South Korea is known as the Land of Kimchi because this famous dish is always associated with the lives of people in here, and is widely known throughout the world. But is Korea only famous for kimchi? Of course not, because, Korean cuisine will be known more, not only kimchi but also 30 Korean street foods you should try in 2020 that I will list below for you.

30. Odeng (Fishcake)

This dish is truly a street food in Korea. Surely when you watch Korean movies, you often see scenes where actors eat tasty skewers, right? That’s the Odeng. Whether it’s a mobile sales car or a roadside tent, Koreans are comfortable and willing to eat a lot of fish skewers. They usually keep hot skewers of fish cakes in a seafood broth.

When eating, it’s better to sprinkle a little spicy sauce and enjoy it. With an extremely cheap price, delicious, and attractive flavor, it is not difficult to understand why Odeng fish cake is so popular with Korean people.

29. Somsatang (Cotton candy)

When it comes to cotton candy, you will think of a gift of children, right? But the colorful Somsatang cotton candy and beautiful shapes also make adults fall in love. When walking on the streets of South Korea, you are not too difficult to encounter the mobile candy truck or both adults and children holding large, attractive cotton candy are quite common. Even for young people, especially girls, cotton candy is an effective tool to have a picture that looks so young and lovely.

28. Ice cream waffle

In other countries, you can find this cake, but in Korea, the ice cream waffle is extremely popular. So, why not try to feel the difference in the taste of this cake? You will often see ice cream sandwiches sold at subway stations. So you can enjoy this cake while waiting for the train. The fluffy and soft waffle is sandwiched with cool, colorful ice cream in the middle. It is really a dish that makes sweet tooth love.

One note is that you are not encouraged to eat this cake on the subway. So, try to eat them all before the train arrives.

27. Tteokbokki (Spicy rice cakes)

This snack is really famous in Korean street food and spread to neighboring countries. Tteokbokki is made from rice flour with a soft, smooth flavor, cooked with anchovy broth, chili sauce. The spicy taste of this dish is suitable for you to enjoy on cold days. In particular, people often eat Tteokbokki with fish cakes, sausages, cabbage, boiled quail eggs or noodles. Or, you can eat with rice and seaweed is also good

26. Ojingeo Twigim (Fried squid)

If the West has fast food such as French fries or fried chicken, Korea has similar food, except for processed materials, which is fried squid. Squid will be cut into bite-sized pieces and breaded. This dish is crunchy and chewy. Usually, you will eat this dish with chili sauce or spicy sauce.

25. Hotteok donuts

Hotteok is considered a Korean pancake. The appeal of this dish comes from the taste and appearance of the dish. Hotteok has a golden, crispy crust. When you bite the first piece, you will feel the sweetness of the inside. The sugar inside is sweet and yellow, like honey, which is very addictive for those who love sweets.

Not only children love this cake, but also adults. Hotteok is often sold on mobile vehicles on the streets of Korea. When you come to buy a cake, the seller just starts to fry the cake, so the cake is always kept hot and crispy. Especially in the winter days when it is cold, just going to the road while enjoying a delicious cake is such a valuable experience.

24. Hangwa

Hangwa is the generic term for traditional Korean sweets. It is used in traditional rituals such as Jerye (ancestral rite) and Hollye (Wedding). In Korea, you can easily find these traditional cakes because they are sold at all coffee shops and tea shops. The main ingredients of Hangwa include cereal flour, fruits, roots and sweet ingredients like honey and yeot and some spices like cinnamon and ginger.

23. Bungeoppangs

This is the Korean name for a fish cake similar to Japanese fish cake (Taiyaki). The dough is shaped and molded into a fish shape, filled with red beans inside then filled with flour to cover the red beans. Finally, it was baked to have a nice golden brown color. This dish is popular street food in Korea that is loved by many tourists, especially young people.

22. Gyeranppang (Egg Bread)

Korean street food can not fail to mention egg cakes, this dish is the most delicious when enjoyed and the hottest is on cold winter days. The soft eggshell crust, fat rind eggs, especially with eggs just cooked to the melting of the yolk in the mouth fat, ecstatic.

21. French Fry Covered Corn Dogs

This is essentially a fried breaded sausage outside that is yellow and rolled through a diced potato and fried. This snack looks quite thick with an easy stick and delicious taste, dotted with chutney.

20. Korean fried chicken

Korean fried chicken is a perfect dish loved by many children as well as young people. You can enjoy this crispy fried chicken with beer. Fried chicken with spicy and sweet sticky sauce to eat sweet and fragrant, fleshy and fatty sauce makes anyone enjoy it for the first time. In particular, on cold days, this fried chicken is more popular because you can eat hot at the restaurant or street vendors.

19. Skewered Delights (Chicken Souvlaki Skewers)

This is a traditional Greek dish made from meat and vegetables then skewered together to create extremely attractive and beautiful meat skewers. The meat is cut into chunks, onions are then grilled, after being cooked, the meat has a complex aroma and served with some raw vegetables and a strong sauce.

18. Seoul’s Poop Café

Source: SONY DSC

The cafe is also one of the most popular drinks in the land of kimchi. The cup of coffee is prepared according to its own formula, adding a little milk and sugar can make a cup of sweet coffee. The price of drinks in Korea is also quite affordable for everyone who wants to find a place to sip and chat.

17. Eomuk Tang (Korean skewers grilled fish)

Sausage grilled fish is a very popular snack in Korea, a type of grilled fish made from bottom fish and then skewered into sharp sticks and exposed to boiling water with radish and scallions. This savory snack is popular on cold and winter days. This street food attracts both Koreans and tourists.

16. Korean green bean pancake

It is made from chickpea flour, meat, vegetables, and kimchi. Green bean cakes are also easy to eat and make and sold in many places. The green bean pancakes are cooked in a special frying pan and taste extremely delicious that makes anyone who wants to enjoy them once and for all.

15. Gyeran-bbang (Egg custard)

This egg pancake is sweet and salty Korean street food with all the eggs inside the pancake batter. Baking mixes usually include flour, baking powder, milk, eggs, butter, sugar, salt and vanilla extract. Popular toppings include parsley, cheese, and diced ham.

14. Kimchi

Kimchi – Korean traditional food, is a favorite dish and the most special dish when associated with the name of the country of kimchi. Initially, kimchi was stored and fermented for months in underground jars. Winter weather in Korea is quite harsh and kimchi is one of the only ways for people to get nutrients from vegetables. Kimchi can be eaten raw, cooked soup, roasted with rice, etc.

13. Hweori Gamja (Potato tornado)

The potatoes are cut into extremely thin slices, but the difference of this dish is that the potato slices will not be cut apart, but they will still be together to create a very interesting tornado shape. This dish is found mostly in the night market. And when traveling to Korea, remember to try this fascinating dish.

12. Sundae (Blood sausage)

The most common type of sundae is pig intestines stuffed with cellophane noodles and pig’s blood. This dish is so famous that there is a neighborhood in Seoul with many vendors selling this street food called Sundae Town. Of course, blood sausages have a number of different variations, but the popularity of this dish is so great..

11. Grilled lobster with butter

South Korea is a country with a long sea and an abundance of seafood. The firm and sweet lobster is grilled with garlic butter or cheese to create a dish that is both expensive but also very nutritious. The fat taste of cheese, the sweetness of shrimp meat and the burning scent of garlic also make many tourists here addicted to this dish.

10. Korean baked rice cake

Unlike spicy rice cakes, which are also very popular in Korea, this baked rice cake is also made from the main ingredient of rice flour but instead of being put into a spicy saucepan, it is grilled with BBQ and delicious meat. A little flavor from the marinated BBQ sauce with the elasticity of baked rice cakes also makes many people crave this dish.

9. Grilled scallops with butter

This food can be processed in many ways such as stirring, frying, grilling with vegetables, cooking soup … Grilled scallop with butter has a bit of European cuisine with scallop, butter flavor greasy and fragrant and easy to eat.

8. Longffle

Longffle is a fairly new dish but very popular by young Korean people. Basically, it is like a long waffle with many layers of sweet filling

7. Banana milk

Banana milk is a dessert loved by both locals and tourists. This is a very healthy drink often sold at convenience stores and supermarkets across Korea.

6. Jajangmyeon (Black bean noodles)

Black bean noodles are very popular in Korea, when noodles will be mixed with black sauce, carrots, cucumbers, chopped pork and served with kimchi.

5. Fried sweet potatoes

In Korea, fried sweet potatoes are often served in plastic cups. Fresh sweet potatoes are chopped, then seasoned with deep-fried yellow flour. This dish is better when you enjoy while it is still hot.

4. Ice cream tube

The ice cream tube attracts visitors with unique designs. Instead of eating in waffles, ice cream is molded into 32cm-long crunchy tubes with many flavors like green tea, chocolate, vanilla. When eating, diners just bite down on each piece of crunchy cake melting with ice cream. cold inside.

3. Bulgogi

Bulgogi is a famous Korean grilled beef dish, not only tourists but most Korean people also love this dish. It is often wrapped with lettuce and sesame leaves when eaten. Especially, Bulgogi stalls often sell Japchae.

2. Japchae

Japchae is mixed vermicelli made from vegetables such as cucumber, radish, green bean sprouts, comfrey root Doraji and many other vegetables.

1. Kimbap

This dish looks like the Korean version of sushi. Kimbap is seaweed rice rolls with filling made from eggs, pickled radish, carrots, cucumbers or tuna, and even kimchi. After rolling, this dish is cut into small pieces for easy eating.


Korean cuisine not only revolves around Kimchi but also diverse street foods, right? If you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful country, you can refer to this article Top 30 Korean street foods you should try in 2020 for the best culinary experience!

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