Pattaya being an excellent place for a visit while you go on a tour to Thailand. It is a resort city, located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand, about a hundred kilometers southeast of Bangkok. It is known for its beaches. One can visit shopping malls, high-rise condos, clubs, and cabaret bars.

It also features many designer golf courses, some having a great view of Pattaya Bay. Also the weather there is mostly a tropical wet and dry climate. It is divided into hot and dry in December to February, hot and humid in March and April and hot and rainy in May to November. The beaches can be enjoyed there laying around in the sun, and one can also get a great tan there.

When visiting Pattaya, you can explore the city really well, but before that, you should know what you can find there. There are a lot of places one can visit. The nightlife of Pattaya is a blessing for the people who love to party and hang with friends and family.
So starting with the top 15 things one can do in Pattaya.

1. Sanctuary Of Truth

There are a lot of activities to perform and a lot of things to explore. On the entrance, before going into the castle, there is a beautiful viewpoint from where the whole building can be seen floating on the sea. The tour guides are also available for the people of three different languages, i.e. Russia, English, and Chinese so as to provide everyone with the clear concept of the place.

There are other activities that are provided inside such as ATV touring, elephant riding, a boat trip around the coastal line, martial art show, and also a beautiful and magnificent Dolphin show. The Showtime is available twice daily, i.e. 11:30 am and 3:30 pm.

There are also wood carving workshops where the craftsman can be seen in action, giving out the interesting history of the building of the ground castle by the ancient wood-joining techniques. Also, magnificent wood-carved statues can be purchased for your loved ones at souvenir shops.

2. Pattaya Floating Market

It is separated into four sections with each one of them selling and representing items from the four major parts of Thailand, i.e. north, central, south, and northeast. There are many eateries, gift shops, souvenir shops, fruit stalls, and a variety of art galleries. Also, a culture show is organized every afternoon for the tourists.

For a beautiful floating market experience, one must hire a man-powered boat for discovering the richness of the surrounding riverside life and the Thai architecture. Four people can easily travel in a boat and can be hired for about half an hour at a small fee. There are also a few other educational and entertaining attractions around to explore.

3. Jomtien Beach

It is situated 3kms south to Pattaya and is an attractive place to visit. It is well known for its water sports which include Para-sailing, jet skiing, scuba diving, and a lot of annual sponsored sports events that attract a lot of people from around the world.

4. Underwater World Pattaya

It is an indoor aquarium that showcases Thailand’s exquisite marine life with the inclusion of a hundred-meter underwater tunnel and shark dives which takes one’s heart away. It is so beautiful for the eyes, and you will be stunned by the beauty it offers. Also, there is a wheelchair entrance available which makes it available for disabled people to also enjoy.

5. Cartoon Network Amazone

World’s first Cartoon Network themed water park which is located around 15 km from South Pattaya. It has a magnificent recreated atmosphere of the Amazon rainforest with various activities and attractions such as rafting, water slides, flow riding, artificial sea, and breathtaking live shows, all featuring the famous Cartoon Network characters including Ben 10 and his aliens, the Powerpuff girls, etc.

It is divided into six zones of which three zones are with water slides including the Omniverse zone, Cartoonival zone, and Adventure zone. And then there are other three zones without water slides including Surf arena, Mega wave, and Riptide rapids.

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6. Walking Street

It is an entertainment and a red light district in the city of Pattaya. This place is a famous tourist attraction for a lot of foreigners and the Thai nationals, mostly for its nightlife. It includes a lot of seafood restaurants, beer bars, live music venues, sports bars, night clubs, go-go bars, and hotels.

7. Pattaya Elephant Village

It is a cultural village in Pattaya which offers a beautiful view with welcoming people. Also, it is most known for offering elephant and ox-cart rides along with Thai dance shows and a great silk weaving demonstration. It provides a great experience for a person. And if you are traveling with family, this place is a must-visit.

8. Alcazar Cabaret Show

It is considered one of the best ladyboy cabarets shows in Pattaya, which gives great competition for such a title. It provides nearly 20 individual themed performances in the Alcazar Cabaret Show Pattaya, which features a variety of styles and influences from around Thailand and also the rest of the world. These magnificent performances are performed by extremely talented and extraordinarily beautiful transgender, so presentable in their extravagant costumes.

9. Silverlake Vineyard

It is one of the largest Vineyards located in the countryside South East of Pattaya. Several varieties of grapes are grown in the yard from which red, white, and rose wines are then produced. It is beautiful and a romantic place with a soothing and serene atmosphere, with a relaxing environment. You can have lunch while enjoying the beautiful view of the rural, hilly area southeast of Pattaya.

10. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Pattaya

Being a multi-attraction facility, it is a great keeper for families, and as it has eight separate attractions, one can never go bored. It is one of the most famous attractions containing a unique collection of the strange, the beautiful, and the shocking Oddities. It is a fascinating place to visit containing around 350 exhibits including Shrunken Heads, Devices of Torture and a Four-Eyed man.

11. Upside Down Pattaya

It is an interesting place to visit in Pattaya as being the most lopsided house ever built. It happens to trick your mind and body, making you burst into fits of laughter and getting you confused both at the same time. With the furniture being attached to the ceiling, while walking on the flat interior, you will feel like you are on the swaying sea. The house looks like a standard European Home, but the view is enchanting and surprising all at once.

12. Swiss Sheep Farm, Pattaya

There are a lot of animals to interact with such as goats, alpacas, and of course as the name says it all, farm sheep. And a lot of interesting activities that can perform, such as archery, horse riding and lastly 3D gallery for one to enjoy. There one can also find Swiss-inspired architecture and a quick walkthrough around the countryside farms.

13. Mini Siam

It is a great and famous miniature park attraction in Pattaya. It consists of miniature models of the renowned Thai and International monuments, which are catchy for the eyes with onsite cafes allowing one to enjoy watching great views.

14. Art in Paradise

It is an interactive 3D art and AR Museum which attracts a lot of tourists allowing them to have a great experience watching the unique hands-on museum along with the dioramas, 3D safari, dinosaurs, and ocean-themed scenes. There are a lot of other exhibits which can attract your attention and can be educational for kids too.

15. Teddy Bear Museum

It is a creative place with a lot of beautiful scenes attracting people. There is an extensive collection of teddy bears with posing in different ways looking so playful that one can have a lot of fun watching them. You can enjoy taking pictures with a collection of more than 2000 teddy bears and dolls.

There are 12 different picture zones for you to enjoy this trip. With so many fun and loving teddy’s, you can live the teddy world life as it all filled with joy and happiness. Along with these highlights, there are gift shops filled with those cute teddy’s, dolls, and much more, which allow you to buy gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones.


Traveling is a lot of fun, enjoyment and when done with family and friends, it becomes more enjoyable. Pattaya in Thailand is one of the great places to visit when you are on tour in Thailand or Bangkok. A lot of tourists visit Pattaya every year just because of the landscapes of this beautiful place.

It is a great place to stop by and enjoy the greatness it offers. And It has a lot of places which attract tourists from all over the world and is a city most famous for its nightlife and the beaches; it offers a great number of places and allows people to have a lot of fun.

The few cultural places allow people to enjoy the regional culture and explore a lot of places with getting to know the people around in Pattaya. So, if you decide to visit Europe around countries like Thailand and Bangkok, make sure to visit this beautiful city, Pattaya.

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