours. Viet Unique has a staff of well-trained, dynamic, youthful, caring dedicated customers, along with experienced guides, enthusiastic, knowledgeable. This company deserves to be one of the best travel agencies in Vietnam today.

Website: http://vietuniquetours.com/

8. Four Seasons Tourist

Four Seasons Tourist was established in 2008 as a company specializing in organizing and operating domestic and international tours as well as other travel services such as air tickets, train tickets, yachts, hotels, restaurants, trusted by customers, agents and partners.

It does not only provide package tours, group tours, short-term and long-term tours but also themed tours such as summer tours, pagoda tours – festivals, games tours, honeymoon tours (especially suitable for Valentine’s Day or wedding season) will promise to bring memorable experiences for the milestones in each person’s life.

Website: https://dulichbonmua.net/english.html

7. Buffalo Tours

This company operates in 11 locations across Asia including Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan, and its sales offices in the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and Russia.

Buffalo Tours takes its roots in Asia to this platform to connect visitors with people and culture in a way that only locals can. Using knowledge of Asia, the company thrives in creating unique and unforgettable experiences for every traveler.

Website: https://www.buffalotours.com/

6. TST tourist

After more than 20 years of establishment and development, TST tourist has affirmed its position as one of the leading travel agencies in Vietnam and has been voted as a European tour company with quality service.

Quality of service is 4-star standard, including Visa, taxes, AIG global insurance, TST tourist guides during the tour. Besides, TST tourist also meets the trend of self-sufficient travel with F&E packages including Visa, Air Tickets, Hotels, to satisfy all tourist requires.

Website: https://tsttourist.com/en/main.html

5. Exotissimo Travel

Exotissimo Travel is the first foreign company to own a tourism license in Vietnam. Owning 14 branches, Exotissimo Travel opens MICE tours (Meetings – Rewards – Workshops – exhibitions) in Indochina countries, Myanmar, Indonesia, Singapore, and China.

The strong commitment to professional service, quick response, and a team of knowledgeable staff have made Exotissimo Travel the best travel agency in Vietnam.

Website: exotissimo.com

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4. Ben Thanh Tourist

If you are looking for the best travel agency in Vietnam, you should not ignore Ben Thanh Tourist. This company specializes in providing a variety of services and products that are popular with customers such as domestic and foreign tours with many beautiful tourist destinations, tours, conferences, seminars, and events.

Ben Thanh Tourist has a large-scale business system, many forms of business, investment capital, providing travelers with good services at affordable prices. Ben Thanh Tourist is gradually asserting its position with prestige and brand over the years.

Owning a team of professional guides, trained from famous universities specializing in tourism and travel, Ben Thanh Tourist also provides comfortable, modern accommodation, dedicated and thoughtful customer service.

Website: https://vietnamvisiting.com/

3. Fiditour

This travel agency has nearly 30 years of experience in the field of travel, more than 1,000 travel routes across 5 continents each year. Coming to Fiditour, visitors will confidently explore and experience new lands from Southeast Asian countries, Europe, Australia, and America, Africa. Fiditour has also built branches in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City, and Can Tho and agent network nationwide.

Coming to the travel service here, you can feel secure about the service because the company also develops in the field of restaurants and hotels. Friendly, professional staff, the Fidi tour is also the unit that has won many prestigious awards in its field.

In particular, Fiditour also has many promotions, super attractive discounts, you should regularly follow up to book a tour.

Website: http://fiditour.vn/

2. Saigon Tourist

Saigon Tourist is a long-standing tourism company trusted by many customers. The website of the company’s tour was voted for the best quality and most prestigious in Vietnam. Over the years, the company has always won multinational awards such as receiving the title of Vietnam Golden Star, the leading travel brand in the region, the top 100 leading enterprises in Vietnam from 2007 to the present.

Established in 1975, the Saigontourist travel service company is now a member of Saigon Tourism Corporation. This is one of the leading travel companies in Vietnam, with specialized and experienced employees.

Saigontourist is the only travel company in Vietnam that efficiently operates most of the services in the field of domestic tourism and abroad. This is also a pioneer company that offers free travel insurance for all visitors.

Customers are completely assured when booking a tour on this website, each tourist address will include itinerary, accommodation and some of the most outstanding destinations, so you can explore, experience nature, culture, new cuisine from that land.

Website: http://saigon-tourist.com/?language=en

1. Viettravel

Being the best travel agency in Vietnam, Vietravel applies many advanced technologies, which makes it easy for customers to book tours. Established in 1995, Viet Travel is a company with a tradition of customer and customer service. Viet Travel has gradually created a firm foothold and pleases even the most demanding travelers from the stage of booking tours and receiving tickets to the thoughtfulness of tour guides.

Featured with a variety of products, flexible and secure payment methods, easy booking with just 3 steps, reasonable price, Vietravel is the place to book quality, reputable tours to make your trip perfect. This is definitely a quality agency for those who need to book tours from domestic to international.

Website: https://www.vietravel.com/en.aspx


Vietnam is a beautiful and interesting country. It is worth you visiting and experiencing. But, this experience is interesting and memorable like what you hear from people said, or exactly what you expect, it depends on whether you choose a travel agency that is suitable for the trip. When you choose a travel agency for your own, you should decide based on not only the reputation and quality of travel agencies but also your preferences and individual needs.

Most of the visitors want to have a comfortable and most enjoyable moment in Vietnam. So, before starting the journey, prepare yourself a travel plan, a full knowledge of Vietnam before come here, consult carefully the travel companies, and the service pack to make the most accurate decisions. I hope all you guys have a memorable and happy trip to Vietnam!

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