Devotees of food are always attacked by Mexican food. But, how to eat Mexican food without going there? The answer is coming to San Diego. Located between Los Angeles, Tijuana, and Mexico, San Diego is home to a unique California culture and influenced by Mexican cuisine, art, and languages. Therefore, San Diego is famous for its Mexican specialties. Now, I would like to invite you to discover 10 best Mexican food in San Diego

10. Gorditas

Gorditas (means “chubby” in Spanish) is an extremely popular corn tortilla in San Diego that you can’t miss the chance to enjoy. The type of Gorditas is in the shape of a circle or an oval, depending on the favor of the Gorditas’s maker. After that, the cake is baked to make the piece slightly inflated, then add the stuff inside. This stuff is made from vegetables such as potatoes, beans, peppers, and meat on the inside.

Gorditas are commonly used at Dan Diego lunches. This is a cake with a delicious, crunchy taste of the crust with a soft, sweet taste of the inner layer that is extremely attractive, making people who are fastidious about food must be satisfied. Currently, there are many Mexican restaurants in San Diego serving this dish, please enjoy it if you are a true gourmet.

9. Helado de Elote ( Sweet Corn Ice Cream )

Coming to San Diego, you cannot miss this famous food in the city. Sweet corn ice cream is derived from Mexico, with a special flavor that is hard to find it elsewhere. This corn ice cream is the food of choice for diners in the summer. And the more wonderful when you enjoy a plate of sweet corn cream with your friends, your family, right?

With quite simple ingredients, which are corn and fresh cream, the chef can make a lot of delicious fresh ice cream thanks to their competence and talent. The sweetness of corn ice cream is a great experience that could melt all your heart to taste it. Sweet corn ice cream is available in most of the city’s shops or restaurants. Come to San Diego, you absolutely must enjoy it to feel the great taste of corn cream. About the price, you don’t need to worry, because with only $ 3 you can enjoy sweet corn ice cream and feel it melting in your mouth. It would be best if you use this dish on hot summer days.

8. Burrito

Mention to Burrito, you will probably think of traditional Mexican Burrito. That means the stuff inside the burrito will have ingredients such as grilled beef, chicken, rice, corn, and many different vegetables wrapped inside a corn tortilla and then grilled.

However, Burrito in San Diego is much more different from the traditional ones because the inner stuff will be carne asada fries. The ingredients are included: thinly sliced beef, chips, vegetables, cheese, cheddar, and other things depending on the customer’s taste. At first, you will feel it looks like a beef salad wrapped inside Burrito, but when you bite it, it has a unique and wonderful taste that I don’t have any words to express that feeling.

Besides, there are a bunch of different flavors of burritos that restaurants in San Diego suggest for you. Therefore, you definitely have to try this dish to know how it is different from the traditional Burrito.

7. Tostadas

This is one of the dishes favored by many diners because of its diverse taste. You will be surprised to know the ingredients to make a stunning Tostadas. It is the use of old, no longer soft corn tortillas. These ones will be fried and then sandwiched with diced pork, beef, chicken, or combined with fresh cheese, onions, lettuce, cream, and butter. All creat into a unique dish that cannot be enjoyed.

Enjoy a piece of tostadas, you will feel the full flavor of Mexico. You cannot find such flavors in the world. This dish is sold in restaurants or bars in the city of San Diego. If you have the opportunity to come here, you should not miss this great dish.

6. Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles is a dish not only familiar to Mexican people but also a citizen in this city as well. It is still cornmeal crust but the inner stuff is quite plentiful and varied. The corn tortillas, after being baked in the oven to a deep yellow, they are cut into thin and small slices, along with tomato sauce, red pepper, meat, herbs, tubers, etc. This dish is often served with chopped cheese, onions, and sour cream.

Most diners who enjoy this Chilaquiles feel the sensation, from flavors to colors. For those who love spicy food, this will be the dish that can make them feel excited and want to eat the most when traveling to San Diego. So, don’t miss the chance to try this unique Chilaquiles when you get there.

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5. Tamales

Another traditional Mexican dish that I have to tell you because it’s extremely popular in this city, Tamales seems to have won the hearts of diners thanks to its unique taste. Tamales are made from cornmeal, fat, meat, fish and various vegetables. All will be mixed well and wrapped in a layer of banana leaves or corn. They can be steamed or boiled, as long as you like.

You can eat this dish along with a typical Mexican dipping sauce. It is a recommendation for you to eat Tamales when it is hot. Only that way, you can feel the intensely attractive and typical flavor of it. If you have the opportunity to go to San Diego, please, try this dish right away.

4. Sopes

Another famous dish in San Diego that I would recommend is Sopes. This dish is also made from cornmeal and has many different flavors and recipes for you to explore and choose. Sopes usually have a diameter of about 3 cm to 4 cm. It is common that the inner stuff of Sopes is made from beans, cheese, onions.

Once the stuff is mixed into the flour, these Sopes will be baked on embers. To create a unique flavor, you can eat Sopes with herbs and salsa sauce. This dish is often used in San Diego meals as an appetizer. Sopes is a special dish that is loved by people from all over the world.

3. Enchiladas

Enchiladas is one of the main meals of the people living in San Diego. This dish is extremely special because the ingredients are made from corn husks, clamped, and served with spicy sauce. The stuff of this special Enchiladas is made from different types, depending on the taste of each person to choose different ingredients.

However, the meat used to make this cake is mainly pork, chicken, beef. All ingredients will be carefully seasoned and skillfully processed to create a particular flavor. Enchiladas will be baked directly on the stove and covered with a layer of spicy sauce from chili to increase its appeal. Therefore, enchiladas are always one of the most delicious and attractive foods in San Diego city.

2. Quesadillas

With quite basic ingredients, but quesadillas is a dish that makes many guests be ecstatic with its taste. This dish is on the top of the most delicious dishes that customers choose. Regardless of countries or regions, it is easy to understand why people love Quesadillas because of its deliciousness and attractiveness.

Quesadillas has many ways of cooking based on the taste of each person. Normally, you can clip cheese with corn tortillas and then grill it on the stove, and finally, you have a great dish. For customers who like the specialty and creativity, they can add pork, beef, chicken, and little beans, vegetables, then grill or fry them. Just that, you have an attractive dish with hot and aromatic of quesadillas.

Coming to San Diego, it is a pity if you do not enjoy this wonderful dish. This dish is often found from along the road to the restaurants that serve them. If you enjoy this dish with relatives and friends, there is nothing greater, right?

1. Tacos

It’s would be a big omission if I forget Tacos- a dish that contains the national spirit and peculiarity of Mexico. It is loved by many diners because of the unique flavor that you can hardly find anywhere. Tacos are not only eye-catching but also has the combination of sour, spicy, salty, sweet, crunchy in the dish that gives diners a feeling of novelty and familiarity.

There are two types of tacos, softshells and hard shells, each with different special flavors. This dish is usually made mainly of corn to give a crunchy crust outside, blended with a multitude of different inner ingredients. Depending on your taste and favor, you can choose cooked tacos filled with cooked beef, chicken, pork or fish. Tacos are often served with onions and coriander.


Above is all the 10 best Mexican food in San Diego. Overall, this city is a Mexican culinary paradise that you should come, enjoy, and experience. What could be better than enjoying dishes that are the combination of Mexican and San Diego’s peculiarity? You will not regret your life if you taste the Mexican suggested in my article.

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