Are you looking forward to going to Bali? Is traveling to Bali one of your dreams? f you answered yes to any of these questions, this is your article! Bali is almost the most popular destination in the world due to its magnificent views, exoticism, idyllic beaches… it is worldwide known and called as the “Island of Gods” so if you are looking forward to visiting this amazing island set in Indonesia… keep reading! Today we will be talking about the 10 best things and activities to do in Bali!

1. Start Muck Diving in Padang Bai

If you are into adventurous activities and you love the ocean… this is the one for you! Padang Bai is known for the multiple diving activities plenty of tourists and even locals do every day. Due to its complexity, there is a total amount of seven different dive sites where you can start diving after a really quick and beautiful boat trip from the shore. Furthermore, it does not matter whether you are an expert or an amateur… there will always be people helping you! This area is famous because of its wide range of marine creatures like pygmy seahorses and if you are lucky and cautious you will have the chance of seeing big sharks!

2. Spend your time in Sidemen

If you’d rather be in places less crowded and less touristic to enjoy nature and find peace surrounded by incredible scenery, Sidemen must be in your itinerary! It is located along green rice paddies, in an unbelievable green valley… perfect for those tourists looking for some silence and peace. You can do some trekking and go walking to the magnificent waterfalls and amazing green points and spend some time leaving all your problems behind and only focusing on the majesty of this unique scenery… you will not believe it when you see it!

3. Marvel at Tanah Lot Temple

This is one of the most popular attractions in Bali: the Tanah Lot Temple. It is a Hindu temple located at the top of a large and complex rock formation… it is truly something amazing! In fact, throughout the time, the sea’s strength has separated this rock from the actual mainland. At high tide, you will only be able to see the Hindu temple surrounded by the ocean creating some of the most amazing sights in the world.

Furthermore, many tourists come here to enjoy the views, the sunsets, and of course, take incredible pictures. However, due to its popularity among travelers, it is essential that you arrive early so you can find your perfect spot! And if you are lucky enough to be there when the tide is low, you will be able to walk across the sand to finally get into the temple and visit… not everyone can do that!

4. Experience bathing in the Sacred Waters of Tirta Empul

After a long and tiring day, relaxing in Tirta Empul can be your best option. It is also pretty common among tourists due to the famous movie “Eat, Pray, Love”, which used this location to film some scenes and since then, its popularity has experienced an exponential increase! It can be found on the outskirts of Ubud and contains many pools and fountains just to make you feel like a real king or queen.

In fact, they say the water is sacred and many Hindus actually spend here a lot of time bathing, However, if you don’t want to get into the water, it doesn’t matter, you can also walk around the stunning gardens and enjoy the architecture and statues!

5. Tour the Balinese Chocolate Factory

This may seem a little odd but Indonesia is actually one of the best cocoa producers in the whole world! So, why wouldn’t you come to taste some of its chocolate? You can visit and tour Pod Chocolate Factory and taste some of the best flavors in the world by touring it. In fact, on this tour you will find out how the cocoa is made and harvested and how locals make chocolate because it is not as easy as eating it! Apart from the tour, it also counts with a shop where you can purchase some souvenirs and Indonesian chocolate so you never forget this trip!

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6. Discover the Nightlife in Kuta

We know Bali is well-known for its amazing beaches and sights but… what about the nightlife? If you are looking forward to partying with your friends after a long day discovering one of the most beautiful places in Bali, Jalan Legian, located in Kuta is where you should definitely go!

This area is completely different from some of the most popular places in Bali due to the fact that this area is very popular among locals and tourists who tend to come here to the party.

The nightlife here is amazing because there are plenty of night clubs, music events but also nice and peaceful cafés. However, you must know that the party here does not end until the early morning but… do not worry! There are plenty of eateries so you can have breakfast if you and your friends get hungry after a long partying night!

7. Spend your Day on the Menjangan Island

This stunning island is located in the northwest part of it and you must keep in mind that it takes a few hours to get there. Although, it is totally worth it to visit the Menjangan National Marine Parl due to the fact that its stunning scenery will leave you at a loss for words!

At Menjangan Island, you can enjoy the spectacular views while trekking and discovering its secrets, but you can also come here to do some diving and see some of the most beautiful and exotic underwater species in the world! Among them, many tourists claim to have seen many coral reefs and exotic fish, but… what if I told you there is also a chance of seeing turtles, colorful octopus, crabs, rays…! Its marine wildlife will surprise in ways you would never believe!

8. Safari at Bali Marine and Safari Park

If you ever want to see different animal species but you scare to do it… this is your chance! This safari includes seeing incredible fauna and flora in Indonesia with a total amount of 60 different species of animals! How amazing is this? Furthermore, it has been tested many times to ensure the traveler’s safety so no one gets hurt so you will not need to worry about this, just enjoy the experience!

You will also be able to see dance and musical events throughout the day if you get tired but… do not worry if this happens! In fact, this Balinese Safari Park offers an option to stay there overnight. This way the chance of seeing more animals and shows is even higher due to the fact that if you get lucky you will be able to see some animals like giraffes or elephants through the window of your hotel room!

9. Visit and tour the Bali Provincial State Museum

This amazing museum claims to be the oldest one in Bali and counts with more than 10,000 items on display! If are looking forward to knowing a little bit more about their culture and history, you should definitely visit it! It follows a traditional style based on beautiful and different Balinese architecture.

Discover the truth about Bali and its history thanks to the astonishing artifacts, pieces of art and even weaponry included in their museum. There are also many galleries full of ceramics like stones with ancient and historical inscriptions, bronze pieces and tools, incredible statues… Furthermore, apart from all of these artifacts, the northern pavilion looks like an actual Tabanan palace, where you can learn how they make textiles and masks for their ceremonies.

10. Taste the Babi Guling

After doing all of these activities you will be extremely hungry and… what is better than eating the actual most famous food in Bali? Babi Guling is a mix of suckling pig that has been spit-roasted over coals.

This is popular not only among tourists but among locals, too! The dish rub in local herbs (which are also really famous) and then roasted over many hours. This dish is available at a wide range of different all over Bali but of course, each one has a different technique!

That is why it would be really hard to find the perfect restaurant for you but, here we will show you one of them which has been rated as extremely good due to its experience: Babi Guling Pak Malen, located on Sunset Road near Kuta. You should not miss this if you really want to live the full Balinese experience!


All in all, today we have been talking about the 10 best things and activities you can do in Bali in order to help you plan the best trip ever! You can do many things on this Indonesian island, but if you finally do some of the mentioned above, you will enjoy it even more and it will become a trip you will never forget. Are you ready to immerse yourself into the Balinese culture? What are you waiting for? Plan your trip and live the best experience of your life, Bali is everything you need!

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