Things to do in Osaka in 2020

Osaka is the capital city of Western Japan. The town prides itself on being one of Japan’s tourist attractions. It is big, full, and very bust that you may not have sufficient time to visit all the places in the city. The fun of visiting the area comes from planning the trip’s details. It is worth noting that planning to visit such a busy city is NEVER easy, especially when you are looking forward to getting the best memories out of your visit. You can, therefore, decide to visit some particular places in Osaka.

If you have been looking for what to do in OSAKA, then you are in the right place! This article contains a list of things to do in Osaka in 2020 and places to do and visit in Osaka, respectively. Osaka features the best neighborhoods that are worth exploring and different foods that you can try. With the very many world-famous sites, using the information from this list makes choosing the precise things to do in the city easy and fun stuff.

Attraction and Shows

Universal Studios Japan

Universal studio Japan

USJ offers thrilling attractions and shows in its nine diverse zones. The zones include New York, Hollywood, San Francisco, Water-world, Jurassic Park, Amity Village, Universal Wonderland, Minion Park, and Harry Potter’s Wizarding World. Additionally, USJ’s retail collections are vastly common among visitors, and you can come across the products of characters like Sesame Street, Hello Kitty, Minions, and more!

Umeda Sky Building:

The Umeda Sky Building is the city’s high-rise building. It has a remarkable observation deck and is one of the world’s most celebrated architectures, thanks to its structure and unique shape. The building’s observation deck is known as the “Kuchu Teien” and is 173 meters high and has a 360 degrees panoramic view of Osaka. You can view all the corners of the city from this open-air deck.

Osaka Castle:

This majestic castle is a tourist place based in the Osaka Castle Park. It offers a blossoming view of the city. The villa is a historic monument representing the history of the Azuchi-Momoyama period in the 16th century. Its establishment was in the 1500s by Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s order and has since been one of the most eminent uniting warlords of Japan’s history.

Tourists visit the attraction during the cherry blossoming season. You will have the ability to cycle around the castle and feel the engulfing fresh breeze since this is the best way of exploring the castle.

Tempozan Ferris Wheel:

one of Japan’s most giant Ferris wheels, having a height of 369 feet and 100-meter diameter. It is based in the Tempozan Harbor Village that is beside the Kaiyukan Aquarium. and It gets lit up at night with very colorful LED lights. The lights increase visibility and allow you to gaze at Osaka and its neighborhood places like Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Mt Ikoma, Rokko Mountain, and Kansai Airport.

Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan:

The Kaiyukan Aquarium is a fantastic aquarium and is known as the world’s biggest aquarium. It is the home of thousands of creatures and more than 500 different types of marine life like sea lions, dolphins, penguins, and many more. The Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is in the Tempozan Harbor Village, a few miles from the Universal Studios Japan. The 2013 exhibition allowed tourists to view the aquarium’s animals and even touch them.

Activities and Experiences

Bar hopping:

Bar hopping

This is one of the best things to do in Osaka in 2020 that will help you learn the authentic night-life of the city. There are many hidden drinking areas. You can visit the Osaka Bar Hopping Night Tour or the Hozenji Yokocho Drink Alley and experience the diverse drinks from pub crawling bars

Buy Souvenirs:

Go for souvenir shopping and see the wide variety of unique souvenir products sold. For instance, Dotonbori is a beautiful shopping area and there are many other souvenir shops located in almost every other corner. Buy the snacks that have Osaka flavors and get many other local products. If you run out of time, you can opt for last-minute shopping at the Kansai Airport. The Airport has a vast collection of souvenirs from throughout Western Japan.

Shopping from Shinsekai and Shinsaibashi–Shinsekai

Shopping from Shinsekai and Shinsaibashi–Shinsekai

is Osaka’s ancient downtown district. It is the right vibe of the city and has a lovely atmosphere with its streets filled with beautiful and colorful products. The district’s retro shops display various products that many tourists love. Additionally, Shinsaibashi is another great district that offers shopping opportunities in Osaka.

The community features very many boutiques and shopping malls that have fashion retailers selling luxurious brands. The most common shopping arcade in Shinsaibashi is the Shinsaibashi-suji that is 600m long and has hundreds of shops, from boutiques to large stores. Shinsaibashi-suji not only sells clothes but also has drugstores, shops, cafes, restaurants, and many more.

Photo shooting:

Tsutenkaku Tower in Shinseka

the Tsutenkaku Tower in Shinseka district is a symbol that gives an excellent spot of enjoying the sight of the beautiful neighborhoods in the city. The Tsutenkaku Tower was built in 1912 and resembled the Eiffel Tower that is in Paris. This site is what makes Shinsekai, in Osaka city, a great photo spot.

Go for winter illuminations:

This is a top attraction activity in the city. It is helpful during winter and the light-up decoration not only happens in Osaka but also throughout Japan. Different winter illumination events occur in various venues in Osaka and these include Midosuji Boulevard, Universal Studios Japan, Osaka Castle, and Kaiyukan Aquarium.

Wi-Fi and SIM Card: Hotel

Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Premier:

Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Premier:

This hotel features excellent guest rooms with free Wi-Fi and large bath tabs. The hotel has wooden floors and a calming ambiance. The rooms are well-furnished with facilities like flat-screen TVs, a fridge, and electric kettle. The en suite bathrooms have bathtubs, toiletries, toothbrush set, hairdryer, and many others. You can request for in-room massage or laundry services for some extra fees.

HOTEL THE FLAG Shinsaibashi:

This hotel is in the central part of Osaka, just 600 meters from the Dotonbori River. HOTEL THE FLAG Shinsaibashi offers 24-hour front desk having a multi-lingual staff. The hotel features free Wi-Fi, the joy of every tourist. These rooms are air-conditioned and equipped flat-screen TVs, offices, complimentary toiletries, rain shower, and some rooms have bathtubs. The hotel offers a buffet breakfast daily.

Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel:

osaka marriott miyako hotel

The Hotel is on the high floors of the Abeno Harukas building and features nonstop access to the Tennoji Station. The Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel presents luxurious rooms that feature free Wi-Fi. Guests can also enjoy the 360-degree view of the city’s panoramic viewpoint, especially on the 58th floor.

All the rooms are above the 38th floor to offer an even better view of the Osaka city to all its guests. There is an on-site private parking opportunity in the hotel that is made available at an extra charge. Uniquely, the rooms also come with Sealy beds, an electric kettle, a coffee machine, and a minibar.

There are ironing facilities, an en suite bathroom, and a safe deposit box in each room. Guests allow to work out from the Kintetsu Department Store or other shop fitness centers in the hotel.

Imperial Hotel Osaka:

Imperial Hotel Osaka:

This is a luxury hotel that strategically sits at the banks of Okawa River. It is known for its lovely cherry blossoms that are along its shores. The Rooms of the hotel have tea and coffee sets, satellite TV, shaving kits, and a minibar. Uniquely, the Imperial hotel also has a music room, a kid’s room, and many retail shops.

Available restaurants include the Osaka Nadaman, Kamon, Jasmine Garden, Les Saisons, Kyubey, and Flying Tomato Café. Its beds have warm, soft feather duvets, kimonos, and slippers available for its guests. The guests also have access to the hotel’s racquetball court, tennis courts, golf driving range, fitness room, and an indoor pool.

Transport and Travel Services

The Osaka Wonder Loop Bus

Osaka Wonder Loop Bus

One way of getting around Osaka is with the help of the Wonder Loop Bus. You can explore the city and get to know all the charms and sights of Japan. The bus takes you around the city while halting at 14 places of interest and locations like Tenmabashi Hachikenyahama, Kitashinchi, and Dotonbori.

This loop bus is available for 24 – 48 hours from your first ride. The extra flexibility of this 48-hour passenger transportation platform enables the passengers to have a view around the city guaranteeing you of a memorable day out.


If you are visiting Osaka and you want a cheap, affordable, and convenient way of going around this city, you have the opportunity to book via Klook and get tickets to ride the Haruka train line. Riding in the train is the quickest way of traveling between the bustling metropolis.

The train’s seats are comfortable; you will need to sit back and relax then have a breathtaking view of the city as head towards your destination. Be sure to whip out a camera and take the lovely shots of luxurious landscapes from your window.

Osaka Taxis

Taxis are many and reliable. They are helpful, especially if you have luggage or if you are traveling with small children. They are also affordable and will suit the budgets of your pockets. The Osaka taxi drivers are full of character; they are honest and friendly. The taxi stops are mainly outside bus terminals, train stations, or large shops. You can as well flag a taxi anywhere in the street of the city.

Best Food & Must Eats

The rich food of Osaka makes its people pride in local cuisines and this is the reason why you shouldn’t miss the below top 10 foods in Osaka:


This is a superb Osaka snack that is easy to make. The usual recipe for Takoyaki is eggs, butter, flour, sliced octopus, spring onions, tempura crumbs, and ginger. When cooking, brown sauce past on the dumplings and top a sprinkling of dried flakes of bonito and powdered nori seaweed.


flour, eggs, shredded cabbage, and grated yam makes from the spicy pancake. It has a top dressing of mayonnaise, brown sauce, dried bonito flakes, and powdered nori seaweed.


is a unique delicacy that eats raw. 5-start restaurants serve this fish and if well-prepared, it is charming.


These are spiked kebabs of seafood, meat, or vegetables. They are usually breaded and deep-fried to have a crispy finish. Typical items on the Kushikatsu menu are pork, pumpkin, sweet potato, beef, quail’s eggs, shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, lotus root, onion, and asparagus enveloped in bacon.


This is barbecue beef that is grilled into small morsels of meat over a then dipped in sauce before eating.


Negiyaki is by roasting a batter of flour and water, with plenty of green onions on its top. It has eaten with soy sauce and therefore has a light flavor since.


This is a Japanese bake sweet from eggs, batter of flour, and sugar. It has a drum-like shape and is one of Osaka’s most affordable food.

Kitsune Udon

a piece of deep and fried tofu simmered in the sauce of choice. It can eat from anywhere in Japan but has its origin in Osaka. It is light-flavor and hence popular even with kids.


These are the broiled intestines of cows or pigs. It is just like the Yakiniku, except that Yakiniku uses high-grade meat.


is beef sinew that is stewed using sweet sake, miso, and sugar. It has a strong flavor and is therefore usually preferred with alcoholic drinks.

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Osaka is the kind of city that you will NEVER regret visiting again and again. Every time you plan for a revisit in Osaka, you will learn that the town has multiple sides that may take years to explore fully. It is in the same city that you will find must-see visitor spots, get to know the hangouts, and experiences much other new stuff.

The above list will not only help you to understand where exactly you should visit but will also help you decide and prioritize the places and activities to visit and carry respectively.

Therefore, do not waste more time! Maximize the leisure of your Osaka trip by confidently going to the city with this list of things to do in Osaka in 2020. Whether it is a short visit or a many-days visit, be sure to choose the climaxes from this bucket list and plan to enjoy your Osaka’s itinerary. Cheers, and have a fruitful and memorable tour!

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