The Scottish capital is not calling the Athens of the North for no reason this is because Edinburgh offers so much to tourists who want to explore and get to know more about the culture. What Edinburgh truly boasts is the fact that it can offer people a good balance of allowing them to explore nature by going on different adventures and visiting different structures that will give them a sense of what it is like to live in this city and have a taste of their culture? What Edinburgh has to offer is so encompassing and well-round that it also caters to a wide variety of tourists and visitors? Fortunately, numerous things can be done once in Edinburgh and the 10 best activities will be discussed below.

List of 10 Things to Do in Edinburgh in 2020:

10. Bramble

Bramble is considering one of the best pubs in the world and it can offer a lot from the small space that it provides – only being able to accommodate less than 100 people at a time. But what makes people go back and visit Bramble is the fact that this place offers well-crafted cocktail drinks from its menu; this place bravely explores the most unique concoctions that appeal to the eccentric taste of their hippest customers.

First-timers can try Mint 500 to get a taste of what this pub has to offer or even ask their bar staff for recommendations. When visiting this pub, it is also worth mentioning that Fridays and Saturdays are considered as the busiest days of the week, but those who can power through find the experience worth the wait.

9. Scottish National Gallery

Art enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the Scottish National Gallery which is beside the Royal Scottish Academy that is located at the heart of Edinburgh. It’s made up of two buildings that are very distinct from each other which were open in 1828 and 1859 respectively.

This structure is considered one of the things to do in Edinburgh because tourists will be able to do various activities there such as visiting the Scottish Cafe and Restaurant. Because of these amenities, it is truly worth it to set aside some time to visit this gallery and get a taste of the types of art has evolved through time in Edinburgh and have a better understanding of where it is now.

8. Martin Wishart

This restaurant opened its flagship branch in Leith in the year 1999 and has gained its first Michelin Start two years after it has opened. What tourists and regulars love about this restaurant is that it offers food that is both elegant and delicious because of the superb ingredients used for them. Lastly, this restaurant is best known for having food that is a combination of modern and traditional touch from French cuisine. Tourists who are looking for some food adventure would have to try their cuisine to be able to experience a one of kind experience that can rarely be experienced anywhere else.

7. Sneaky Pete’s

The murals that are LCD Soundsytem-inspire say greatly about the kind of pub Sneaky Pete’s is. Every night, it accommodates up to a hundred people but the small crowd should not be an indication of how fun the experience is because even celebrities like Auntie Flo and Leon Vynehall take the night to have a good time at this pub. And these things clearly explains why Sneaky Pete’s should be included in the list of things to do in Edinburgh.

6. Summerhall

Art-enthusiast tourists should include Summerhall in their list of things to do in Edinburgh because this place will satisfy all craving for everything that has to do with art. Whether these are workshops, talks, films, clubs, gigs, theater performances, and art exhibitions, Summerhall has all of these things covered. There are even thought-provoking art festivals that people can participate in; these festivals are special because they welcome all ideas no matter how out of this world they get.

Even geeks who are into new technological advancements and developments will be able to enjoy Summerhall because of the addition of TechCube which caters to start-ups in technology, as well as new ideas that can be developed further. What tourists like about this place is that they even have the option to sip on an amazing beer while enjoying a meal because this art hub is beside a microbrewery.

5. Cameo

Movie enthusiasts should add Cameo to their list of things to do in Edinburgh because this is Quentin Tarantino’s favorite movie houses. After all, this place has been running for more than a hundred years now. It was recently renovated to be able to provide moviegoers with comfortable seats when they decide to see a film. On the other hand, for people who are not in the mood to watch any movie, they will have the option to stay at the bar to enjoy a few drinks with friends.

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4. Leith

Leith is an area that should be included in the list of things to do in Edinburgh because it’s known as the Shore and recently is been building a reputation into becoming a cosmopolitan and a significant part of the city’s culture. A lot of the locals and tourists alike go to Leith to be able to enjoy theater and music that they don’t normally get on normal places where they can usually enjoy these things; there are also different places where people can enjoy different varieties of food such as burgers, seafood, and even cocktails.

3. Whiskey tastings

Edinburgh is a city that is famous for a lot of things and it cannot be denied that whiskey is one of these things. Else, It has always been a common knowledge that whiskey should add in the list of things to do in Edinburgh. And It would be a waste of opportunity if no time will be made for this experience. There are different experiences available for tourists and even people to join – there are guide bar tours where people will be able to try different types of whiskey in various bars, and there are also trips in distilleries where people can have a front-row seat on the process of producing different types of booze.

2. Edinburgh Castle

It is located on top of an extinct volcano and aside from the amazing effect this gives to the castle, this structure also stands as a reminder of the historical roots of Edinburgh. It’s recommended that when this place is to visit the tourists choose the schedules where actors perform a historical event that will surely give people more insight into the things that Edinburgh experience through the years.

These performances light up the walls of the Edinburgh Castle and allow the visitors to experience the history of their culture on a whole different level. Aside from these amazing performances, people will also be able to enjoy their tea rooms where homemade strawberry jam and scones are served for the visitors’ enjoyable experience.

1. Arthur’s Seat

Arthur’s Seat included in the list of things to do in Edinburgh because it is so rare to have an extinct volcano as a tourist spot. Those who are on the adventurous side will have the chance to go on a hike on Arthur’s Seat and enjoy the luscious greenery this land formation has to offer.

People who are not as experienced in hiking do not need to worry because the hike is easy even for beginners and in exchange for this is the chance to be able to experience and witness a breathtaking scenery that can only be achieved from 250 meters above the ground.

The summit will allow hikers to see the beautiful skyline and enjoy what nature looks like from a higher altitude. Tourists who would love to see Arthur’s Seat will be able to enjoy a little stroll at Holyrood Park where tourists will also be able to enjoy a closer encounter with nature. In addition to all these attractions, people also do a ritual on May Day where most of the young women voluntarily wash their faces with the morning dew of the hill, which believed to make these women even more beautiful.


All these unique attractions have different things to offer to different tourists and locals alike these unique qualities are what truly make them qualified to included on the list of things to do in Edinburgh. the good thing about these attractions is that it doesn’t matter whether someone is going to see them for the first or the hundredth time because the level of enjoyment will still stay the same.

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