There are two things that everyone wants – save money and travel places. These money-saving cities or countries will encourage you to hop on the adventure despite your tight budget. Considering the food allowances, transportation, and hotel accommodations here are the top 30 cheap places to enjoy all over the world to spend your holidays this 2020.


30. Mexico

Mexico is not only a country with rich culture but it is also abundant with natural attractions and offers some of the best food and cuisines in the whole world. It’s quite a popular and easy destination to travel to especially with a cheap budget. You will be able to explore at least 5 of Mexico’s stunning underground reservoir of water for less than $20.

Travelers can also enjoy the world-famous Mexican street food which is tacos, tortillas, or quesadillas, for less than $3. Moreover, the country has a lot of white sand beaches and other tourist attractions or places that you can see and enjoy for free.

29. Guatemala

This place is ideal for Central Americans who seek budget adventures and travels. Guatemala is full of beautiful ruins, lush jungles, and volcanos. Local transit and food are inexpensive as well as hostel accommodations that can cost around $10-$15 per night. Tourists can also freely enjoy the beautiful architecture and streets of its colonial cities.

28. Nicaragua

Another budget place to travel for Central Americans. Despite being dubbed as the next Costa Rica, Nicaragua remains to be an entertaining, interesting, and economical place to visit. This place has a lot to offer such as diving, surfing, and volcano hiking and aside from these outdoor activities, tourists can also enjoy strolls in its beautiful cities and beaches.

Food, intercity transit, and hostel accommodations are very affordable however there are certain safety concerns in this country hence it is highly recommended to check their official advisory website before traveling in.

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27. Colombia

Colombia is now becoming a popular destination for it is cheap and vividly pleasing. Despite its dark past, Columbia is a colorful place with magnificent museums and historical sites like the Lost City in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

You can also enjoy the natural wonders of the Amazon and Columbia’s gorgeous beaches where it is known to be one of the best diving sites in the world. Given that it has cheap transportation and food, you can splurge on a luxurious villa to fully experience Columbia at its finest.

26. New Orleans

For travelers who seek to enjoy the nightlife in every city, New Orleans must be on top of their travel list. This is a place to be for cocktail drinkers that just want to relax during holidays and enjoy the drinks and music. Not only that, but New Orleans also offers a wide variety of local cuisines in its restaurants where you can still enjoy the 25 cent martini lunches.

25. Bolivia

For authentic South American adventure, Bolivia is a place to be. This country is known to be ethnically diverse and also famous for its tourists’ sites such as the Death Road bicycle trip and Salt Flats. Tourists can also revel in the local lifestyle and can also greatly save money by doing so.

Some of the restaurants offer meals for less than $2 and you can also take local buses or just walk around which would cost you nothing. Hostel accommodations can range between $8-$12 per night.

24. Laos

Not only in the USA that you can enjoy your holidays in an affordable way but also some countries all over the world. A lot of fun activities are cheap in Laos like an amazing tiger balm massage that you can fully experience for $6, whole day water adventure at Vang Vieng river for $7, and also see some gorgeous waterfalls for only $2.50. Hostel accommodation ranges from $5-$10 per night and tourists can rent motorbikes as cheap as $6 per day.

23. Cambodia

Also one of Asia’s beautiful countries. Cambodia is an affordable travel destination as long as you are well informed and able to draw your best haggling skills since many Tuk Tuk drivers tend to take advantage and charge a lot of tourists.

You can simply enjoy the beautiful sceneries and architecture around some cities and small villages and also try their local street foods and meat skewers. Hostels can cost around $3-$10 per night.

22. Indonesia

Indonesia can be a quite expensive destination but it also is affordable. To stay on budget and not spend a lot, it is recommended to stay in one place or island rather than exploring islands to islands. Indonesia offers a wide array of cheap food, drinks, and activities such as hiking, swimming, and seeing some waterfalls, and enjoying the beach all day long. Accommodations can cost around $5-$10 per night and intercity transportations vary from $8-$15.

21. Vietnam

Vietnam offers some of the world’s most affordable yet healthy foods like cilantro, broth, pork, and soup with rice noodles all for $1.50. Tourists can also rent a motorbike for as low as $8 per day to travel around the area. Same as other Asian countries, hostel accommodation ranges from $5-$10 per night.

20. Northern Thailand

Thailand is sometimes a luxurious place for holidays however, you can still enjoy Northern Thailand even though you have a tight budget. There are lots of dorms or places to stay in Thailand’s famous locations like Pai and Chiang Mai that is under $5. It is also best to enjoy their local street foods and affordable activities such as visiting the White Temple, touring around cities, and even hiking.

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19. The Philippines

One thing is guaranteed when traveling to the Philippines and that is tourist will never go out of ideas or amazing places to travel to. A full experience of the whole Philippine archipelago is expensive as lots of wonderful destinations are often a plane ride away from each other.

however, if you choose one of the many tourist spots you can set on an adventure in an affordable way. It is also best to know where you choose to go and the place’s peak season as most of the hostels tend to increase rates during those times. Aside from that, the Philippines is a gem for adventures and beautiful beaches to go to during holidays.

18. India

This country is probably the cheapest destination to travel to provided that tourists are well equipped with amazing haggling skills. It is highly recommended that you book their activities and accommodation as most of the agents charge extra on tourists. Local guesthouse accommodations may vary from $4-$8 per night.

17. Malaysia

This country is now considered as one of the most economically developed countries in Southeast Asia. There is much fun stuff to see and experience in Malaysia like the Petronas Twin Tower, Batu Caves, Aquaria at KLCC, and theme parks like Sunway Lagoon Theme Park and Legoland. Tourists can also hop on their buses and enjoy city rides as well as experiencing their local markets and foods.

16. Nepal

Traveling through Nepal is very affordable as local options for food, accommodations, and transits can cost only a few dollars. Be aware that local guesthouses are mostly taken over by large hotel companies so it is better to book only the first couple of days online and find a few real local accommodations or guesthouses when you have already arrived.

15. Kyrgyzstan

For tourists who seek adventure around Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan is a cheap place to be. Transportations are mostly by minibusses and local foods are affordable. There are many inexpensive hostels in the country’s main destinations and also local homes offer accommodations in rural areas.

14. Taiwan

Taiwan is a country known for its amazing arrays of street foods. For as low as $2, tourists can enjoy a plate of rice topped with chicken or pork, a bowl of vermicelli with oysters, or a huge deep fry chicken. These foods are extremely cheap and delicious, hence a place to be for travelers who always have a big appetite for local cuisines. Travelers can also enjoy biking around the city where the first 30 minutes is free and only charges 5 cents per hour.

13. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is ideal for budget backpackers and a cheap place to travel to. Though there are some restrictions on activities that cost lots of money, you can still enjoy the beauty of this country affordably.

12. China

There are some provinces in China that are great for budget travel such as Guangxi, Sichuan, and Dali where food and accommodations are ridiculously affordable.

Moreover, main and popular cities such as Shanghai and Beijing can still be cheaply provided that tourists will stick on local street food and transits.

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11. Romania

European countries are sometimes known to be an expensive trip however, there are some countries where tourists can travel for a cheaper price. Romania is a place with stunning medieval villages, castles, and offers free activities that some may not know about.

10. Czech Republic

Prague is the most famous destination in the Czech Republic and is surprisingly still affordable too, This is a place rich in history and culture and also know to have beers cheaper than water. Tourists can enjoy the museums, historical sites, hikes, amazing city architecture, and Czech cuisine for a very inexpensive price.

9. Namibia

This country is home to a few of the world’s most amazing views. This includes the enormous Fish River Canyon, magnificent Sossusvlei, and eerily stunning Deadvlei.

Instead of staying on lodges, which sometimes may cost a lot, it is suggested to go camp where you can surely save your budget on accommodations.

8. Georgia

Georgia is one of Europe’s underrated travel destination for it is magnificent and very cheap. Food and accommodations are at reasonable price ranges. In addition to that, entrance fees for historical sites and museums are not greater than $2.

7. Ukraine

If you want some extra challenging travel destinations, Ukraine is a place to be. Though there are big concerns like minimal reliable transit and language barriers, this country offers a European adventure at a very cheap price.

6. Turkey

Depending on your list of things to do and see, Turkey is a destination that can be considered both expensive and cheap. Without including a hot air balloon ride on the lists, tourists can still hop on the adventure like seeing the Blue Mosque, bazaars, and the white travertines in Pamukkale.

5. South Africa

Accommodations are extremely inexpensive in South Africa especially for travelers with Euro or USD currency. You can also split transits that would only cost you around $9. However, to stay on budget suggest to bring or cook your food or meals for it is expensive to buy food in this country.

4. Greece

To travel Greece on a budget, you have to know the perfect timing where accommodations, tours, and flights are cheaper compared to other months or peak season. Moreover, you can also avoid large crowds and have more appreciation for the beautiful sceneries that the country has to offer.

3. Croatia

This country surrounded by beautiful beaches with turquoise waters and amazing sunsets and sunrises. Transportations, food, and accommodations are all in reasonable price ranges.

There are also other amazing sights and architecture in Croatia including the famous Museum of Broken Relationships. Like Greece, to travel on a budget, tourists must avoid the travel peak season of this country.

2. Poland

Poland has lots of heritage sites, 14 in total. Travelers often overlook this beautiful country filled with a rich history and culture. Heritage sites and museum fees are within affordable price tags and it also has a wider variety of food compared to Poland’s neighboring countries. Hostel accommodations range from $8-$12 per night.

1. Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the Baltic States to consider an underrated travel destination. Tourists often skip spending holidays in this tiny country. You can experience amazing nightlife and party un Vilnius or enjoy a more serene vacation on the Old Town in Klaipeda, Curonian Spit, and Kaunas. Hostel accommodation can cost around $8-$12 per night and transits can vary from $3 to $20 depending on what model of transportation you choose.

There are more places where you affordably spend your holidays. It just a matter of planning things and allotting a specific budget on your expenses. Budget is never a hindrance to your passion to explore the world. So go now and enjoy the life that you deserve because we only live once.

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