As the world is ending, a lot of normal people would end up doing the things they have been desiring for so long regardless of how unrealistic they might be, because after all, there’s really nothing left to lose. However, one would think that gamers are no different- they should be ready to kiss goodbye to their game collections forever. That is purely a false belief – true gamers live on forever. Death from the end of the world simply won’t deter their life cycle. They simply respawn. If you want to survive any global or even cosmic apocalypse, it’s about the right time that you became a true gamer yourself, try out these 20 games to play before you die.

20. Path of Exile

Upon entering the game, you now can play the role of an exile. By its true meaning, an exile is someone considered an outcast in the Wreaclast society. You now have only one mission: To kill. Whether that be monsters, abominations, demons, interdimensional beings, or fallible Gods, Path of Exile has it all.

You now kill to wreak havoc on the society that has ostracized you due to your own sins in the past. When a real-world apocalypse draws near, you will see a lot of monsters around you – cloaking the form of humans, trying to stumble upon one another for survival. At this point, what’s more, interesting than being an exile of your own, and start your killing spree?

19. Flappy Bird

As silly as it appears, Flappy Bird is no joke of a difficult game, maybe only losing to the likes of Dark Souls. The hypnotic trance of pushing you to get higher scores is what makes this game abominably addicting. Much like the series of ragequitting and even destroying their own phones in certain extreme cases, Flappy Bird players know very well that this game does have some very compelling power.

The gameplay is very simple – to survive. You won’t survive forever- your hands will get tired, your reflexes will get blurred and your eyes will be sore the longer you play. Which way would you choose to go down? Committing suicide (ragequit) or keep your character till the very end (until your body gets worn down)?

18. Heavy Weapon Deluxe

The overarching theme of the game despite being very old-schooled is about shooting down the headquarters of a Communist regime, which has resulted in millions of corpses ever since the notorious World War 2.

What’s more satisfying than firing the whole screen with your bullets and high-tech weapon upgrades through each stage? Watching the enemies explode and rust into oblivion is a fun way to revenge what has inflicted on humanity years ago. Going out with a bang isn’t that big of a deal, is it?

17. Resident Evil

Possessing the most advanced and destructive zombies ever, the RE series promises a thrilling experience with realistic jump scares, good combat sequences, and storyline. You might end up being one of the few who make it through a real-world apocalypse once you have mastered the art of killing these superpowered mutants!

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16. Dark Souls

Known for its “soul-crushing” difficulty, Dark Souls is no slouch and definitely lives up to its infamous name. The game is in fact so ridiculous hard, that you would have to question your own reality sometimes. Is overcoming one of the hardest games ever worth it before you perish? Definitely, but that’s only if you make it through the last level. Best of luck.

15. Pinball

Remember this timeless classic? The game is known for its prevalence during the time of Windows 7 a couple of decades ago. A game that a lot of kids would enjoy playing for several hours straight, especially when there is no internet connection available!

If you have played this game in the past, and want to come back to the complex, the colorful yet ingenious design of the game, feel free to optimize its potent nostalgic value. Old, but definitely not out of time!

14. Pac Man

Another legendary game that pretty much everyone has played, whether it is on phone or browser. Hell, this amazing game can strike the nerves again with the increasing difficulty and unpredictable mechanics of those annoying pesky ghosts running after your tail like there’s no tomorrow.

In fact, when there is no tomorrow, the psychology and enjoyment of being chased permanently until the very end is probably worth your try, either for the fun old times or the fun of being targeted.

13. Roadrash

Higher on the list is this revolutionary yet rebellious game. This game stands out because of its storytelling, characterization of various personas, and evokes the wildest instincts and desires within humans.

Players can feel like themselves when horrific events corner them and force them to become the “bad guys” in order to survive in a chaotic world where there are constant chase and a run-away from police, endless fights with other rogue racers and turbulent deals as the race level increases and the battles get more bloodied. Nothing worthier than living with your true self after all!

12. Mario Kart Wii

Ah, the good old’ Mario that everyone knows. Mario has shown up in countless games with primitive game design for a long time. However, the man himself lives on and brings full of reminiscent values. But that’s the very old version. Wii modernized the game by quite a lot, so definitely worth playing!

11. Call of Duty

It really doesn’t matter which installation you’re playing – the brand name itself should make it very clear how captivating the game itself can become, especially for hardcore fans. It’s usually not that complicated to enjoy your favorite game one last time before everything bites the dust, and it couldn’t be more glorious with a boatload of actions and even group play.

10. Starcraft

Lifelong yet beautiful science fiction of a masterpiece is to be added on the list with a higher ranking. Despite its old appearance, it has a wide variety of installments and requires very active playstyle and hectic gameplay that can easily cut away hours of your awake time!

The fiery battles between different alien races sure are dreams of the human race, to be able to explore alien life between galaxies. Even though the final day is just around the corner, someday this dream can become true.

9. League of Legends

Moving into the top 10 we have this “legendary” game that lives up to its reputation. Known for wide-screen gameplay and control, League of Legends is a soul-bending game once there are tons of clusters on the screen that you won’t be able to see anything at all! But it doesn’t stop the fun, obviously! Featuring arena style, party play, and battles to the death, it will be a huge pity should you miss the game for your lifetime.

8. Half-life

Another undeniable classic that cannot be missed out on doomsday! This game offers excellent game mechanics, playstyle, and storytelling, the meticulous attention to the smallest of details, and brilliant character models. An action genre itself is pretty self-explanatory. Keep playing, and you might have half of your life left to survive the real-life apocalypse!

7. Silent Hill

The enactment of the movie version might not be as convincing, but the game version is chilling, eerie, and creepy at its finest. Granted, the monsters in this game can really give you a run for your money, it can still be a world you hope to run into when the current world is destroyed. Being alone in another dimension, at least you’re not alone.

6. Batman: Return of the Joker

As a character melting hearts of generations, the Joker and Batman depict the opposite ends of personas yet strikingly similar – both have the intent to kill. The Joker laughs a lot, while Batman doesn’t? Will you have the last laugh before you die, like the Joker himself?

5. Grand Theft Auto

Become a masterful robber that takes over cars easily? Something you can never pull off in real life is definitely worth the experience here. After all, being a criminal might help you gain an edge over others, right? It indirectly shows you how to do it – live or die.

4. Summoners War

A relatively new game, yet a strong tower-defense style that is very modern. The grinding level in this game can take years and you would wonder how to get the coolest monsters in existence. The answer is, you don’t need to. The moment you start playing this game is the moment you find out that your soul has been captured, forever.

3. Plants vs Zombies

Similar to the Summoners War, but more original and flavorful. Plants can indeed be powerful creatures against the sturdiest of zombies in an apocalyptic scenery. Not everyone is crazy enough to become Crazy Dave, who would think plants can fend off zombies. But that’s entirely possible, for the cause of survival, you can be crazy in your own ways. Find out with smooth campaign mode, an endless onslaught of the endgame.

2. Star Wars

This colossal brand has been around for a long time, and for a good reason: Both the movies and the games themselves are just too good to be ignored. One of the most popular brands of all time, Star Wars does not disappoint – it’s not just about a journey into space and in-between galaxies. It’s not about the legendary Luke Skywalker. The character adaptations, making, design, plot, and story-wise are almost flawless.

1. World of Warcraft

The possibly finest game to have ever been made is on the top of the list for its reason. A massively successful MMORPG genre, this game is solid when you have your buddies around for the final round in the face of the end of the world. Creative gameplay, stellar design, and cohesively built characters, the game has it all. The most popular MMORPG game for a reason.

Apparently, the list is by no means comprehensive. There is still a multitude of options out there to choose for the final day on Earth, but these 20 options are guaranteed to deliver the best possible sensation for brand-new exposure and unlimited gaming.

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