10 Best Things To Do in Hawaii – For Your Awesome Vacation

Hawaii is an archipelago that offers all its visitors an unforgettable paradise. It is located in the United States, specifically in the central pacific. It consists of 17 islands, the most populous, and most commercial being the island of Oahu.

Things to do in Hawaii are not limited to aquatic entertainment. there are also many things you can do on land to appreciate the diverse fun options offered by this destination. In the case of Oahu, it offers many famous places to explore, such as Waikiki, the beaches of The North Shore, Pearl Harbor, and more.

Here are 10 of the Best Things to do in Hawaii:

10. Take part in a tour or guided tour

The best idea to get to know the island and be able to have fun at the same time is to join this type of guide tour. The amazing thing is that you can do it as time permits, there are companies that give you the option of choosing the schedule, it could be only in the morning, in the afternoon or all day for greater enjoyment.

On these guided tours you have the option of hiking, so if you are one of those travelers who like to enjoy nature in a more direct way, this is for you. In Hawaii you will find many ideal ways to practice this activity, it is recommended that before you start doing so you will be well informed of the weather conditions to make sure you can do it. Hiking in Hawaii is a very good activity that will allow you to get to know the whole island in detail.

9. Meet Hawaii from the air

That’s right if you’re not one of those who like to take guided walking tours, Hawaii allows you to do it in a unique way through the air by riding a helicopter. Also, a single company at Hilo Airport offered This service.

In this activity, you will be able to see the whole island and enjoy the wonderful view of the volcanoes that are still active, in addition, if you wish you can schedule that your visit will spread through some nearby islands. Without a doubt, it is a unique experience, and completion of a dream come true.

8. Horseback riding

Among the things to do in Hawaii are horseback riding tours, this is a fun way to get to know the fields and spectacular coastlines. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert, all the horses are training so you don’t have to be the best to enjoy this wonderful activity.

To hire this service you have several options: at Ironwood Ranch in (West Maui), in Maui, horseback riding and lessons are available at Makena Stables (South Maui), Mendez Ranch in Wailuku (which also has an amazing barbecue), and Piiholo Ranch or Thompson Ranch in Upcountry. In Oahu, horseback riding tours are amazing at Kualoa Ranch, Gunstock Ranch over Laie, and Happy Trails on a 350-acre private ranch located in the Waimea Valley on the north coast. On Frande Island there are options in both Kailua-Kona and Hilo: Waipio Na’alapa Stables in Honokaa, Parker Ranch in Waimea, or Pa’ani Ranch in Keaau.

7. Experience Hawaiian culture

This is one of the wonderful things to do in Hawaii, it is an experience that you will remember all your life, the culture of Hawaii is a mixture of Polynesian cultures, so to feel it you have to open your mind and soul. Although there are many changes, history, celebrations, healing practices, and the meaning of “ohana” is maintain the family.

When you visit Hawaii you must have total respect for its culture, you can participate and have an opinion but never in a negative way. In addition, many people do not know that only performing common activities are already participating in the culture, this usually happens when you attend luaus and watch hula shows, also if you take the Lomi Lomi massage, if you visit a local farm and when you are interested in ancient rituals.

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6. Practice some surfing

There are many tourists who travel to Hawaii to surf, this destination has positioned itself as one of the best in the world to do it and it is because it is amazing to do this activity due to its majestic waves. Surfing is common throughout the Hawaiian Islands. The most famous Hawaiian surf spots in Oahu and Maui are Ala Moana Bowls, Waikiki Beach, and Castles.

To see professional surfers in action, head to Honolua Bay and Hookipa Beach near Lower Paia during the big wave season in winter. East of Hookipa, you’ll find the most famous spot for surfing on big waves in Maui: Peahi, also known as “Jaws”. During the big waves, surfer towed by jet skis into the huge waves of Peahi.

For those who will surf for the first time, Maui offers lessons in less intimidating places to surf in West Maui and South Maui, on the beaches of Kaanapali, Lahaina, and Kihei. Another option for beginners is paddle boarding, which uses larger boards to keep surfers standing, with a paddle to maneuver

5. Enjoy the local cuisine

Tasting the delicious dishes of traditional Hawaiian cuisine is another thing to do in Hawaii. The local food has influences from different countries, which makes its taste incredible, that is always keeping the fish as a fundamental base.

Start the day by having your famous Kona coffee. Then at lunch, you cannot miss trying the Lomi Lomi, this traditional Hawaiian dish is composed of roasted salmon and accompanied by tomato and onion. Another must-see dish Poke is the Hawaiian version of Peruvian ceviche. This dish originating in Hawaii has as its main ingredient the tuna marinated in different dressings, above, all kinds of fresh elements are added: seaweed, avocado, cucumber, sesame, and spring onion. All served in a bowl accompanied by rice.

4. Watch humpback whales in Maui

Humpback whales are considered the acrobats of their species. They jump backward, collide their large pectoral fins on the surface of the water, and even rotate like underwater skaters. Each year estimates that at least 1,000 of these mammals arrive on the island. They stay for a while caring for their young in these crystal clear waters.

To watch this show, you can take one of the many boats that leave Maui’s west coast and of course, make sure your trip is before June which is the best time to see them.

3. Visit Volcanoes National Park

In this park, you will find landscapes so diverse that they seem impossible, from strips of black lava to dazzling jungles where the clouds cover it. You’ll find seven ecosystems, so you need to plan your trip very well for you to visit the essential places, including Steam Vents, so you can watch the steam rise from inside the earth, and the 500-year-old Thurston Lava Tube, a natural tunnel that can be walked through and which came to host a violent river of molten lava.

Depending on the weather conditions, the end of the road may offer the opportunity to see how the active lava flows.

2. Walkthrough the Pacific Grand Canyon in Kauai

Among all the things to do in Hawaii, this is still one of the best, this is a place that has a natural paradise beauty. It has steep cliffs of approximately 838 meters deep and wonderful shades of red, green, brown, and orange. Head to Waimea Canyon Drive or Waimea Canyon and Puu Hinahina Viewpoints. It’s located next to the Waimea River, where you can enjoy java plums, monkeypods, and the native wiliwili trees.

To enjoy all the amazing things this place has to offer,  you should look at the weather conditions. Otherwise, you could miss many of the amazing views.

1. Snorkel

This is the number one activity of people visiting the islands of Hawaii. It was done on a modern snorkel boat, where a specialized guide will talk about all the marine life offered by this majestic place.

You will be able to see in their natural habitat all tropical fish, sea turtles, and all the brightly colored reefs native to the waters of the Pacific Ocean. If you travel in the whale season you will be able to see them on your visit to this island, as well as the spinner dolphins jumping on the surface.

Hawaii, a destination worth knowing

When traveling to Hawaii you just have to be eager to meet. This archipelago offers you many options for you to have fun and get to know. Because it is one of the destinations that have active volcanoes, you will find places where you can see all the wonders that nature can bring us.

Pack your best swimsuits, summer clothes, sunscreen, and of course your eagerness to know this paradise. Try to make time for you to get to know as much as possible. Travel can create experience and keep the best memories.

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