Cambodia is mostly known for its beautiful historical site aka its wonderful temples. However, not many know about the hidden heavenly gorgeous island in its coastal province, Koh Rong. Koh Rong is located in Sihanouk Ville province. It is a perfect getaway from the tension from the busy city, pressure, and heavy burden for a while. If you are looking for a great holiday in Koh Rong Island, here is a list of things you might not want to miss out on.

10. Chill on the beach

The journey from Phnom Penh to Sihanouk Ville may take at least 5 hours if you’re taking a bus, and only 30 minutes if you’re traveling by plane. After that, you must buy extra furry tickets to get you to the island, and the journey may take approximately 45 minutes. After all the traveling, you must feel your energy is too draining to do any other exciting activity. Hence, it is best to just chill on the beach and enjoy sunbathing.

The breathtaking sea view and the ocean air with the help you to relax and enjoy the moment to the fullest. The weather is hot with full sun heat; however, the sea breath will make you forget how hot it actually is. Don’t forget to put on a generous amount of sunscreen if you do not wish to get burned. For people who want to get a perfect tanned skin, you will love it here in Koh Rong.

9. Explore the Island

If you feel your energy is being charged enough, it is time to get a little adventurous and explore the area. Koh Rong is an interesting island with many things to see. Closer to the port, the area is rather crowded with many restaurants, bars, and small shops. You may find fruit stalls that sell many kinds of local fruits, clothes shops that sell colorful swimsuits, beach hats, shoes, and beach clothes and dresses.

You may also come across some cute souvenir shops that sell many customized cute little bracelets, necklaces, key chains, and so on. Moreover, there are many interesting bars and restaurants with soft music that gives a summer beach vibe. You may find both friendly locals and tourists there. And who knows? You may make some new friends there. A little further away from the port, the area is packed with woody bungalows and resorts by the beach. You may enjoy the view of the beach while sipping your cold fruit juice.

8. Go Snorkeling

Koh Rong has some of the gorgeous snorkeling scenes. You may take a boat trip for about 10 minutes to get to the snorkeling area. Since the Koh Rong seawater has a clear crystal ocean blue color which allows the snorkeling experience even more enjoyable. It makes you feel like there is no barrier between your sight and the breathtaking underwater world. Moreover, you will get a chance to see many beautiful sea fishes such as sergeant fish, needlefish, squid…etc.

7. Kayaking

Another worth trying activity in Koh Rong is to try kayaking. You may rent kayaks from the resort or local there for the whole day or by an hour. The price range is around $5 to $12. You may kayak to many different beaches of the island and capture some beautiful landscapes.

6. Go fishing

One thing travelers must try when they are in a sea area is to go fishing. You may take a boat to the fishing area which has a deeper sea level and calm water. You may gain a new adventurous experience of catching fishes for your own meal. you can keep the caught fishes in your own bucket, or you can cook them instantly since the boat owner also provides coal stoves for you.

5. Night swimming with plankton

One of the magical moments to enjoy in Koh Rong is to go swimming with glowing plankton. The deeper part of the sea, there is an area to spot bioluminescence. From the boat, you might not find the glowing organism visible; however, once you dive into the water and start swimming, you will see little blue luminous sparks all around your body. The stronger your movement is, the more you can see them.

Swimming with magical fireflies of the sea, under the moonlight, in the chilly water, sound like a scene from a fantasy movie. You may find yourself getting lost in the little galaxy and do not want to leave it. However, no matter how hard it is, please do not stay in the water for too long. There are still many things you can do on this wonderful island, and you would not want to get sick.

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4. Partying on the boat

On the way back from seeing the plankton, you can light up your mood a little by enjoying a dancing party on the boat. The boat owner may already prepare enough boost and drinks for the party time. There are also colorful LED lights and music speakers on the boat, which are capable of setting you up the right mood. You can get a little loosen up and make some friends with your fellow travelers at the end of the night.

3. BBQ by the beach

After getting back from the plankton seeing, it might be the perfect time for dinner. You can grill your caught fishes and ask for some assistance from your resort agencies for some BBQ supplies. It is great to sit by the beach, cook your own meal, drink some cocktails, and chat with your companions.

2. Star Gazing

One thing you will miss the most in Koh Rong is its beautiful sky. Without the tall buildings and pollution from the city, the sky seems to be wider and clearer, the moon seems to be bigger and brighter, and the stars are painted all over the black canvas. With the chilly air and the scent of the ocean, a cliché romantic scene from the movie has come to life.

If you are with your loved one, you may want to create a beautiful memory by having random talks about your good old times together, or even a deep conversation about your future while gazing into the breathtaking view. If you are single, you may find yourself enjoying the atmosphere and connect with your soul on a deeper level. Or maybe you already found some perfect stranger to enjoy gazing the stars together. If anyone has planned a wedding proposal, this is the perfect opportunity.

1. Extend Boat Trip to Koh Rong Sonleom

Not very far away from Koh Rong, there is another beautiful island called Koh Rong Sonleom. Some say that the island is even more beautiful than Koh Rong since it’s less crowded and undeveloped. However, it is based on your preference to decide. If you’re on a honeymoon trip or looking for a silent and a little private place to relax, you might prefer staying on Koh Rong Sonleom Island. On the other hand, if you are on a friend or family trip, and you’re into a little crowded place that has easy access to food, community, and shops, you might think Koh Rong Island is a greater option. However, it does not hurt to spend a day visiting another beautiful island when you are already so close to it. You may find the boat tickets on sale nearby the port.

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