Many would agree that traveling in September is a bad choice just because it’s not summer anymore. You can clearly disagree with this statement especially after reading this article. First of all, the biggest advantage of travel in September is that you avoid the enormous amount of people in your destination as well as at airports, ports, etc. At the same time, you still meet enough people. Secondly, it is clear that the ticket prices are much cheaper than those during the summer season.

It is a fact, that after summer there are lots of activities available at smaller prices due to the drop in the crowd. Finally, another key factor is the weather. This means that you already know that wherever you head to, it won’t be so hot. In this article, we are going to breakdown some of the top destinations for early-autumn travelers. But first, let’s talk a little bit about some tips and tricks that you hopefully find helpful in your upcoming holidays.

Here are the 10 best places to travel in September:


After a really hot summer, this beautiful country is your endless source of activities and places to go. Even if you stick to Athens, without visiting any island, it is guaranteed that you will never get bored in any case. You will have the opportunity to walk in the famous Plaka all the way up to Acropolis or you can climb to the mountain Lycabettus and enjoy the incredible view especially during the night. You can also visit their museums and learn a little bit more about what Ancient Greece was and how it contributed humanity up to these days. Islands will provide you with great nightlife and unforgettable beaches you won’t find anywhere else. Whatever you do in Greece don’t miss the chance to eat the famous greek souvlaki which you can find literally everywhere.


Another great destination point is China. After a hot summer, great weather is guaranteed during September. You can enjoy the fantastic view from the Great Wall or get lost in the streets of Beijing. It is an enormous city with plenty of activities for you. You can also see the biggest Buddha sculpture in the world which was entirely made of stone and is 71-meter-tall. A great experience for September is to enjoy a little bit of bamboo rafting in Li River during the sunset. Finally enjoy their authentic Chinese traditional cuisine.

South Africa

You will be surprised if you knew what a hot spot South Africa is among September holiday lovers. Visit this fantastic country in September to witness the whale-viewing season in the Western-Cape and Hermanus. You won’t forget such a magical moment. Moreover, during that period accommodation in tourist areas are quieter and you will be able to get the most out of your stay there. Finally, it will be easier to spot the animals since they gather more by the rivers during that season. Don’t leave this country without eating in a local restaurant. Whatever your food preferences are you will be entirely satisfied.


Although it is still a little bit hot in Singapore during this period, you still have to consider it as one of the best options out there. Visit Universal Studio Park to bring back childhood memories and experience them to the fullest. Go to the famous Singapore Zoo that has loads of animals you will see hardly anywhere. If you are interested in sports make sure you won’t miss the Singapore Grand Prix that goes on in mid-September. In addition, lots of festivals take place during this time of the year making sure you won’t get nearly bored. And also Don’t miss the Garden by the Bay!  Although their food might seem a little bit strange to you, don’t miss it if you like trying new things. They are experts in what they do.

Spain, Barcelona

Whatever you choose to do in this place, will seem fantastic, especially during September when the tourist crowds have calmed down and the weather is perfect after a hot summer. Don’t forget to visit local festivals and party day and night. Visit Gaudi’s Casa Mila which of course is a highlight of the city. Visit places like Sagrada Familia which is even listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Walk around the city and enjoy its fascinating architecture. Football lovers will have the opportunity to visit Camp Nou Stadium and watch a match. Enjoy authentic Gazpacho soup and Spanish traditional Tortilla.

Galapagos Islands

The weather at this time of the year is perfect in the Galapagos Islands. There are also fewer people which means tickets are cheaper. One of the biggest reasons to visit this place at this time of the year is because you have the chance to meet its wildlife. It’s the time when dolphins and whales are mostly visible. You can also see Galapagos penguins and even Galapagos fur seals around this time of the year. You have all the time to enjoy the calm sea by swimming or diving. There are lots of activities available. Their cuisine is mostly specialized in seafood. However, unlimited exotic fruits will be available for you.

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Definitely one of the best destinations. The weather is excellent and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the most out of the beaches. Give some time to visit Pula Arena, one of the most spectacular ancient amphitheaters to be shown to the world. Croatia is also well-known for its national parks. It is nice to take a walk around one of them after a day on the beach. In addition, Croatian capital is paradise to coffee lovers as they appreciate their coffee a lot… For history junkies, this place will be a paradise as well because Croatian modern history is fascinating. You must absolutely try their wines as their variety is incredible.

  • Turkey, Istanbul

There are a lot of things you can do in Istanbul as well. First of all, take a double-decker ride for a fast city tour or rent a bike and explore it yourself, Watch the incredible view of the city from the top of Galata Tower. It also has a restaurant top of it where you can enjoy your meal at the same time. Get lost among colorful bazaars where you can buy whatever you are looking for. Don’t miss visiting Hagia Sophia, the famous building in Istanbul which once was a church. Now it’s one of the most famous museums out there. Visit the Blue Mosque and don’t forget to try the Turkish coffee. There are plenty of delicious dining experiences you can enjoy as well such as shish kebab and menemen.


Argentina can also provide you great memories and experience. One of the must-see places in Argentina is Iguazu Falls. It’s a huge compilation of waterfalls that actually make a natural border between Argentina and Brazil. Prepare to be stunned with Salta and Jujuy landscape. This will make your experience even more unique. Don’t forget to visit Buenos Aires, a stylish city with South American culture. Walkthrough the city and go to an original tango show in San Telmo. Taste their fantastic wine and enjoy unique food nowhere else you will find.


The number one place to visit during September for festival lovers is undoubtedly Japan. They treat festivals as part of their culture. Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri is only one of the biggest festivals taking place during September. If you love video games don’t miss the annual Tokyo Game Show, which takes place in Chiba Prefecture. You can also attend the last annual sumo tournament in Tokyo during mid-September. You will have the chance to attend a professional firework championship. In addition, you can enjoy a day at the Daisetsuzan National Park. Don’t forget to eat famous sushi and ramen.

Some tips:

no matter where you are heading, do not forget to write down the places you want to visit as soon as you think about them. Be sure, it will be much easier to remember things to do and places to go when you write them down rather than just saying you will remember them. You never will. Also, in order to avoid any panic, better type in your phone the most basic information such as a reservation number of what time your flight is. One of the most important tips you can get is to book your flights as early as you can. If you are not familiar with traveling you will be surprised how cheap the tickets are if you reserve them in advance.

Remember, the earlier. the better. Another fantastic thing you should do to ensure your holidays will be great is simply talking to the locals. You will be impressed with the benefits they can provide you. Not only you will meet new people and learn new stories, but you will also be able to get information from the most reliable source. No travel guide will ever help you as much as a local can do, and remember, it is absolutely free!

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