Exploring the city of Los Angeles could be one of your life-long dreams. The historical scenes of the city, movies, recreation, and sports are among the countless enjoyable things to do in Los Angeles. Welcome to the City of Angels! From the enthralling sight of Hollywood at Griffith Observatory, the magnificent Petersen Automotive Museum, or the serene Venice Beach, Los Angeles is the perfect illustration for heaven on earth.

With its astounding event centers, historic Hollywood entertainment Industry, elegant city layout, wonderful museums housing great memories, enticing beach resorts, and fascinating parks.

There are a million things to do in Los Angeles once you have the time and the perfect company. The amazing part of visiting Los Angeles is that you don’t even need to spend too much to enjoy the thrill the city has to offer. Among the many entertainment hubs in Los Angeles, there are a few that rank best and you can’t but visit them when you are in Los Angeles.

In this article, you will find the best things to do whenever you find yourself in Los Angeles with your lovers, kids, friends, or business acquaintances. This ranges from going to enjoy the classical performances staged in the Dolby Theatre, visiting Hollywood neighborhoods or museums, and surfing around Venice Beach.

Here are Things To Do In Los Angeles:

1. Enjoy Hollywood Spectacles

Hollywood is the world’s largest movie industry which is mainly settled in Los Angeles, and it is a captivating tourist attraction that features areas such as the Griffith Observatory, The Getty Centre, Universal Studios Hollywood, and Hollywood Walk of Fame among others. As a tourist, you can pay a visit to any of these locations that represent the Hollywood experience.

Griffith Observatory

griffith observatory

Enjoy the spectacle of the Hollywood Sign and observe the beautiful offerings of the Hollywood neighborhood through super celestial telescopes from the magnificent Griffith Observatory. It is most advisable for visitors to begin their touring activities from Griffith observatory because it is in the middle of LOS ANGELES city. One of the greatest things to do for a memorable experience is to pay a visit to the Griffith Observatory, which houses Interesting exhibitions and optical planetariums which are exciting experiences for both children and adult audiences. If you are on a low budget, but you want a thrilling experience, Griffith Observatory is the first spot to begin your adventure.

The Getty Center

Famous for being the largest art collection center, visitors are sure to get a thrilling spectacle from the fine collection of artists from the pre-20th century. If your partner is a lover of the arts, one of the best experiences you can have together in Los Angeles is to capture their heart with a visit to this great place.

Universal Studios Hollywood

The truth is, a day is not enough to enjoy the wonderful offerings in Universal Studios where phenomenal
films such as the Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, The Mummy, and Transformers were staged. Kids would love
to enjoy the amazing rides in the studio. Queues are less on weekdays, so this is one of the best things to do
for a wonderful outing.

Hollywood walk of fame

Hollywood walk of fame

This is a captivating pedestrian walk down memory lane. A glance at the names of more than 2,600 of your
favorite stars embedded in the sidewalks along 15 blocks of Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine
Street in Hollywood.

2. Visiting Museums

Altogether, Los Angeles houses about 841 specialty and general museums. Tourists would find specialty museums on automobiles, World War II, and cultural museums. Below are some famous museums you can visit:

Petersen Automotive Museum

Petersen Automotive Museum

If you are a car enthusiast, then this specialty museum would electrify your mind. Featuring about 250 vehicles around the world, this museum houses the most amazing automobiles ever manufactured and used by celebrities, politicians, and Hollywood specially made cars. Visitors receive guided tours of the history of different brands of automobiles manufactured over a period of 120 years.

Battleship USS Iowa Museum

Battleship USS Iowa Museum

If you enjoy the adventure on the sea, then you will be on track with a visit to the Battleship USS Iowa. The museum showcases the interior of the USS Iowa (BB-61) which was the last ship built by the U.S. Navy before the end of World War II. It is a pleasant outing for friends and small groups.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum

The truth is scary, and you would find them in Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, another specialty museum featuring weird and incredible stories in Los Angeles. These stories leave adults and children stunned.

Japanese American National Museum

Japanese American National Museum

Here is where you find the collection of over 130 years of Japanese-American history. It features artifacts, textiles, art, photographs, and oral histories of Japanese Americans. History and culture enthusiasts would find the museum invigorating.

3. A Trip to World’s Famous Sport Centers

Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium

If you are a sports fan, one of the most enjoyable things to do in Los Angeles for a memorable romantic trip is to have a stimulating experience of sitting in the world’s largest baseball stadium by seat capacity.

Staples Center

Staples Center

Another event center worth visiting which hosts events ranging from basketball, ice hockey, arena football to wrestling, and concerts. You can pick up a ticket for yourself and your partner to get a refreshing experience from any of the events.

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4. See a Theatre Performance

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Dolby Theaters

If your partner is a lover of classical music, you cannot go wrong with a visit to any concert premiering in the Walt Disney Concert Hall. The performances leave a surreal sensation, and it remains one of the wonderful fun-filled arenas if you ever wonder about the best thing to do in Los Angeles.

Dolby Theaters

If you are in love with life symphony performances, the magnificent Dolby Theater is another place for couples to visit in Los Angeles

The Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl reminds one of being in one of the amphitheaters in ancient Greece. It is located in the
Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. For a low budget outing, you can always give your partner a surreal experience from a live outdoor performance.

5. Adventure in a park and Event Centre

Will Rogers State Historic Park

Will Rogers State Historic Park

Together with your partner, enjoy hiking trails, horseback ridings and picnic areas, family programs, and guided tours. Dogs are allowed in this park.

Griffith Park

A tour around Griffith Park gives you a panoramic view of Los Angeles city. It features the Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles Zoo, the Greek Theatre, and the Autry Museum of the American West among others. It is surely a stimulating experience for both adult and children

Lake Hollywood Park

It provides a pleasant view of Los Angeles city, has a spot with a large grass field, a kid’s play area, and views of the Hollywood sigh.

OUE Skyspace, Los Angeles

OUE Skyspace, Los Angeles

People always love the glass slide and the open-air observation deck that gives a 360- degree view of the beautiful city of Los Angeles For a low budget outing with a lover, this is definitely the best location.

6. Walk around Los Angeles Cosmopolitan Neighborhood

Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Hills has magnificent houses of Hollywood celebrities. Visitors can enjoy the spectacle of the elegant mansions of celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake, among others.

El Pueblo de Los Angeles

In the company of their lovers, visitors can enjoy the serenity of this neighborhood that contains 19th-century monuments such as the Nuestra Senora La Reina de Los Angeles Church, the Olvera Street market, Pico House and the Old Plaza Fire Station.

Little Tokyo

Visitors can enjoy touring around the Japanese American district downtown Los Angeles which features spectacular cultural monuments such as the Aratani Theater, The Little Tokyo Watchtower, and tasty Japanese food that is on sale in the sprawling Japanese stores in the neighborhood.

7. Grooving at the Beach

Venice Beach

Frequently, busy beach, it is a great spot for families, couples, and a small group outing. If you want a break from the hot weather and a very alluring environment, the cold atmosphere at Venice beach is a perfect option for your picnic, entertainment, and adventure. The beach is a site for groovy stalls, street performance, and colorful wall paintings. It also features a skate park and Muscle Beach outdoor gym. Remember to go in loose clothing.

Will Rogers State Beach

A perfect honeymoon spot, it’s not as busy as the other beaches in Los Angeles lined up around the beach include volleyball courts and picnic tables. You will frequently find people surfing, fishing, and sailing by the beach.


whether you are looking for a surreal honeymoon or in search of a stimulating vacation location, Los Angeles will surely thrill you with its numerous fascinating entertainment spots. There’s no better place in the world to find intense visual pleasure and experience more than in the exquisite neighborhoods of Los Angeles, famously referred to as the world entertainment’s capital. It offers a wide range of spots to acquire refreshing satisfaction. It is sure to be a memorable experience for tourists, fun seekers, and serious business teams.

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