Have you ever thought of going to England? If your straightforward answer to this question is no, you probably don’t know what this country is known for. It is a country that will wow you with its amazing architecture, beaches, beautiful countryside and history. In terms of visitors, England is one of the most blessed countries not only in Europe but in the world. Every other year millions of visitors flock to England to witness its amazing beauty. If you are not sure why you’d consider going to England, this post is gonna tell you many reasons to visit England. Here we are going to have a look at some of the things that will wow you when you come to England.

Here are 15 reasons why you should visit England :

15. England People are Awesome

One of the things that make England a nice destination to visit is its people. There is nothing beautiful than going to a destination where you are welcomed with warm smiles. As you stroll around the towns, you will feel as if you are in your home towns since the people here will treat you nicely. More so, the English people are famous for their sense of humor and ridiculous politeness and this will wow you. Frankly speaking, England is a melting pot of various cultures, beliefs, and classes.

14. Go to Notting Hill Carnival and Dance the Whole Weekend

The Notting Hill Carnival has been happening since 1966 and it’s currently the leading street party held in Europe every other year. The party takes place at the streets close to west London amid the August Bank Holiday Weekends. It normally runs for only two days and it features fantastic live music, colorful parade, soca floats, steel bands, static sound systems, and all sorts of delicacies. The London Caribbean communities make the celebration so lively that you’d never forgive yourself if you skip it while on your tour in England.

13. English Pubs are Fantastic

Aubrey Drake Graham, a Canadian philosopher once said “you can’t drink the whole day unless if you begin in the morning” This sentiment seems to have been taken very seriously by English people. Once you come to England you will discover that most of the pubs are fully opened as early as 7:00 A.M while others never shut their doors. That means you can get a place to go and relax as you enjoy your favorite drink any time of the day; May it be night or daytime. The pubs here are meant to mean more than just a place get drunk. You can go and chat with friends, make new friends, listen to your favorite music, etc. Each pub has its unique personality and appeals to suit your needs.

12. Enjoy English Tea

You will not offend anybody if you say that tea forms an integral part of the English culture. The economy, politics as well as social ranking systems are all in one way or the other impacted by tea. The English people are known to be in love with their tea to the extent that they introduced a small meal in its name. If you also love tea, then England is the place to be. It doesn’t matter where you go so long as you are England, you’ll find ready tea.

11. The Lake District

If you are among the many individuals who appreciate the beauty of nature, then you need to witness the Lake District. This is a national park situated to the North West of England and it defines rugged beauty. Craggy hilltops, as well as gorgeous mountains surrounding glistening lakes, create a dramatic romance that will sweep your mind away. You simply need to put on walking boots and explore all this fascinating beauty.

10. Watch Premier League

You don’t need to be a diehard football fan to have heard of English Premier League (EPL). It is the biggest league not only in Europe but also in the world at large. There are fans in every corner of the globe that can’t spend even a day without referring to the EPL. If you happen to be such a fan, then you need to visit England and witness some of the world’s biggest football rivals playing their game live. How would you feel cheering your favorite team as you watch live? What about seeing the greatest names you’ve been seeing on TV? And of course, don’t forget you will have the chance to interact with other football fans like you and hence making new friendships.

9. Stonehenge

These are some of the world’s most fascinating prehistoric monuments ever witnessed. The iconic stones are known all over the world and their fascinating appearance and setting will marvel you. The stones date back to approximately 2500 BC and are one of a kind that you should witness whenever you come to England. It is very rewarding to visit these stones and learn about their history. Everything here will marvel. You’d better bring a camera if you love photos and capture the moments.

8. Walk in the Most Famous Cities

Regardless of the part of the globe, you come from, you must have heard of the most famous cities in England. Unless if you are ignorant, you’ve heard of popular cities like Manchester, London, Bath, Oxford and many other cities which you should visit in England. London is the biggest city and has something for every individual so you can come here with your family and friends and have fun. Oxford is famous for its top-class English University, Oxford University. In Bath, you will appreciate the natural hot SPA.

7. Explore the Gardens

Another thing England explores the gardens. There are both large and small scale gardens where you can go to and appreciate the amazing beauty. Here you will have a chance to witness some of the world’s most impressive flower gardens. They are always open daily and that means you can visit any time you feel like. The history of these gardens will make you want to know more about it. Some of them date back to 250 years ago.

6. Jurassic Coast

You will fall in love with the world’s most fascinating shorelines when you come to England. One word for Jurassic Coastline is breathtaking. In the Jurassic coast, you will appreciate the beauty huge rocks that are believed to have been formed approximately, 185 million years ago. This area has been referred to as a fossil region and you need to spare some time and come here. Also, you’ll find gorgeous beaches and several little towns. Generally, England is made of amazing shorelines. Talk of West Sussex, Isle of Wright, Cumbria, and anywhere in between will take your breath away.

5. York’s Historical Centre

Quant York is the home to the huge cathedral, ancient city walls, ruined Norman keep, and a castle. For maximum fun here, consider heading to The Shambles which is a narrow street found at the heart of York historical quarter. It is a very old but well-preserved street which has been around for very many years. It has been mentioned a book, the Doomsday Book published 1086. You need to witness it.

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4. Historic Bodleian Library

Would you mind a chance to go to the world’s most reputable library that has sharped famous minds? If yes then you should consider going to the Historic Bodleian Library found at Oxford University in Oxford city. The university has produced some of the world’s popular individuals such as Wendy Cope, Lewis Caroll, Stephen Hawking, Nigella Lawson, and many others including the British Prime Minister. You can come here and witness what the university does to distinguish itself from others.

3. Watch Sunset at Primrose Hill

Primrose hill situated in London will give you a gorgeous view of the city’s skyline and also the edges of London Zoo in Reagent’s park. You can get to Regent Park through the Regent’s Canal, climb the hill in picnic mode and stay ready to watch the sunset over the skyscrapers in the city.

2. Holkham Beach

Yet another reason why you should consider going to England is to explore Holkham Beach situated in Norfolk. The stretch of sand here is second to none and the view of the sea and sky will definitely wow you. Take a walk at the beach and appreciate the beautiful views around. Capture fantastic photos here to preserve the memories.

1. Easter Celebration in the UK, England

Easter Celebration in the UK happens amid spring and is meant to remember/celebrate the rebirth of Jesus Christ. The celebration occurs at a different time yearly and is one of a kind compared to other parts of the world. Normally, it is done on the first Sunday preceding the full moon amid spring and this means it can take place any day between March 22nd and 25th April. Easter weeks begins with a Palm Sunday where Christians move around carrying palm branches and use them to decorate churches. If you happen to come here amid such movements you will appreciate eating Easter eggs. There are very many activities that keep the celebration lively and you should witness this.


England is one of the most popular tourist destinations that should be on your to-visit list. When you come to England you will realize that even a month’s visit isn’t enough to fully explore all that the country has to offer. You’d better allocate enough time for maximum fun or else way you’d end up missing some of the most fantastic spots.

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