We need to make the most of every minute of every day. When we’re on our death bed and taking our last breath, we need to make sure we have no regrets. There are plenty of small yet valuable things we can do before we die, but sometimes we need to balance that with bigger and grander activities to truly make sure that we can go without regrets. Because your time on this earth is precious, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you a ready-made list of 20 crazy things to do before you die.


20. Get that tattoo you’ve always wanted

What’s really holding you back from already getting one? They say tattoos are permanent and that’s already a convincing reason to get one. Whether the tattoo you would get holds meaning or you just got it because it looks good, it will be a reflection of who you were at the time you got it. It’s like a photo album of memories permanently etched on your body.

19. Write a 20,000-word book in 24 hours

You don’t need to think about how well others might receive it. You’re writing this for you. It doesn’t need to be an award winner. You could write a book about whatever your thoughts were as you were writing it and it would still count as writing a book. At the end of the 24 hours, you’ll have a product filled with words that show what you think is important and how you would express those words under pressure.

18. Be homeless for a week

This would also mean finding ways to make money to feed and house yourself. Start with no money at all. It’ll give you a fresh perspective of your status in life and you can put yourself in the shoes of someone who doesn’t have a home to go back to at the end of the day. Don’t just stay in one spot either or focus on just finding ways of getting money. Talk to people who live in that situation every day, see what you can learn from them. At the end of it all, you’ll have a week-long experience that can impact the way you live your life and give you insights you never would have gotten sitting in your comfortable home.

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17. Quit Your Job

Do you like your job? Maybe skip this one. If you don’t like your job then this one is for you. Quit it. Get a new one. Why should you spend hours of your day being somewhere that makes you miserable? Life is short and this is a list of crazy things to do before you die. What’s crazier than financial uncertainty?

16. Start a charity

We’re all going to die so why not make people’s lives better while we’re here. Pick a cause and do what you can. It might not be a lot at the beginning but every little bit counts and nothing is more rewarding than knowing your hard work made someone less fortunate a little happier than they were the previous day.

15. Dive into a sinkhole

There’s nothing more humbling than diving into an impossibly deep body of water and being unable to see the bottom of it. It’s the closest you’ll get to feeling like you’re floating in space. It’s a breathtaking experience that will show you just how mysterious the murky waters of our world could be.

14. Get a map and pick a random country to go to

Grab a world map you have lying around the house or search one up online. If you can set a physical map up on a wall to act as a dartboard then even better. Close your eyes and point at a random country. You now have a new destination to go to! Take the time to come up with an itinerary and book tickets to visit that country. If you can learn the language then even better. Here’s hoping you pick a country that you’ve never thought of visiting.

13. Ride with the bulls

This event is part of the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, Spain where you, as the title implies, run with the bulls. Test your bravery and speed as the bulls chase you up and down the streets of Spain. Not only is it a crazy and heart-pumping experience, but it’s also a great exercise motivator.

12. Walk across your country in only a straight line

Inspired by the Youtube series by GeoWizard, where you walk across the country in a straight line. And by the straight line, we really mean it. If there’s a fence or a house in your path, then there’s no going around it. Only through. It’s a truly unique experience, albeit a little bit strange. You could also take it as a metaphor for not letting anything block your path towards your goal.

11. Go skydiving

This is a standard item on many bucket lists and for good reason as well. Imagine being up high in the sky on a plane, looking down at the scenery below. How wonderful must it be to look at how small the world is with just a change in perspective. It’s also thought-provoking to think you’re part of that small and tiny world down there. The experience itself is nothing to scoff at either. Falling to the earth at breakneck speeds as you can only hope nothing is wrong with your parachute, provides a feeling that can only be explained by being there.

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10. Build a house

You read that right, not buy but build. Learn the different skills you need to design and develop your architectural masterpiece. Gather all the materials needed and find the right people to help you with it. You could interpret this by building a house for yourself (in an area that will allow self-made structures of course) or joining a charity that helps build homes for less fortunate communities.

9. Learn how to fly an airplane

If you’ve jumped from a plane, then your next step could be learning how to fly one. It’s not the most practical skill but it is an impressive skill and definitely a unique conversation starter.

8. Get a college degree

If you’ve already paid your dues and already have a college diploma, then this still applies. Get a different degree. If it’s been a few years since you’ve been in school then it’s likely your interests have changed over the years so it could be worth getting some new skills and certifications. If you aren’t willing to go through being an undergraduate, then maybe getting a master’s degree is the way to go.

7. Visit every city in your country

Why venture too far from your own backyard when you haven’t even seen every square inch of it? Every city has its own story and its own sights. There might be some cities that are too mundane or having nothing for tourists to do, but they’re still part of the country you are from. It will have its own quirks and places of interest, especially to the people living there even if it doesn’t look special. It could be a restaurant that’s popular with the locals or just a house that people rumored to be haunted. It’s worth visiting every city just for the story alone.

6. Make a game out of giving money

If a waiter says hello to you, make their tip double the actual meal. If you see a stranger paying for street food, offer to pay for it. Set up your own rules and be prepared to spend a little more than usual on your day out. It might be a crazy thing to do, but at least you’ll make someone’s day.

5. Become nocturnal for a week

Set some time aside and be up and about when everyone else is sound asleep. Take a walk outside and see your neighborhood in a different light. Go and see what establishments are open and what kind of characters are out and about like you are.

4. Cook something new without looking up a recipe

Take a look at delicious-looking food pictures and see what you like best. Grab what you think are the ingredients and recreate it. It’s a fun and creative exercise that could result in a surprisingly good meal or a lesson to always stick with the recipe.

3. Record yourself for an entire day

Document every move and every activity you do and try to watch it back on another day. Reflect on your habits and productivity and see what you could change or improve upon moving forward.

2. Visit a place in all continents

View the world. Once you visit all the cities in your country, it’s time to expand your horizons and explore the world beyond. A standard bucket list item, but one that has its reasons for sure.

1. Organize your own eulogy

Your bucket list is filled with activities you should do before you die, so why not gather a few friends and pretend you’re already dead to see if your life at the moment is one well-lived. Listen to what your friends or family will say about you once you’ve passed.

Life is full of crazy things to do before you die. While there are a lot that would give you a momentary rush of adrenaline, it’s important to be able to use these experiences to look back and reflect on our life so far. The reason we do these crazy things in the first place is to make sure at the end of our life, we don’t regret a single moment. Choose the things you do every day that you can be sure that when you’re on your last breath, you can confidently say it was a life well-lived.

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