Cambodia is mostly known for its historical and cultural sites; however, travelers would be surprised to see this country from another whole new angle. Cambodia has many seaside provinces with beautiful beaches and breathtaking sceneries. Kompot province is one of them. Here are 10 things you can enjoy on your wonderful holidays in Kampot.

10. Taking the Train, Leaving the City

Imagine escaping from a busy city, getting on a slow train, listening to music, and taking in peaceful green scenery along the road. Wouldn’t it calm you down and help you breathe a little easier? If it would, congratulations! You are on the right track. Kompot is a beautiful province with eighty kilometers coastal strip located in the Southwest part of Cambodia. It is 148 km far from Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia. Hence, in order to get there, we may either take a bus or a train. Taking a train may take a bit longer time to reach the destination, but if you are looking for a good, slow and relaxing vacation, there is no need to rush. It would bring you another whole new experience of traveling, and of course, it would cost cheaper as well. A train ticket to Kompot costs 7$ per person only.

9. Getting Cozy and Comfortable

The most important thing to do when you first get there is to find the right accommodation. There are many types of accommodation to choose from. You may consider what would be the perfect fit for your preference, number of people as well as your budget. They are ranging from woody bungalows on the hill, modern bungalows with pool, hotels, homestays, camping tents by the beach, and many other options. Woody bungalow on the hill would be perfect for those who prefer a silent and peaceful atmosphere.

You can wake up to the green landscape of the hill and absorb the fresh clean air. On the other hand, modern bungalow would be great for family stay. With the pool, you and your kids may freely swim in freshwater after spending time in the sea salt water. Camping tents, however, would be an enjoyable experience for those who love freedom and adventurous vibe. You may also want to book the accommodation in advance, especially in high season, to prevent the risk of having nowhere to stay during the night. There are many available websites for accommodation booking such as,, and so on.

8. GETTING a Bike, Wandering Around the Town

In Kompot, you can easily find rental bicycles and motorbikes for tourists, and the price is also very reasonable. It only costs you $6 to $10 per day for motorbikes and $2 to $3 for a bicycle, then you can freely wandering around. You may spot many beautiful old buildings that are leftovers from the French colony along the street.

They are old but still charming with its aesthetic architectural style, which is perfect for the vintage vibe of photography. You may also want to stop by the Kompot market to shop for fresh seafood and local fruits. From one stall to the next, each one displays fresh crabs, shrimps, prawns, squids, and many other sea fishes that are instantly gotten from the sea. On the other side of the market, you would spot on sale local fruits that are freshly harvested and delivered from the farms. They are completely fresh and organic at a very affordable price.

7. Visiting Local Farms

Kompot is known to have some of the most delicious durians in Cambodia. Durian is known to be the king of fruits due to its unique appearance and strong taste and smell. Durain in Kompot is famous for its natural sweet taste, tenderness, and mouthwatering smell. There are many durian farms in Kompot, mostly along the hillside. The tourists could visit the farms without paying entrance fees; however, you would have to wear a helmet for your own safety and buy their fruit back home as well. Other than that, Kompot is also famous for its pepper plantations. It produces and exports some of the best pepper in the world every year. There are also many other local fruit farms such as longans, mangos, coconuts, rambutans, jackfruit, and many other tropical fruit farms.

6. Bokor Mountain National Park

Bokor Mountain is one of the most popular mountains in Cambodia for its breathtaking landscape, cold weather, and historical buildings. The best time to visit this mountain is during the period of November to February which is the coldest period in Cambodia. To get to the top, you may need to take a car or a motorbike.

If you’re in a car, you may want to roll down your window and take in the chilly fresh air. Hence, we recommend you take a motorbike so that you can enjoy the air and incredible scenery along the road to the fullest. The nearer to the top, you might pass through or even crash into white clouds which makes you feel like you are flying in heaven. Arriving at the top of the mountain, you would meet with a big statue of an old lady, Yey Mao.

Local people always pay respect and pray for safety from her statue. There are also many interesting buildings and places that are worth visiting, including Bokor hill station, Wat Sompov Pram temple, and Popork Vil waterfall. If you are planning to stay for the night, you may find a big 5 stars hotel there on the mountain as well.

5. Visiting Salt Fields

If you’re interested in gaining some new experience and knowledge during your trip, you may want to see how salt is manufactured in Kompot. The sea salt water flow from the sea, approximately 5km away, into clay fields and left for it to be evaporated naturally by the sun. After the liquid has become salt crystals, it is taken to the factory for the next step of the production process.

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4. Exploring Kompot River

Prek Terk Chu is the official name of the river. It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Kompot province which stretches from the foot of Elephant Mountain to Thai gulf. By the river area, you may find many hotels or bungalows that offer great accommodation and tour service. However, if you’re not planning to stay the night, you can rent a boat to enjoy seeing landscapes and sunset instead.

Kayaking is also an incredible activity you can enjoy there. Normally, one kayak is available for two people to sit face to face at each end of the kayak in order to keep its balance. A life jacket is a must for this activity. During kayaking, you may find yourself getting relaxed in nature, seeing the beautiful scenery of the river and ecosystem. Don’t worry! Crocodile scenarios you have in your head will not be a problem in Kompot River. Kayak rental: 5$ per hour.

3. Fireflies Cruise

If you are looking for a romantic evening with your loved ones, watching fireflies on a boat is an excellent choice. Taking a boat, watching the sunlight of the day fade into the dark night sky, and waiting to see the tiny green glowing bugs in between the tree would give you excitement and magical feelings. However, it can never be guaranteed that the magical lights always show up. You will only see them if you are lucky. Even without the fireflies, you still can enjoy your romantic night cruise and watch the moon with its reflection on the water.

2. Num Banh Chok Terk Mohech

Num Banh Chok refers to a dish made from ground fermented rice, extruded to long white threads that look rather like white noodles. It is most common to serve with two types of soup, Somlor Kari and Somlor proper, which is a traditional cuisine with special Khmer recipe and ingredients. However, in Kompot, there is a special kind of soup to serve with Num Banh Chok. The soup has clear see-through water which looks rather like pork broth, but it’s served with pieces of fish meat and vegetables.

1. Extending Your Trip to Kep and Rabbit Island

Kep used to be a small coastal town of Kompot province but now has become a province on its own. It takes only 30 minutes if you take a car or a bus and 2 hours for a ferry ride. The boat trip from Kep to Rabbit Island takes only an extra 20 to 30 minutes, and there you are at a beautiful beach. Since this island is a bit far from the habitat and is an undeveloped area, it is still in a completely clean and natural form. The beach makes a fantastic view due to the whitey sand, many coconut trees, big green hills, and clear sea blue water. You may enjoy swimming, walking around and taking photos.

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