July is the second month of the summer when it’s getting warmer from the outside. All the ice-creams, beaches, and vacations will be the best choices for yourself, family, and friends. However, you don’t want to find yourself in a crowd at some too well-known spots. and It is good Ideas for your upcoming wonderful trips. Here are 10 destinations to visit in July at Below.

List 10 destinations to visit in July:

1. Bali, Indonesia

The summer months are the most favorable time to travel to Bali. Tourists who enjoy workouts could spend hours doing water sports, such as diving, snorkeling, and kayaking at the same time exploring the caves and swimming with marine creatures. Making sure you wear something comfortable and bring your water bottle for a sunny day in Bali. The island is also known as an essential part of Indonesian culture with a lot of temples, including the Pura Tanah Lot, one of the most evocative places in Indonesia. They also have markets, stone carvings village, and traditional festivals. With breath-taking scenery, beautiful beaches, and developed tourism industry, Bali won’t make you regret choosing this island as your summer destination.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

The capital of Denmark will be the next place that you need to consider visiting in July. Are you ready for a small trip around the city through its canals? Or you will be excited cycling around instead? This place will suit you. The climate here is quite a bit unpredictable so you might want to pack clothes that fit both kinds of weather. The harbor Nyhavn, the Rosenborg Castle, and the Tivoli Gardens are the most famous attractions that you should check out. The colors of the buildings, houses, and museums in Copenhagen are warm and vibrant hues, so you should wear dresses, shorts, and colorful outfits to take nice pictures for your summer vacation.

3. Quebec, Canada

Quebec will be the city for you in the summer if you want to immerse yourself in the annual Quebec City Summer Festival, hosted in mid-July with the performances from famous singers and music bands from all over the world. Plus, the weather is warm and humid from June to September. Besides, Quebec has a lot of narrow streets and alleys that buses and cars couldn’t get through, so you need to prepare a pair of sneakers to walk around the city as well. Although French is the common language in Quebec, 40% of the people can speak English as well. Once you’re in Quebec, you should try to walk over the Montmorency falls. They also have a zipline across the waterfall to make the walk even scarier. I’m sure that this moment will be the highlight experience for your journey in Canada.

4. Rocky Mountain National Park, the United States

Having a tour of the National Park in the summer months is an ideal break for your family and friends. At this time of the year, the hiking trails are available. However, you should be there as early as possible, before 8:00 will be the best, breathing in the fresh air and watching out for animals on your way. Although there are restaurants near the park, packing lunch for your loved ones and enjoying it together beside the view of the Fall River Pass might add more fun to your trip. Also, fishing is allowed in the Park if you have a license. There are activities for kids such as the junior ranger program or geocaching; both are very fun while introducing the kids to the Rocky Mountain National Park.

5. Zurich, Switzerland.

The Zurich city might be well-known for its banking and financial system. However, the beauty of the Swiss Alps, lakes, rivers, and hills in the summertime will make you change your thought about this picturesque city. The average temperature of this time is around the 70s, swimming in the lakes, outdoor cafes, and attending festivals are all possible. Swiss chocolate is another piece of Zurich that you couldn’t miss. You can find them in the chocolate shops, try yourself and buy some gifts to bring back home. Here is the number one tip for you to travel to Zurich: Buy a Zurich Pass. The pass will be used for public transportation and a free visit to the museums. Visitors can also rent a bike for free with a valid ID card and a deposit amount at the Bike Stations. What a great idea to explore the city!

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6. Seychelles, Indian Ocean

Traveling to Seychelles, an island located miles east of Africa, you could find yourself diving in the fresh blue ocean, hanging a hammock between the palm trees, or exploring Seychelles’s 115 islands. When you decide to spend your summer vacation on this island in July, you could avoid crowds that usually visit the island in the later months. Although the temperature has dropped down in July, sunscreen will be needed for the whole day in Seychelles.

At this time, they are providing a lot of tours and activities for tourists like horse-riding, water sports, and exploring the islands via submarines. The island is also a romantic spot for a wedding, honeymoon, and or even an anniversary. Most of the local food is grilled seafood, with curry and coconut as 2 important ingredients. Plus, there are all kinds of accommodations for you to choose from, ranging from hotels, resorts, guest houses, to Airbnb, and self-catering houses.

7. Kenya

Experiencing a vacation into nature and wildlife in Kenya will be the memorable summer that you will never forget. July is not a rainy month, so you can enjoy incredible views at the Mahali Mzuri safari in the morning. The visa is required to visit this country, but it’s quite simple and you can do it online to save you some time arriving at the airport. The people there speak both languages: English and Swahili, the native language in Kenya.

There are safari parks located all over the countries, but here are some standouts that I recommend as follows: Masai Mara, Hell’s Gate (a cycling safari), Amboseli (elephants), Lake Nakuru (rhinos), and Lake Naivasha (flamingos and a whole lake ecosystem). Some of the food in Kenya don’t match foreigners’ stomachs so make sure you eat well-cooked foods, drink boiled water, and bring essential medicines for unpredicted situations. Last but not least, tourists, especially single travelers should avoid crowds, isolated roads, and don’t go out at night for your safety.

8. Boston, the United States

If you aren’t excited about water sports or workouts in the summer, Boston could be the place for you. Surrounded by museums, historical memorial attractions, and public libraries, Boston is a city of academic, culture, and history of the U.S. July is the best month to visit Boston because the temperature ranges from 600F to 700F, the trees turn their colors, creating beautiful roads for your pictures.

Purchasing a Boston City Pass for a 50% discount off for about 7 entertainments including the museums, aquarium, and cruises. You could also purchase a hop-on Boston bus tour that brings you to most of Boston’s attractions in a day for $43 per adult. The metro lines will give you full access to every monument around the city. Boston is also known for its clam chowder and lobster rolls so make sure you try this combo in your summer vacation.

9. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is a wonderful island located in southern Thailand, known as a paradise of water activities, local street foods, and Thai culture. You should spend a day in the Koh Phi Phi island, exploring the smaller islands, markets, snorkeling, diving, or feeding fishes. At night, there will be music, dancing, games with cocktails for your chill night on the island. They also have spa treatments and Thai cuisine such as tom yum, som tam here. A party spirit couldn’t miss the Bangla Road in Patong beach. There are pubs located all along 2 sides of the street, the Lady Bears, and Ping Pong Shows. If you want to hire scooters or cars, speak with your hotel first to avoid scamming, follow the rules, and wear a helmet! Remember to purchase a sim card at the airport for data use while you’re on the island.

10. Sydney, Australia

Traveling to Sydney in July will save you a fair amount of money while enjoying the attractions without a crowd surrounding you. It will be the mid-winter in this country when the flights and hotels give out their discounts for tourists. However, the weather in Sydney is quite mild, about 650 °F (180 °C). This will be the best time of the year for a cruise, whale watching tour in Sydney. You can also visit Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Harbour Bridge, the legend Sydney Opera House, and Royal Botanic Garden in July. Like any other place, Sydney has its public transport system’ payment called an Opal, purchase one at the airport, or online are all possible. The good news is free Wi-Fi is available at public attractions and downtown areas that you can go online while having your adventures in Sydney, Australia.

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