20 Best Travel Bloggers on the Web in 2020

With the worldwide sharing of information, more and more people tend to seek advice and recommendations online regarding places that they are traveling to. Some of these travel bloggers provide additional knowledge about a certain destination and even a budget-friendly itinerary, accommodations, and food spots.

Here are the 20 Best Travel Bloggers in 2020:

20. Along Dusty Roads


Andrew and Emily created this blog to shares moments of their travels and adventures. They aim to inspire and help curious adventurers through their mindful narratives, photography, travel advice, and travel guides. The layout of their blog is very inviting and inspirational. The love for traveling for Andrew and Emily started in 2014 where both of them decided to embrace and make most out of their passion which is seeking adventures, traveling the world, and photography. There are also travel resources available on their blog site where you can find articles about travel essentials such as accommodation, budget, packing guides, travel insurance, and travel plans.

19. Legal Nomads


Jodi Ettenberg was a lawyer turned into a travel blogger who mostly writes about culture and food. She is also known for her series “Thrillable Hours” which is about some lawyers that surrender their corporate lives for traveling. Her journey started at Siberia which also led her to create this blog to share and document memoir of her travel in the said country. Rather than returning and continuing her law career, Legal Nomads opened up a new opportunity and path on her life which she openly embraces. Now she can share her love for food and life lessons that she learned along the way. The topics found on her blog include travels, wellness, gluten-free eating, travel tips, travel resources, storytelling courses, and the legal nomad’s shop which contains her blog merchandise such as posters and shirts.

18. Maptia Travel Blog


This travel blog is a collaborative project from a group of writers, travelers, photographers, and conservationists who produce inspiring and intriguing stories. One of the main points that you will notice is that their blog is ad-free and independent. With their goal of connecting and empowering people around to world to see the issues of today and creating a better tomorrow, their volunteers spend hours and hours in the last four years to self-publish Maptia. You can also contribute stories on their website and offer support wherein 100% of the donations they receive will be used on maintaining their ad-free blog.

17. Lost With Purpose


Alex Reynolds decided to quit her desk job in the United States to travel around the world. She mostly lives out of her backpack, enjoys each place she goes to, and sometimes gets lost with purpose. Currently, her trajectory is on unusual destinations such as Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. She always preferred land travels using trains, buses, taxis, horses, rickshaws, boats, and rides from those she meet along the way. She now traveled to 16 countries and still continuing her journey. Aside from the typical travel guides, her blog focuses on more in-depth details such as what women should expect when traveling to this place or the cost of backpacking in this destination.

16. Wandering Earl


From the moment you visit this blog, you will be greeted by a welcome note from Earl and you also see the number of countries that he visited, the place he’s currently in, and the number of days he spends on the road. Earl is a vagrant nomad backpacker who prefers budget travel, blogging, backpacking, and also writes everything in between life too. He is also one of the few travelers who go for remote or places that is less likely traveled to such as Kurdistan. He writes honest and raw stories of his travel experiences and adventures as well as rejects sponsored trips or contents. In addition to that, Earl also offers travel guides and tours in some destinations which include Romania, India, Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, and many more.

15. Be My Travel Muse


Kristin Addis is one of the inspirational solo female travelers of the decade. Not only she shares tips and tricks on solo traveling as a female but she also prefers less famous destinations and takes the rough road ahead rather than the common luxurious adventures. As of now, she has over 20,000 subscribers has been featured on famous publications such as Vogue, Business Insider, BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Daily Mail, Vice, and The Washington Post. She is also one of the underrated travel vloggers on YouTube as well as an incredible photographer. Kristin has been traveling for more than 5 years and been to many places across the world.

14. Bucketlistly Travel Blog


Pete is a photographer, travel filmmaker, a design freelancer, a solo traveler, and a digital nomad. He created and published 40 amazing travel videos and more than 200 articles on travel guides, recommendations, and inspirations. He has been traveling for 7 years and visited more than 60 countries. Aside from being an adventurer and filmmaker, Pete is also an entrepreneur ever since he started the Bucketlistly travel blog, Travelistly blog and business, and The Pete Design. His goal is to visit every country around the world and create award-winning videos in each and every place that he has been to. His travels were also featured on BBC, National Geographic, Vimeo, and Outside.

13. HoneyTrek


Mike and Anne decided to extend their honeymoon in 2012 so they quit their jobs and travel the world. With more than 300,000 followers, their couple goals blog allows them to inspire people and share their journey as it is famously known as The World’s Longest Honeymoon. With eight years and still counting the time that they spend on their honeymoon, their blog and travel achieved much success such as being featured on more than 100 media outlets and being the writers of National Geographic’s first couple book entitled “Ultimate Journeys for Two”.

12. Hey Nadine


Nadine Sykora is a famous YouTuber who also writes about her experiences in her blog as she travels across the world. She visited more than 50 countries and shares her travel videos to more than 400,000 YouTube followers. Her blog includes travel hacks, guides, advice, and tips as well as help and inspiration on your next adventure. She was also a speaker and presenter at the 2016 Women in Travel Summit. Moreover, she is included in the Top 130 most influential digital media and travel bloggers. Nadine has worked with big companies such as Ford, British Airways, Canon, Windows, Google Play, Expedia, Cathay Pacific and many more. Her works were also featured in some of the most popular publishers such as BuzzFeed, Forbes, BBC, CNN, Lonely Planet, The Huffington Post, and USA Today.

11. Anywhere We Roam


Mark and Paul are adventurers that aim to seek hidden gems, tells the story of their travels, enjoy and explore local ways and specialties, and appreciate nature and the world. Both of them are more interested in the political and historical situation of the country as well as its community, culture, people, and lifestyle. Their blog provides in-depth information, collective guides and local insights that will help travelers in deeply understanding and enjoying each country that they travel to. They also won the Uk Blog Awards as the Best UK Travel Blog for 2019.

10. The Blonde Abroad


The Blonde Abroad blog focuses on articles about travel and fashion. Kiersten gives advice and tips for female travelers on their clothing, packing, and comfort on their adventures. On her blog, you will be able to see the countries she visited, guides on different types of trips or travel, packing guides, resources, travel photography, and the all-female tours. She includes in Forbes Top 10 Travel Influencer and her works also feature in some of the well-known publishers such as The New York Times, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, and CNN Travel.

9. I am Aileen


Aileen Adalid is a Filipino traveler, vlogger, and digital nomad whose travel blog is known worldwide. She quit her corporate job in the Philippines at the age of 21 to explore the world and promote sustainable travel lifestyle. Her amazing designs and catching photographs are some of the selling points of her blogs together with the helpful tips and recommendations from her travels and advice on becoming a digital nomad. She also sells some custom gear on Amazon and was featured in some of the popular publishers such as BBC, National Geographic, Cosmopolitan, and Lonely Planet.

8. Expert Vagabond


Considered as one of the most popular travel blogs, Expert Vagabond offers incredible articles and details on many trip destinations around the world. Matthew Karsten shares his amazing adventures and experiences such as hitchhiking America to swimming with the sharks in Fiji. With its entertaining and unique content, Expert Vagabond has become the most famous travel blog on the web. The blog also includes budget travel tips, travel videos and photography, outdoor adventures, life stories, and nomadic living.

7. The Poor Traveler


The Poor Traveler not only discussed the financial aspect of traveling but also some bumps and hits that travelers experiences along the way. With the collection of their poor choices and unfortunate situations, they can provide their followers with a safe guide to further improve their own travel experiences. Their misadventures such as getting out of the budget, scammed, lost, and out of the plan can educate other adventurers to avoid the waste of time and money. This is a great help for newbies, socially awkward, confused, lost, or first-time travelers.

6. Cookiesound Is Traveling


Nisa and Ulli Maier’s blog is one of the most amazing mother-daughter travel blogs on the internet. They share their travel and experiences in the most honest, raw, and occasionally in a sarcastic way. They began with a year-long journey through Africa and continued to different destinations and locations. Since they are both photographers, most of their stories are told through a visual perspective with a clean pop of typography. Their weird blog name originated from their pet parrot named Cookie hence the name Cookiesound.

5. The Travel Episodes


This is by far one of the best-designed travel blogs of the decade. The Travel Episodes took their tales to the next level for not only they provide writings or articles but also sound effects, video clips, and amazing photography. The blog is similar to a futuristic storybook that will transport you to the place that they are telling you about. The companies such as the National Geographic, Malik, Piper, and European Outdoor Film Tour supported the travel Episode blog.

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4. Salt In Our Hair


Hannah and Nick’s blog screams of a couple of travel goals. Their travel photos are romantic, beautiful, and colorful which is sometimes rare to the common look of travel photographs. In addition, the layout of their website is also well-design and the pop of colors is well-mix with appropriate typography which creates an aesthetically pleasing look blog. They offer travel guides, tips, and tricks to every country they visited. Their work also features in GoPro, Business Insider, CNN Travel, UNILAD, Huffpost, and World Nomads.

3. Asiyami Gold


Asiyami Gold’s blog is the perfect combination of stunning photography, travel, and design that creates a beautiful visual storyboard. Aside from her travel and lifestyle blogs, she also sells her presents or editing filters that she used in her photographs which looks like it was taken for a magazine cover. With her minimal designed website, her muted color scheme photographs stand out. The way she tells her travels and inspire her follows is unique compare to others.

2. Jungles in Paris


Jungles in Paris is also one of the futuristic and high-level travel storytelling blogs. Instead of the common travel guides of the country or city this blog talks about topics that are new and unique such as the story about “The Amazon Most Endangered Hunters”. It focuses on the location’s territory which gives a deeper knowledge and understanding of its culture, history, and traditions. They also claim to practice purpose-driven content rather than advocacies. They aim to reconnect the world with nature and living things.

1. Our Wild Abandon


Best friends Jill and Kyla spent years traveling together in a vintage trailer. Through their photographs, they can document and share stories of the places and people that they met along the way. Their layout design matched perfectly and highlights their photographs or stories. With this amazing blog, they are also able to work with big companies such as Google, HTC, STA Travel, Oahu Visitors Bureau, and Nature Valley. They also feature in most of the world’s famous publishers.

These top 20 best travel bloggers will surely inspire you to hop on your next adventure packed with appropriate information and the best possible plan to fully enjoy and consume your stay in your chosen destination. This will guide you and awaken your inner wanderlust that will urge you to go and see the rest of the world.

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