Funny Things To Do Before You Die

As the end of the world looms on the horizon, there really is not much time left to ponder on what to do. Unless you’re a superhuman who can breath in space, you’re not gonna make it through the apocalypse. But let’s be real, that’s not happening. And even if you can’t really survive, there are still relatable and earthly experiences that as a human, you can thoroughly feel and enjoy. Below is the list of 20 funny things you can do before you die. It’s not really about what you do, it’s more about what’s unique to you and if you have the balls to pull them off.

20. Join a Karaoke event

If you aren’t really a singer, why not try it out just moments before the world perishes? How about stepping out of your comfort zone for one last time and who knows, it can change your mind later on, only that it’s too late. The key component here is that you’re doing yourself a favor with a new experience rather than your old-schooled routines! Singing can reduce stress, and can therapeutically elevate your mood, and lift your fears. So why not give it a try?

19. Collecting memes on the Internet

We all know that there is a huge number among us who love meming, whether it is good or bad memes. What matters is, they’re fun. What’s greater than facing the end of the world by meming about it? You got it right, it’s time you started collecting more memes and looking at them with the funniest perspective. Laughs bring more joy, and once again, you can really stop caring about the world that is crashing down into oblivion. Facing the ultimate destiny with an optimistic attitude, maybe Satan will spare your life?

18. Wander on the street and tell everyone about your life

This is if only there are many people on the street on the last day. What you are about to create, is a very lengthy biography about your life, what you love, what you often do in your spare time, and what you are about to do when the end is near. It’s not to seek sympathy from other people, but by pretending that you are doing so, you are letting people know about your weaknesses and fear. But it doesn’t matter one bit, you get to see how people react to your life story and it can potentially be very fun to engage with it!

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17. Watch Mr. Bean

Let’s admit it unless you have a stone-cold heart, you love Mr. Bean. The character himself is an icon for millions for a good reason. With a notorious history of not taking things seriously, Mr. Bean sure knows what to deliver and how to make you laugh your heart out. There’s plenty of videos and even movies that feature this guy, so it would be only in your best interest to finally revitalize your nostalgia or see how he handles the worst situations. Maybe that’s the way we should handle the end of the world, too!

16. Go to a shop and offer to buy everything

Obviously you don’t see this coming often, especially if you’re a shop owner. If you’re just a customer, it probably is awkward if you have never done it before in your lifetime. It can be any shop, toy, gun, or appliances. All you need to do is keep a straight face when you make the order. I want everything, can I have them all and it would be great if everything is free? Watch how the shop owner’s reactions unfold. You would think that people won’t really consider what you say seriously since it’s the end of the world. Unless they really think that you would buy up everything in order to survive with some insidious plot, it’s not going to happen, not without the furthest stretch of the imagination.

15. Playing Benny Hill Theme as loudly as possible

The music itself works. In the event that you don’t want to go out and just want to stay with your loved ones, this one definitely works. The tone, the theme, this song has it all. And most importantly, it can make you laugh. A lot of people crack a smile when listening to the song, and not for nothing. If you have never listened to this “song-that-people-don’t-know-what-its-name-is”, then look no further. You shouldn’t waste your opportunity here. It’s time to crank up the volume button, and let your glasses shatter!

14. Mixing Drinks

This is something that we’ve done in our life or have at least seen before. The results of these activities probably will end up with constant rushing to the bathroom especially if you’re hosting a party. Make sure things won’t end up with a mess, because if you don’t know what you are trying to mix, things can go very wrong with your loved ones. But hey, at least it’s a fun thing to try out and hopefully, it’s worth your time.

13. Become a lead dancer in a bar club

This might sound like an ordinary idea on paper, but if you’re a shy type and suddenly go out of your comfort zone into a beastly wild zone to show off your true color, then this solution is also an ideal one. The best way to handle it is just going ahead and do it, with your most erotic dance style possible and people will be really loving it. This can be your most fun or embarrassing experience, though.

12. Call 911 and order hamburgers

This is the day you no longer need to fear for consequences. Even if you end up being arrested, chances are, that wouldn’t matter because you will be freed soon after… by doomsday itself. Under normal conditions, you would be fined on the spot, but on this day, I’m sure the justice system is loose enough to take a laugh for one last time.

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11. Dress up as a prisoner

Prison usually is a place to be feared as most of the things that go on in there are pretty disgusting and brutal. However, today you have a chance to dress up as a prisoner and run after people in the street and watch their reaction. People might pick up on it very quickly, but it is still probably worth your time if you have never had any real experience of being one.

10. Read funny books

As simple as it sounds, but that’s exactly what it is. There are a lot of books out there that can elicit laughs, so why not read one, especially if you’re a book lover? Examples include Go the F*ck to Bed, I can’t Date Jesus, Scoop, Why Not Me, etc. Avoiding all the glamorous panic of the world, you can immerse yourself in your inner world of peace.

9. Be a stand-up comedian

Doesn’t matter if it has to be your own home or a public space, if you have a flair for humor, you can sway the whole world. After all, you’re staying positive even when the worst thing in the world happens to everyone. It’s worth noting that there’s a difference between true humor and poor humor, so suit yourself.

8. Faking mail delivery

A prank that you can do to surprise anyone on your pranking list. And the content of your email really varies from pretending to be a wife, husband or lover of your target, or any advertising firms who promise blowjobs plus candy with a happy ending. There’s a lot of creativity in this idea, so think of anything that you deem reasonable and not going too far.

7. Playing with Google Assistant

Aside from memes on the internet, you can do more. The Internet is very potent, and you can totally play pranks on Google Assistant by asking the most awkward questions ever. For instance, “What can make you happy, Google?”, “Does Google have a boyfriend?”, “Is Mark Zuckerberg really an alien?”, you know the drill.

6. How To Basic

Construct and destroy, that’s the motto of How To Basic. If you aren’t aware, check out the Youtube Channel. It’s full of funny moments, weird seconds, and sometimes even gut-wrenching details. You can totally surprise your family with a How-To Basic trick, but don’t forget, you’ll have to be the one cleaning up after all the carnage you caused.

5. Hacking websites

If you’re a great programmer and has the hacking capability, you totally can DDOS certain famous websites, such as Buzzfeed, Twitter, and Google. You can basically just litter the websites with Communism symbols or Halloween costumes with the undecipherable ancient Egyptian language. And when someone clicks on the page a screamer appears and scares their souls out.

4. Upload videos of yourself to Youtube

You would think that people wouldn’t really care about social media when it’s all the end, but you would be wrong. There are definitely social media addicts that will stick with them until the very end, and in this day and age, things are uploaded to social media every second. There would be people viewing your stuff, and who knows, you’re all in for a good laugh!

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3. Off-season Celebration

This one is more of a classy yet also possibly hilarious to do. Depending on the date of the apocalypse, you plan everything beforehand and then wait to celebrate that party right on the final day. To spice things up, you can celebrate Thanksgiving when it’s in the spring, or Christmas break when it’s summer. This gets more family time and obviously more of the surprise factor.

2. Horror prank

This one doesn’t mean it can’t be funny. Pranking it on your family and neighbors would be your best bet. Simply create a picture of something horrifying, such as The Grudge’s Kayako and hang it in some places that are easily recognizable. Hell, everyone would feel their hearts stopped as soon as they notice her creepy photos staring at them.

1. Love confession

This is the top-tier one because it’s technically the most fun thing to do. We live through hate all of our life, so maybe the end of the world is the day we can finally forgive each other. And how do we make that up for each other? Love. The power of love can nullify the most gruesome of feuds in the past, and nothing more romantic than two have-been haters get together and confess their love. Your crush, former lover, wife, husband, etc all work.

Well, there you have it. There are still tons of other fun things you can do before saying goodbye to everyone and everything and the list is far from being comprehensive, so choose the best ways for you, and together we can enjoy the fun while it lasts.

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