On this, I believe there is no doubt! New York considered by many “the city” par excellence! From many views as the most beautiful in the world … in short, for those who love travel and get excited, at least once in your life you have to go here!

It is a truly wonderful city, everything looks great even when it is not … a thousand places to see: the statue of liberty, the empire state building, the Moma, Chinatown, Broadway from Central Park to the skyscrapers of the famous skyline, from the Brooklyn Bridge to the 9/11 memorial to the new emerging neighborhoods: many other attractions…

The city is divided into 5 neighborhoods, but only one (the Bronx) is located on the continent: Brooklyn and Queens, in fact, occupy the eastern end of Long Island, while Manhattan and Staten Island are two islands of intermediate size. Some call it the “center of the universe“: traveling to New York you will find cultures, languages ?? and cuisines that mix like nowhere else in the world. Starting from the rich history of Ellis Island and the lights of Broadway to end the frenzy of Wall Street, the countless world-famous restaurants and museums, this timeless East Coast city in New York State never really sleeps.

The hub of global media and commerce, New York is moving at a fast pace. Bring out your walking shoes and get ready for an unforgettable experience in the Big Apple.

Here are the 20 Best Budget New York Hotels:

20. Belnord Hotel – Upper West Side, Manhattan

Belnord, NYC

2-star hotel with perhaps a little small rooms (however decent as a base) but with a strategic position and affordable price. It is located in an area full of shops and clubs, ideal for shopping, for going out for dinner in the evening on foot without the constraint of the metro (also very close), and for breakfast in the morning which is not served in the hotel. Highly recommended!

19. Marmara Manhattan Hotel – Upper East Side, Manhattan

Marmara Manhattan Hotel - Upper East Side, Manhattan

An aparthotel with excellent value for money, perfect for a family on vacation in New York. The rooms are actually studios or small spacious apartments, with equipped kitchen, hairdryer, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave. In this way, in addition to the convenience of accommodation, you can save a few dollars by having dinner at the hotel. The metro station is right next to the hotel.

18. Arthouse Hotel – Upper West Side, Manhattan

4-star hotel, beautiful to look at, well-kept rooms and excellent services, (obviously) more expensive than others while maintaining a more than fair price for what is offered. It has an internal restaurant and a rooftop bar on the upper terrace, where you can relax and have a drink immersed in the colors of the city. Perfect location in a quiet residential area and 5 min. from the metro, comfortable and quiet rooms. One of the most beautiful experiences I had, sometimes almost sorry to go out! To try.

17. Aloft Hotel in Harlem neighborhood – Harlem, Manhattan

Aloft Hotel in Harlem is Another very nice hotel where I happened by chance for only 2 nights, just enough to be pleasantly surprised. 4-star hotel, well-kept, and with many services. The price is very good considering the service offered, and the location is very convenient to the metro (4 lines) that connect you in every direction. Large, clean rooms, friendly and helpful staff. Often present offers that make you win at a fantastic price.

16. Hotel Pennsylvania New York-Midtown, Manhattan

The strengths of this hotel are its location and convenience. In the center, including breakfast, at a price of around $ 100. It’s not the best, and you will see it from the reviews, but I can assure you that it continues to be one of the most booked properties ever. If you are only looking for a foothold in the center and you are not pretentious, then consider it as accommodation for your holiday. As the structure is old, the cleanliness is not the best, but the location and the cost make it one of the hotels I see book most often.

15. Harlem Flophouse

For a truly unique stay, which will make you live a journey within the journey, the Harlem Flophouse is the perfect destination. Built-in the late 1800s and soon converted into a hotel, during the 1920s it was the meeting place for jazz musicians, artists, dancers, poets, and lovers of the good life in general. The current owner has fought hard to maintain the original atmosphere …and he has succeeded. The Flophouse has undisputed charm, thanks to its floral wallpapers, wooden fireplaces, and a bohemian decor that continues to attract photo shoots and memorable parties. New York is also this!

13. The Jane

This is Jane, a small hotel with a retro atmosphere that will welcome you to its magical corner between Chelsea and Greenwich Village, a few blocks from the Hudson River. The proximity to the river is not accidental: Jane, in fact, was born at the beginning of the last century as a hotel for sailors, with rooms built precisely on the model of the ship’s cabins. In 1912 Titanic survivors stayed right here, and in later years it became a center of the city’s bohemian culture. Even today, the reasons for falling in love with Jane are different: its splendid hall, for example, or the bar that seems to have come from another era.

12. ACE Hotel

In the center of the center, in that triangle between 5th Avenue and Broadway where everyone feels a bit on top of the world. Large solid wood tables, rooms full of vintage details, many works of art on all walls, even an internal shop that sells useless but very stylish things.

11. Bowery House

Located between Nolita and the Lower East Side, this turn of the century building was reconfigured in The 1940s to accommodate soldiers returning from the war. A few days had to stop, time to regain strength; instead many did not go anymore and turned their “home” into a meeting place for characters of all kinds. Today in this strange museum you can sleep there, have a drink on the rooftop, enjoy candlelit dinners, and much more.

10. Union Hotel

that in an elegant brick building in full Brooklyn style hides not huge but impeccable rooms, essential and tastefully furnished by a local designer who certainly took the job to heart. Prices vary according to the size of the bed!

9. NU Hotel Brooklyn

artfully furnished suites – literally, since everywhere there are works by artists and designers and the spaces themselves look like lofts and creative studios, eco-friendly materials, the bar where you can enjoy giant breakfasts and delicious cocktails, iPad available for guests and… are the hammocks in the rooms.

8. Henry Norman Hotel

If you love the original neighborhoods, outside the tourist and crowded itineraries, Greenpoint is the place for you. Located in the northern part of Brooklyn, attached to Williamsburg (with which it shares the hipster and relaxed style) Greenpoint is an excellent choice in terms of accommodation. If you decide to stay in these parts you cannot miss the Henry Norman Hotel, which will welcome you with its welcoming and well-kept atmosphere made of warm wooden floors, bright suites, vintage armchairs, and drawers, and an adventurous roof terrace with view over Manhattan. Really adorable.

7. Carlton Arms Hotel

If minimalism and essential design are not your things, and you prefer places with an over the top personality, you will certainly find your ideal hotel at the Carlton Arms. This brick stronghold surrounded by busy skyscrapers and avenues has been in existence for more than a hundred years and does not appear to have any intention of leaving the scene. Entering here is like entering a painting, indeed many paintings, given that all its 54 rooms, corridors, bathrooms, stairs, and every corner of the wall available have been painted or decorated by dozens of artists from all over the world.

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We remain in the center, but we move to the NoMad neighborhood (North of Madison Square Park), where Gershwin shows off and plays the card of elegance that winks at the past. If from the name we should guess what his true passion is, just enter any of its splendid rooms to have no more doubts: the music here is at home, and acts as a leading theme in the form of decorations and furnishings, creating a lounge atmosphere.

5. Conrad New York Downtown

Located 500 meters from the World Trade Center, this all-suite hotel boasts an atrium and 2,000 pieces of art on display. Some Stanze has views of the Hudson River. The Atrium Restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine, while the seasonal rooftop bar serves cocktails to enjoy while admiring the view of the Hudson River.

4. LIFE Hotel – Midtown Manhattan

This is the former Herald Square Hotel, recently renovated. Personally tested, even here we have a fantastic location, very close to the Empire State Building and the metro station of the same name, Herald Square. It is a newly renovated and renovated three-star hotel, with modest but large, clean and comfortable rooms, but it has everything you can look for. I know there are also family rooms, the wi-fi is free and excellent reception even in the room. Drinks (tea, coffee) always available for guests. Friendly and helpful staff.

3. Hotel St. James – Times Square area (Manhattan)

2-star hotel in a great location, just one block from Times Square, and close to the subway. My friends were enthusiastic, many attractions in the center can be reached on foot. The rooms are clean and the right size, excellent wi-fi throughout the hotel. Only breakfast is missing, but given the location, it is interesting to think of going to some Starbucks or a local downtown. Note the very nice and helpful staff to give info and help

2. Pod 39 – Murray Hill, Manhattan

Although the rooms are small, this hotel in the center of New York is clean and very good value for money. Some rooms also offer a fantastic view of Manhattan. The wi-fi is free and takes good everywhere, the staff is kind and helpful. Hotel Pod 39 is very close to Grand Central Station and many other attractions can also be easily reached on foot. An excellent base! It does not offer breakfast but has a rooftop bar, a lounge bar, and a restaurant.

1. Nyma, The New York Manhattan Hotel – Midtown, Manhattan

The hotel is in a central position, you can get off and start visiting the city on foot or opt for the metro (the 28th Street stop is a stone’s throw away). The Empire is about 100 meters away and Times Square is only a 15-minute walk away. Breakfast is included in the price and abundant, the rooms are spacious and comfortable. Tea and coffee are offered free of charge to guests at any time and on the roof, there is a rooftop bar where you can have a drink in the city lights before going to sleep.

Sleeping in a hotel in downtown Manhattan is the most convenient solution for getting around and enjoying the city to the fullest. But forget to find a cheap hotel in New York, in the center, perhaps near Times Square, unless for you it means spending $ 200 on a double.

If you are looking for a budget hotel in New York, I recommend you move over Central Park or to one of the neighborhoods just outside of Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Queens.

Long Island City and Astoria (Queens)

The neighborhoods of Long Island City and Astoria in Queens are located 15 minutes from Times Square and have numerous low-cost hotels. The rooms are spacious, often breakfast is included in the price and is well connected with public transport, both day and night. You will also be far from the busy streets of the center, which at night could disturb someone’s sleep.

Upper West Side

The Upper West Side area, that is the area that runs along the west side of Central Park, offers very nice, less expensive, and excellent value for money accommodation. It is a residential and quiet area, also suitable for families.


Moving higher up on the island of Manhattan, the historic African American neighborhood of Harlem, once associated with a degraded area, has been offering the possibility of staying in total safety at lower prices for several years now. The hotels must be said, however, that there are not many.

Williamsburg (Brooklyn)

The same holds true for Long Island City: you are a short distance from all the main attractions, but outside Manhattan and you spend something less. Here there are fewer hotels than in LIC, but the neighborhood is very nice and lively.

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