Hong Kong is home to both rich culture and modern city life. Don’t let its small group of islands let you think that there is little to discover in this very wonderous destination. Other than being widely known as a shoppers’ paradise, Hong Kong offers a wide set of attractions, from mouth-watering cuisine to jaw-dropping skylines. Many tourists love revisiting this region because you can conveniently travel here without a visa for a period of time. Transportation is hassle-free so visitors can fully experience all the beautiful places to go and activities to this place doesn’t lack the excitement a traveler wants in a trip. If you plan to visit Hong Kong one day, make sure you get to enjoy everything awesome about it. That’s why you should check out this bucket list of things to do in Hong Kong.

Things To Do in Hong Kong – Must Visit Attractions:

10. Take a ride on a Star Ferry

There is a total of twelve Star Ferries and their fleet carries approximately 70,000 people every day. They don’t run out of passengers because the route they take is an absolute spectacle. In fact, many consider this ferry ride as one of the most exciting ones there is Passengers are taken from the main island of Hong Kong to Kowloon in the very beautiful Victoria Harbour. However, this boat ride isn’t only considered must-do because of its route, it is also practical as it leads you to other attractions in the peninsula.

9. Taste their appetizing food

Hong Kong’s cuisine ties deeply with its culture. However, there are also many bars and restaurants here that feature a more extensive set of culinary themes like Asian, Cantonese, and Western. If you’re looking forward to savoring their wonderful dishes, your target location should be in the dining districts of Lamma Islands, Stanley, Lei Yue Mun, and SoHo.Once you are in one of these points, you better get your taste buds ready as there’s a lot of good food for you on the menu. Indeed, there are a lot of dishes you can choose from but are those that really stand out. One example is their dim sum. This Asian delicacy with its yummy seafood and fried spring rolls will leave you wanting more after your first bite.

8. Shop all you can

If you are a shopaholic, you should check out Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay. This is where you can get lost in big luxury malls, duty-free stores, department stores, trendy boutiques, and traditional stores. All your shopping needs, from the latest designer products to souvenirs you can bring home, are available in this very active part of the city. It may not be as popular as Time Square, but it sure is a thriving competitor. There are also other bustling street markets you should consider visiting to make unbelievable bargains.

This includes the Temple Street Night Market, a vibrant place where you can be entertained by many performers and vendors. If you make a purchase here, always look for the best deal by comparing the prices of different stalls. Not only can you buy novelties and accessories here, but you can also have your fortune told in the booths stationed on the north side of the market. Places like the Ladies’ Market, Stanley Market, Jardine’s Crescent, and the fashion market of Li Yuen Street East and West are all worth checking out, too.

7. Visit the lively parks

Hong Kong hosts a number of theme parks, and if you’re traveling with your kids, then you should probably take them to at least one of these places. Perhaps Disneyland is the most famous family-friendly destination here. Children always have fun meeting up and playing with the characters they adore from their favorite movies and TV shows. Additionally, Hong Kong has Ocean Park, where you and your family can learn about the life of sea animals. By area, this theme park is larger than Disneyland. It is divided into two main areas, the Summit and the Waterfront. These two divisions feature a lot of attractions your family will surely enjoy.

6. Reach the top of Big Buddha

Tian Tan, also known as Big Buddha, is one of the greatest landmarks of Hong Kong as it is recorded as one of the largest sitting Buddhas in the globe. Climbing to its top is quite a challenge though. Sure, you can see the statue from the ground level, but to really see how massive it is, you will need to make 268 steps on steep stairs. Getting to the top is quite rewarding because there, you will find yourself stunned by the peaceful view and calming atmosphere. There are also a lot of Buddhist temples you can visit in Hong Kong. One famous example is the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. To go here, you must climb up a path that’s lined with golden Buddhas on the left and right side. And that there can be considered an attraction already.

5. Hike fascinating trails

Even with HongKong being known for its tall skyscrapers and big-city attractions, it has a bigger area for beautiful beaches, green forests, and mountains with astonishing hike trails. This is a good activity for tourists who are fitness enthusiasts and nature lovers. Dragon’s Back is a mountain ridge with a very captivating view. It’s very astonishing that it was coined as Asia’s best urban hike by Time magazine and one of the world’s 23 best trails by CNN. Dragon’s Back is only a portion of the Hong Kong Trail, specifically stage Another trail to try hiking in is the island of Tung Ping Chau, where you can find rare sedimentary rock formations that have been formed millions of years ago.

4. Celebrate festivals with locals

Throughout the whole year, Hong Kong is filled with festivals. If you are around during the time of any one of those festivals, you will personally witness how the people celebrate their culture. Western festivals are also widely accepted in Hong Kong. To experience the grandest Chinese festivals, be sure to visit at the time for Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Spring Festival. In these times of the year, homes are filled with special cuisine, and the streets are filled with colorful festivities. Christmas and New Year’s Eve is a big deal as people always brighten buildings and streets with special decors. Famous tourist attractions also do countdown events with a fireworks display during these holidays.

3. Pay tribute to your beloved Asian stars

On the Avenue of the Stars, you will see something similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, stars embedded on the sidewalk with names of famous Asian movie stars that made it to Hollywood. If you are a real fan of martial arts movies, you will surely notice two of the most beloved artists of all time, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. A photograph with those names and also Bruce’s statue would definitely be a great memento. You can also visit the shooting sites of many Hollywood movies in Temple Street, Chung King Mansions, and Yau Ma Tei Fruit Market. Movies like Ghost in the Shell, Transformers 4, Doctor Strange, and many others have shot in these locations.

2. Enjoy the nightlife

The streets of Hong Kong are really active in the nightlife scene, so pack your dancing shoes along with you. The nightlife district is in Lan Kwai Fong, where the parties go on until the sun rises. It is an influential district because this is where many other Chinese cities get their inspiration for their own party zones. Other areas where the nightlife scene is hot is in Wan Chai and Tsim Sha Tsui. In these places, you will find popular DJs, karaoke bars, dart bars, restaurants, and crowded streets. That is what makes the club hopping a fun activity in Hong Kong.

1. See the epic skylines

Perhaps the best way to appreciate Hong Kong’s overall elegance is just by taking a good look at it. The mesmerizing skylines appear just as beautiful even if you view it from different perspectives. Admire the whole city, the harbor, and the mountains from a bird’s eye view when you look at it at The Peak. With just a ride on a steep tram and some floors of an escalator, you can see the best view of Hong Kong there is.Of course, there is another way for you to see the skylines. When you take a ride on a traditional Chinese junk boat, you will go through Victoria Harbour. This attraction is famous for its display of a magnificent light show every night. When the clock hits 8:00 PM, you can witness a ‘Symphony of Lights’ from 44 skyscrapers and landmarks.


There are tons of things to do in Hong Kong for tourists, and the ones on this list are just the best ones. Whether you visit alone or with others, you can have a blast in this place. Their excellent attractions and destinations don’t fail to captivate visitors and that’s why more and more people go to Hong Kong every year.

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