Best Things to Do in Phuket – Once in Lifetime Journey

Every itchy-feet travelers must have heard about Phuket at least once in their lives. Phuket is the biggest island in Thailand. It is not only famous for its old historical and cultural side, but also for its heaven-like landscapes, which make this island a fascinating holiday destination. There are plenty of awaiting interesting things to do in Phuket. All you have to do is to take notes and be ready for the adventure. here’s the list of  10 best activities to do in Phuket for you to make your life easier.

10. Clear Your Mind at Phuket Big Buddha

On the top of Nakkerd Hill in Phuket of Thailand, seated a big pure white statue of the Buddha. The official name of the Buddha statue is Phra Phutta Ming Mongkol Akenakiri, which also be called in short as Ming Mongkol Buddha. The statue is very big and impressive due to its great size of 45 meters tall made of pure white marble.

There is a wide staircase with side Dragon handrails leading to the statue. However, there is a rule that tourists must obey. The rule is that the tourists could only use the staircase to climb up since there is another separate way down. From up the hill, you may see the whole view of the three big bays of Phuket Island. With the ocean blue water, clear blue sky, and green hills, a perfect combination of nature is created well and ready to ease all your worries and stress.

You may come across a pagoda on the way back down the hill. Make sure to pay some respect, and you may also ask for blessings and donate some money for the Buddha statue construction. Remember to cover-up yourself with clothes that are not too revealing.

9. Visit Wat Chalong Pagoda

Wat Chalong is the largest and most visited Buddhist pagoda in Thailand, located in the southwest part of Phuket. This pagoda has been standing strong from one generation to the next for centuries, which makes this respectful place become a famous historical landmark. The pagoda is believed to be the sacred place where the splinter of Lord Buddha has been kept.

You may feel amazed to see the life story of Lord Buddha painted all over the wall. Similar rules to Phuket Big Buddha, you must pay respect, or the locals would not be happy with you. Make sure to avoid revealing clothes and cover up yourself, take off your shoes before entering the pagoda and make sure not to make too much noise in the peaceful and silent place.

8. Wandering Around Phuket Old Town

After clearing your mind at some peaceful sacred places, it’s time to spark your trip with some excitement. Phuket Old Town has some of the most charming lively streets awaiting for you. It is a perfect place to explore and capture some photos of various styles of colorful buildings. You may come across colorful shophouses, coffee shops, restaurants, Chinese shrine, and museums.

Each building brings its own uniqueness of culture, architecture, and decorations. You may also take a coffee break or having a meal in one of those lovely coffee shops and restaurants. There are many choices to choose from, and it’s not easy to make a decision.

7. Explore Phuket Night Markets

It is rather surprising to hear that there are many night markets on one island. Not one or two, but many! As the sun goes down, you would spot small colorful stalls pop up on the street, you would smell freshly cooked street food, and you would find your stomach rumbling. Here are some of the most famous night markets in Phuket.

Phuket walking street market has a rather cultural vibe, and it sells Thai food and some beautiful handicrafts. If you are looking for some cheap souvenir, copy products, or DVDs, you may have fun walking around Pukhet Weekend Markets. Chillva Night Market, on the other hand, offers creativity and originality of their product that gives a lively and inspiring vibe to your night walk.

6. Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

Any animal lovers would never want to miss the chance to visit this big buddies’ sanctuary. This sanctuary is a new home to sick, injured, and old elephants that have retired from the tourism industry. In there, elephants can live freely with their fellows without having to overwork themselves throughout the day. The tourists can enjoy watching the elephants bathing playfully with their fellow elephants and capture the moment of their pure happiness. The tourists can also interact with them in the feeding sessions by feeding them some watermelons, bananas, or pineapples.

5. Visit Patong Beach

Patong beach is located on the West coast of the island. Patong is not only known for its beautiful white sandy beach and clear ocean blue water, but also for how crowded it is. If you are starting to feel tired of always being in the peaceful silence, it’s time to get hot and wild among the crowd of strangers.

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4. Bangla Walking Street

The street is a center of interest for people who enjoy the nightlife. Starting from 6 pm, you can imagine the loud live music starting to warm up the young night. There are many bars, night clubs, beer bars, rooftop bars, and many places for tourists to get wild. Anyone is welcomed; however, you might not want to bring your little kids there since it’s too wild to keep it children-friendly.

3. Exploring Phang Nga Bay

The symbol of Phang Nga Bay is the limestone cliff that rises vertically out of the seawater. You may enjoy the magical sightseeing on a relaxing cruising trip during the day time. If you are not worrying about the budget, there are also classy and fancy private cruises available for you. It is perfect for playing some music, sipping some good wine on the deck while absorbing ocean air, and enjoying the breathtaking landscape.

2. Get a Little Adventurous in Flying Hanuman Ziplines

Flying Hanuman is a ziplines park that offers a safe and secure adventure to shake up your soul. You may find many scary but thrilling things you wouldn’t want to do on your normal daily basis. There are 28 wooden platforms in total, including 15 zip lines connected by 2 sky bridges. The highest platform is 40 meters above the ground, and the longest zipline is 400 meters long. The minimum age allowed is 4 years old. There are also professional photographers available for hires so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to take photos due to your giddiness.

1. Extend Boat Trip to Phi Phi Island

If you are finally in Phuket, you would not want to miss Phi Phi Island. The fastest way to get there is by a ferry ride, which takes approximately 2 hours only. Phi Phi Island has some of the most unforgettable and stunning views of limestone cliffs, turquoise waters, caves, and rocky coves. There are many activities you may enjoy such as snorkeling, hiking, swimming, diving, taking a boat to the Viking Caves, kayaking and so on. You will never forget this experience of a lifetime.

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