Bangkok is known to be Thailand’s capital. One of the reasons why this place is popular around travelers is because of their food. Trying the Thai street foods in this place can make your stay a little adventurous. Thai vendors provide cheap, delicious, and convenient meals that can also help you to be closer to their culture.

The city fills with busy areas where local markets, traditional stalls or carts are located. Mostly, you can see tables splattered out onto the streets where people were swarming around to try different street foods. It may be intimidating to you if you are a first-timer in the city but this experience will surely be for the books because the food that is waiting for you can’t be tried in other places or your usual restaurants.

To convince you a little more, here are 30 lists of the most popular street foods dishes in the city that you shouldn’t miss:

30. Mango Sticky Rice (Khao Niao Mamuang)

Mangoes in Bangkok are different from the usual mangoes that we’ve tried and bought in our local supermarket. They are more sweet and natural for this is known to be the king of fruits in the country. This dish is made out of glutinous rice topped with fresh mango and it comes with coconut milk on the side.

29. Pandan Cake (Kanom Krok Bai Toey)

Pandan leaf is a tropical plant that is known for its natural fragrance and is usually used for flavoring in Asian cuisines. If you haven’t heard of this before, it is a must for you to have a taste of this snack. This cake is a mixture of flour, coconut sugar, salt and pandan leaves. The attraction of this because of its aroma will surely make your mouth water.

28. Thai Candy Floss ( Roti Sai Mai )

This tiny sweet Thai candy floss is made out of spun sugar. The colors of this bread vary to the flavor that is particularly used. It is wrapped around a thin flatbread that is made out of flour and eggs.

27. Crispy Pancake ( Kanom Bueang )

This delicacy is made out of rice flour and is filled with coconut flesh, egg yolks, and chopped green onions or spring onions. The Thai crepes are usually bite-sized that you can easily pop in your mouth.

26. Pomegranate Juice ( Nam TubTim )

Pomegranate is the fruit that is red-purple color and contains a lot of health benefits. It s rich in Vitamin C and fiber. This juice is quite famous amongst the stalls in the streets around the city.

25. Thai Milk Tea or Cha Yen

This milk tea is already famous in Asian countries. The vendors create their own versions of it but nothing beats the original. This drink is served and sold all over the country. It is made our of black tea, evaporated on and condensed milk. You can usually request for add ons like black pearls or nata de coco. It is definitely a must-try.

24. Coconut Ice Cream (ITim Kati )

This dessert is pretty much cheap in the city because there are a lot of coconut trees growing in the country. It is most commonly served in the coconut shell topped with peanuts and beans.

23. Fried/ Rolled Ice Cream ( ITim Pad)

It is pretty popular because of how it is served. It has a modern and unique way of preparing that’s why passersby are amazed and easily attracted to the dessert. The mixture will be hardened on a metal ice plate and rolled before putting it in a cup.

22. Banana Egg Prata ( Roti Kai )

You cannot help but follow the fragrance of this dessert. It is cooked right on the spot so it will make your stomach churn while waiting. This is made out of Prata and topped with chopped bananas and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

21. Red Ruby ( Tub Tim Grob )

This delicacy is basically chestnuts dyed in red and served in a coconut milk broth.

20. Kanom Pang Ping

It is a simple snack that is found on the street stalls. It is an ordinary toasted bread spread with jams and milk.

19. Oyster Omelet ( Hoi Nang Rom Tod )

This dish is pancake-like with oysters that are dipped in flour and egg. They are deep-fried in oil until they become brown and crispy.

18. Deep-Fried Bugs ( Ma Laeng Tod )

Since you are forced to explore, the travel will not be complete without trying that particular extraordinary dish in the city. You can choose from various deep-fried edible bugs on the cart like worms and crickets.

17. Grilled Prawns ( Goong Yang )

These fresh prawns are grilled over charcoal. The price of seafood varies from their sizes.

16. Raw Oysters ( Hoi Nang Rom Song Kreung)

Bangkok is quite strict with the safety of this particular dish because it is served raw. If you’re adventurous and a risk-taker, you should definitely give this dish a try.

15. Grilled Pork Steak ( Moo Ping )

This steak is flat and marinated in fish sauce, garlic and sugar. They are grilled over charcoal and basted with sweet sauce.

14. Boat Noodles ( Kuay Teow Reua )

Locals tend to order a lot of these at a time and you can’t help but be interested in how it tastes. It is usually made out of rice or egg noodles topped with pork or beef.

13. Chicken Noodle Soup ( Khao Soi )

This soup is served with crispy noodles, chicken, and side dishes in a delicious curry broth. Since it is in demand especially by the locals, you should plan your trip to a particular stall earlier so you won’t miss out.

12. Rice Noodle Soup ( Kway Jab Nam Sai )

This dish is typically served with pig entrails or organs and meat. The kway is soaked in the soup with a rich rice noodle taste. You will definitely look for it at every restaurant menu because of how exquisite it tastes.

11. Crab Bihon ( Poo Aob Woonsen )

The seafood is soaked and mixed in strong flavors. It is served with glass noodles. The crab is seasoned with herbs and spices.

10. Dried Fish Maw Soup ( Krapo Pla )

Traditionally, this soup is just a dried fish belly with shredded chicken in a broth.

9. Pork Trotters Rice ( Khao Ka Moo )


It is not as famous as pad thai or tom yum goong, but this dish is definitely mouth-watering. They are sold in carts and served in the countryside, White rice top with gravy and pork.

8. Duck Rice ( Khao Na Bet )

The broth used in this dish comes from the boiled bones of the duck. The meat flavor with spices, soy sauce, and ginger.

7. Wanton Mee ( Ba Mee )

The yellow noodles used in this food are thin which makes it a lot better. It comes with crab meat, fats, and thick sauce.

6. Bird’s Nest Soup ( Rang Nok )

This food is cheaper in the country because Thailand is a famous place for Bird’s Nest. It is a soup with a whole cook egg and honey.

5. Thai Pork Porridge ( Jok Moo )

This is what we usually crave for during cold weather or whenever we are not feeling well. However, this Thai pork porridge sells on the street. You can also have this after your morning walk or exercise.

4. Chicken Rice ( Khao Man Gai )

The stalls that are selling Khao man gai are open at night so this dish for dinner, Serve with rice and chicken. The amount of sauce that you want to put on the food depends on you.

3. Thai Barbeque ( Moo Kata )

The equipment used in this dish is a steamboat with a grill at the top. The meat place above causing the natural fats to flow down the soup. The broth used in the dish is usually chicken broth for rich flavor.

2. Stir-fried Noodles ( Pad Thai )

This is probably the most popular among the Thai dishes around Asian countries. Pad thai comes with rice noodles, tofu, eggs, and sometimes prawns.

1. Thai Seafood Soup ( Tom Yum Goong )

This dish is also already famous even outside Thailand. The soup is spicy and sour. The ingredients are mostly herbs like lemongrass and lime leaves that makes it essential.


Above all, we travel not to escape our own country but to see the beauty outside of it. It is finding peace and happiness on a long journey. We also wander around to open our hearts and minds. And We want to collect and fill our lives with different stories from different places. Also, We want to meet people that can possibly inspire us and change the way we look at life.

The sole reason for this list isn’t just about to appease your hunger. It is also about learning Thai culture, tradition, and etiquette. In traveling, we tend to focus more on photographs, tourist spots, and delicious food. We should also remember the real purpose of every journey that we take; it is meeting new people, understanding their lifestyle, and accepting their beliefs.

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